0xa00f4271 — What is it & How to Troubleshoot this Webcam Error?

The 0xa00f4271 error message appears when the laptop’s built-in camera generates issues. The web camera usually stops working when using a video calling app. Many have tried to fix this error by uninstalling and installing these apps. But, the 0xa00f4271 error might not be solved using this solution. 

You need to check the internet connection and speed in the first place. If the home router is working fine, check the webcam settings. You may experience this issue after disabling some camera options. Change the laptop’s web camera configuration to overcome this problem. 

Besides, this error can occur for entering incorrect Registry value data.  An outdated webcam driver could trigger the 0xa00f4271 error in Windows laptops. Update the driver to prevent errors while using a video calling app. 

What Causes the 0xa00f4271 error on the Windows 10/11 Laptops?

Windows users can encounter this camera error for several reasons. It could be because of installing corrupted system files. After allowing access to the video calling apps to use the device’s built-in web camera properly. Sometimes, antivirus software can prevent the camera from working. 

Uninstall the problematic apps to overcome the 0xa00f4271 error immediately. 

4 Solutions to Fix the 0xa00f4271 Error from the Windows Devices

The 0xa00f4271 doesn’t cause problems in the PC’s external cameras. Usually, this error occurs when using a malfunctioned built-in camera. And, the “something went wrong” message pops up when you try to access the VoIP services. 

But, there is nothing to fret over because there are many ways to resolve this camera glitch. 

Here are a few solutions which you must try to get rid of the 0xa00f4271 error:

1. Run the Windows Troubleshooting Tool

Windows allows the users to fix the camera issues using the built-in troubleshooter. Don’t know how to use this tool? Press the Windows, and I keys together to get the Settings menu. Tap on “Update & Security” when the next window opens and click “Troubleshoot”.

Navigate to the “Windows Store Apps” section and go for  “Run the troubleshooter”. This tool will start to scan for the camera problem. It will display a list of solutions that can fix the 0xa00f4271 error. Apply them, restart the computer and open the camera app. It won’t further show you the error message during the video call. 

2. Reset the Webcam

Did you get the 0xa00f4271 error after changing the app permissions? Reset this camera app to resolve this issue from the Windows 10/11 devices. Hold the Windows and I keys together, click “Apps & Features” when the Settings menu opens. 

Locate the “Camera” option from the list of built-in Microsoft apps. Tap on it, go for “Advanced Options” and wait for at least 2-3 minutes until the pop-up window opens. Click “Reset” to delete the current app data, including sign-in details. 

Reboot the laptop when the resetting process is complete. Go to the Start menu, choose “Camera”, and enter the correct login information. Open the Camera app, go to its Settings and toggle on the “Camera Access” option. And, you can now use the internal camera without further inconveniences. 

3. Check the Web Camera’s Version 

If the laptop camera is designed for a Windows 7 device, it won’t be compatible with the Windows 10 OS. Thus, compatibility issues might be the reasons for the 0xa00f4271 error. This is why you face problems while using the camera after the Windows update. Check the camera version beforehand to know whether it will work on the laptop.

Press the Windows and X keys simultaneously to access the Start menu. Choose Device Manager and go to the “Imaging devices” section. And, find the laptop’s web camera there. Choose the Sound, video, and game controllers option from Device Manager if it’s not there. 

Right-click on the camera name and choose “Properties” when the pop-up menu appears. Additionally, you have to tap on the “Drivers” option. Click “Driver details” to find the “stream.sys” file. If it’s not there, it indicates the camera is developed after the Windows 7 release. Thus, it might not be supported in the current Windows 10/11 laptop.

4. Update the Web Camera’s Driver

Install the latest webcam driver to fix the 0xa00f4271 error on Windows devices. And, it is pretty easy to update these drivers. Hold the Windows and R keys together, write “devmgmt.msc” when the Run box appears. Press the “Enter” button or click “OK” to get into the Device Manager program. 

Locate “Imaging Devices” from the Windows device list. Double-tap on it to get the webcam name, right-click on it and choose “Update Driver”. 

Look for the option to search automatically for the updated driver software and choose that. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the driver update. Reboot the laptop, open the camera app, and the 0xa00f4271 error message won’t further pop up. 

Roll Back to the Previous Update

Did you get the 0xa00f4271  message after installing the latest webcam driver? Remove the update and roll back to the previous driver version. Hold the Windows and R keys simultaneously, write “devmgmt.msc” when the Run box opens. Double-tap on the “Imaging Devices” option and right-click on the webcam name. 

Click “Properties” and locate the “Driver” option from the next window. Choose the “Roll Back Driver option, choose “Apply” and click “OK” after that. Wait until Windows displays the corporation message and choose “Yes”.  Restart the laptop and use the web camera without hurdles. 

And, Lastly, Change the Laptop’s Web Camera Settings

Go to the Start menu, write “Camera” in the search box, press “Enter”. Open the Camera app, and move towards the Camera Privacy Settings tab. Did you get the “Camera access to this device is off” message? Tap on “Change” to enable this web camera option. 

Move the Allow apps to access your camera slider from left to right. Add the camera apps that you need to use in the long run. Look for “Choose which apps can access your camera” and choose the required apps. 

Restart the Windows laptop after adjusting the web camera settings. If the error persists, contact an expert and repair the camera immediately.