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How To Fix The Adobe Reader 0xc0000022

Adobe is a well-known application among users due to its wide range of applications and useful features. But Adobe is not free from technical glitches like the other apps. Adobe Reader 0xc0000022 is a standard error code which is encountered by almost all users. There are several reasons behind the error code. When you provide any incorrect permission to any file, then you can face the error code. However the reason behind this, you need to solve this error code by any means. When you face this error code for the first time, then it quite a difficult task for you to resolve the error code without any assistance. Nothing to worry about it. Follow the below guideline to fix the Application error 0xc0000022 Adobe Reader.

When Adobe Reader 0xc0000022 Occurs?

  • While trying to open the Adobe Reader.
  • When you click twice on the PDF file to launch it.
  • During saving the individual PDF on Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • In the time of upgradation to the latest version.

Easy Tips And Tricks To Fix  Adobe Reader 0xc0000022

Follow the below steps to solve the Application Error 0xc0000022 Adobe Reader.

Method 1: Run Adobe Reader With The Administrator Privilege

To fix the error notification try to run the Adobe Acrobat Reader as an administrator. Right click on the EXE file. Click on the Property on the POWERPNT Properties Window. Select the Compatibility from the list. Now tick on ‘Run this program as an administrator’ box when you want to run the Adobe Acrobat Reader with the administrator privilege. After that, you have to choose the option ‘Change settings for all users.’ This method work under the condition, if you have the proper administrator account.

Method 2: Repair The Microsoft Visual C++ 2013

Most of the application depends on the Visual C++ redistributable packages of Microsoft. Adobe Acrobat Reader also depends on this. According to many users, they have faced this error code after the update of Windows. Luckily, you this a better solution to solve the error code by repairing the Microsoft Visual C++ 2013. Follow the below steps to fix  Adobe Reader 0xc0000022.

  1. To launch the Run Command Box press the Windows key and R simultaneously. Type ‘appwiz.cpl’ in the run command box and hit the Enter key from the keyboard or click on the Ok to run the command. It will open the ‘Programs and Features.’
  2. Now you will find the list of the  Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable package. You have to right click on the first entry. Hit on the Changes button.
  3. Select the Repair button. When the User Account Control prompts the permission, then you need to click on the Yes button.
  4. Repeat the 2nd and the 3rd step after a successful setup.
  5. After completing the above steps, you have to restart the Computer. After that, try to re-open the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Method 3: Enable DirectPlay In The Legacy Components

DirectPlay is the part of Microsoft’s DirectX API. It is the network communication library which develops the game of the computer. It also used for some other general applications. You can face the Application Error 0xc0000022 Adobe Reader when you try to launch an old app or an old game. The ‘.dll’ file is the reason behind it. When you try to open an application which is related to the ‘.dll’ file, then you have to face the error code. If you are a user of Windows 8 or Windows 10, then the DirectPlay must be in disable state by default. You have to enable this app. To do so, you need to perform the below steps:

  1. To go to the Run Command Box hit the Windows key and R both at the same time. Type ‘appwiz.cpl’ in the run command box and hit the Enter key from the keyboard or click on the OK to run the command. It will open the ‘Programs and Features.’
  2. Now you have to Turn the windows features on or off.
  3. Tick the Legacy Components box.
  4. You will find the + icon next to the Legacy Components option, hit on it. Tick the Directplay box. Save the changes by clicking on the OK button.
  5. To enable the DirectPlay, Operating System configures the file which is required to do so. When the windows prompt the message ‘Windows completed the requested changes,’ then you can press Alt and F4 key both at the same time to close the Window.
  6. Now restart the PC and try to rerun the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Hopefully, it will launch without the Application Error 0xc0000022 Adobe Reader.

Method 4: Check The Permission Setting Of The Adobe Reader

The Windows account is the controller of the Adobe Acrobat Reader. To enjoy the advanced feature of the Adobe Acrobat Reader, you must need the help of the Windows account. So if you come across Application Error 0xc0000022 Adobe Reader, then you have to check the permission setting of the Adobe Acrobat Reader. To perform this, you need to go through the steps in detail:

  • Move the cursor to the shortcut icon of the Adobe Acrobat Reader on display and click right on it. Choose Properties from the list.

If you do not have the shortcut icon of the Adobe Acrobat Reader, then you need to click right on the .exe file for the Reader where you have installed the Adobe Acrobat Reader earlier. Then choose the Properties from the list.

  • Navigate to the Security Tab. Now hit on Edit.
  • Choose the account you have used. After that, tick the Full Control box. Now hit the Apply button. Next, save the changes by clicking on OK.
  • To close the Properties Window, you can hit the Alt key and F4 both at the same time from the keyboard. Now try to run the Adobe Acrobat Reader to check if it can run without the Application Error 0xc0000022 Adobe Reader.

Quick Solution

In addition, we provide some extra tips which can help you to solve the Adobe Reader 0xc0000022 quickly. Follow the steps below:

  1. Try to get the screenshot to use the Process Monitor while showing the error notification.
  2. Find the Process Monitor to determine the error file.
  3. Go to the Windows Explorer and open that file.
  4. When you find the file click right on it and select properties from the list.
  5. Navigate to the Security tab.
  6. Now you will see the message ‘You must have Read permissions to view the properties of this object.’ Hit on the Advanced button.
  7. Use need to add the username.
  8. Tick the ‘Full Control’ box and hit on OK.
  9. Try to run the Autodesk product which was shows the error.
  10. After the 9th step if you still get an error notification, then you have to repeat the 1-9 step until the error notification is resolved permanently.

Summing Up

In the above guideline, we have provided all the possible solution to fix  Application Error 0xc0000022 Adobe Reader. All the methods are tested. We hope after successfully performing the above steps your issues must be fixed.

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