Explained: Why Does My Samsung TV Keep Disconnecting from WiFi

Samsung Smart TVs are pretty cool and convenient when it comes to binge-watching and connectivity. Without a strong internet connection, Smart TVs are quite useless. If you have purchased a brand-new Samsung Smart TV and encountered issues with the internet connection, then you are not alone.

Similar issues can arise when you have just replaced your old router with a new one. The Samsung smart TV keeps disconnecting from your Wi-Fi network and might show you a definite error code. 

Why does my Samsung TV keep disconnecting from WiFi? Let’s find out the possible reasons along with fixes to restore the internet connection.

Reasons for the ‘Samsung TV Keeps Disconnecting from WiFi’ Issue

Several causes can create a barrier between your Samsung TV and router. The Samsung TV might face problems in detecting the Wi-Fi network. In addition, the object interference between the Samsung TV and the router can bring the same consequence.

In addition to this, router issues, generic Smart TV bugs, poor internet signal, and wrong configuration can lead to random disconnectivity from the target router. Thus, you can also check out whether you have kept the power-saving mode turned on. This mode restricts data usage and improves power efficiency.

Ways to Keep your Samsung TV Connected to Wi-Fi

Want to know ‘Why does my Samsung TV keep disconnecting from WiFi?’ Resolving the connectivity glitch of a Samsung TV is not as tough as you think. You can keep the Samsung TV connected to your router with a few tweaks and proper configurations. Let’s check how you can fix this issue:

Restart the Samsung TV

Restarting any gadget at the moment of buggy performance can be useful. A quick restart can eliminate the temporary issue and make your Samsung TV start from scratch. Here’s how you can restart your Samsung TV:

  • The TV should be on, then press and hold the power button from its remote control.
  • Don’t release the button until you can notice the Samsung logo on your TV screen. You will notice the red LED flashing on your TV. 
  • After a while, your Samsung TV will restart automatically.

Attempt reconnecting your Samsung TV to the router. If it doesn’t work, then you can power cycle your TV in the following way:

  • Power on your Samsung TV if it’s turned off.
  • Next, leave your TV just like that for 10-12 minutes. 
  • Turn off the TV by removing the power plug.
  • Wait for half an hour before you turn on the Samsung TV and reconnect it to the Wi-Fi network.

Test if the Internet Connection is Strong Enough

The Samsung TV can’t perform standalone if the internet connection is slow and not proficient enough to run your equipment. Check your Wi-Fi connection’s status with any third-party tool. You can also contact your ISP if the internet is not working.

Additionally, the presence of objects between the Samsung smart TV and the router can weaken the connection. As a result, your Samsung TV will keep disconnecting from Wi-Fi. 

Let’s see what you can do to improve the connection between your Samsung TV and router:

  • Bring the router near to your Samsung TV.
  • Try a different Wi-Fi channel.
  • You can also try extenders, repeaters, or modems to improve signal strength.
  • Additionally, remove electromagnetic interference such as microwaves, security cameras, etc., from that area.
  • Disconnect other active devices from Wi-Fi to check if it lets your TV connect to the internet.

Update the Firmware of the Samsung TV

Outdated firmware can be another possible reason behind the connectivity trauma. Check if your Samsung device has the latest firmware. Otherwise, you need to update the TV’s firmware.

Start with the Home menu and then head towards Settings. Navigate to Support and scroll down to locate the Software Update section. Select the Software Update entity and hit the Enter button. Look out if any update is currently available for your Samsung TV. If yes, you have to install the update and try connecting the Samsung TV to the Wi-Fi network.

Select Another Wireless Connection

Perhaps, you are still dealing with the internet connection drama between your Samsung TV and the router. The Wi-Fi network might be faulty, so your Samsung device can’t stay connected for a long time.

To resolve this, disconnect your TV from the current Wi-Fi network. Next, you have to connect your Samsung TV to another Wi-Fi network. Check if the TV remains connected to the Wi-Fi network now. This solution is only applicable when you have another stable Wi-Fi network.

Adjust DNS Settings

We recommend modifying the DNS settings if the connectivity problem still exists. Try a public DNS server and test if it eradicates the connectivity glitch. Public DNS servers are faster and more convenient than those offered by ISPs. 

Here’s how you can switch DNS servers:

  • Go to Settings using the remote control. Next, navigate to the Network section, followed by the Network Status option.
  • After that, select IP Settings and land on the DNS option. 
  • Hit the ‘Enter Manually’ option. Provide as the Primary DNS address. Whereas, enter as the Secondary DNS address.

You can also provide other DNS addresses if you want. Save the changes and check if it fixes the unstable connectivity.

Restart the Network Components

Chances are there that your Wi-Fi network members or components might have been suffering from temporary bugs. Restarting the entire network source can make the connection stable between your Samsung TV and the Wi-Fi. 

Here’s what you need to follow to mitigate the issue:

  • Remove the router’s power plug and wait for 10 minutes.
  • Connect the power cable back to the router and turn on the router.
  • You need to wait until the router completes loading the necessary configurations.
  • Now, open Settings on your Samsung TV and enter General. Opt for Open Network Settings under the Network option.
  • After that, you have to select the Wireless option, and here, you can select the Wi-Fi network.


Why does my Samsung TV keep disconnecting from WiFi? If you are still stuck with this issue, you can factory reset your TV. Additionally, try unblocking your TV’s MAC address. Contact an expert if you can’t eliminate the connection menace with your Samsung TV.