4 Ways to Troubleshoot the PS4 Controller not Charging Issue

A PS4 controller can be charged by connecting it to the USB cable. The console’s light bar turns off when it completes charging. However, the PS4 controller may sometimes fail to charge even when it’s connected to the USB cable. Usually, it occurs when using a faulty charging cable. A damaged port can prevent you from charging the PS4 controller. 

Are you using an incompatible or dead battery on the gaming console? It could be another reason behind this unwanted charging problem. PS4 controller users can also experience this issue due to software glitches.

Here are alternative reasons behind the PS4 controller not charging error and solutions to fix it.

Common Causes of PS4 Controller not Charging issue

Several reasons can trigger the charging issue in the PS4 controller. Random bugs in the console may cause hindrances while charging. Dust can accumulate inside Sony’s PS4 controller which could generate charging issues. Moreover, out-of-date software will restrict you from charging the console. 

Do you use third-party cables to charge the PS4 controller? Avoid using those as they can damage the device, leading to charging problems. Instead, use original PS4 charging cables for super-fast charging.

Easy Fixes for PS4 Controller not Charging Error

When you connect the PS4 controller to the charging cable, it should charge. However, you may sometimes notice the console’s charging light is not turning on. This indicates the PS4 controller is not charging and needs immediate attention. 

But, try out these solutions before contacting an expert:

  1. Power Cycle the PS4 Controller

Restarting the PS4 controller may sometimes fix the charging issues. Thus, you should first use this fix to remove the software bugs from the gaming device. Press the “PS” button for at least 10 seconds to turn off the controller. Disconnect its power cord and charging cable. 

Wait for at least 20-30 minutes and press the “power” button for 30 seconds to drain off its remaining energy. After that, reconnect its power and charging cable to the right port. Turn on the PS4 controller, and check if the charging light is blinking orange. If yes, then you have successfully resolved the PS4 controller not charging issue. 

  1. Update the PS4 Controller

The PS4 controller won’t charge if it has corrupted or outdated firmware. Thus, you must install the latest update for the gaming console to fix the problem. Remove the USB cable from the charging port and turn on the controller.  Head towards “Settings” and navigate to “Power Save Settings” afterwards.

PS4 users must choose “Set Features Available in Rest Mode” when the next window opens. Check the “Stay Connected to the internet” box first. Locate “Enable Turning on PS4 network” and tick the checkbox. After enabling these options, the PS4 will install updates when you’re not using it. 

Another way to Update the PS4 Controller

Did you disable the “automatic downloads” option for some reason? Has the PS4 controller failed to install the previous update properly? Run the latest updates manually to solve the controller’s charging issue. Ensure not to unplug or power off the PS4 while updating its software.

Turn on the PS4 controller and choose “Settings” using its keys. Scroll down to the page and opt for “System Software Update” when prompted. Then, check if there is any update available for the PS4 controller. If yes, select “Update Now” and choose “Next” when the new window pops on the screen. 

The controller will display the “License Agreement” page after downloading the latest update. Click “Accept” and the update will be installed on PS4 within a few minutes. Restart the controller, connect the USB cable and charge the device without glitches.

  1. Check the Charging Cable

A worn-out charging cable can generate this issue in the PS4 controller. Thus, you must first check whether there is any sign of damage to the cable. Replace the console cable with a new one if you detect any fault. 

However, detecting a damaged charging cable can be difficult. Follow these steps if you’re facing issues to identify if there’s any problem with the USB cable:

  • Disconnect the charging cable from the existing PS4 controller port.
  • Plug in the USB cable to another PS4 controller.
  • The problem lies in the cable if the other controller also doesn’t charge.

Try using a different USB cable if the existing one is damaged. However, if the charging issue persists, something is wrong with the PS4 controller. Consider repairing it from an experienced expert to avoid further charging difficulties. 

  1. Replace the Damaged PS4 Controller batteries 

Faulty batteries could also block you from charging the PS4 controller. Thus, check for any sign of damage in the existing batteries. However, removing the PS4’s battery might be challenging, but you can still do it. All you need is a flat-headed screwdriver, a plastic pry bar and PS4 batteries. 

Follow these steps once you assemble the required tools to replace the PS4 battery:

  • Unmount all the controller’s screws using the flat-headed screwdrivers.
  • Open the case with the plastic pry bar.
  • You will see a ribbon cable that is holding the PS4’s upper and lowercase together.
  • Unplug the battery connector without removing the ribbon cable.
  • Remove the existing battery and install the new one.
  • Ensure to place the battery connector at the bottom of the controller.
  • Attach the connector pin to the socket. 
  • Place the PS4 controller case and mount the screws. 

Turn on the PS4 controller after installing the new batteries. Connect the USB cable to the charging port and check if it is charging. You will not most likely experience any charging issues after the battery replacement.

Lastly, Reset the PS4 Controller ….

Reset the PS4 controller if the above solutions didn’t work. Disconnect the charging cable from the controller port and press the “PS” key to turn it off. Locate the “Reset” button and press it for 5 seconds with a pin. 

Release the “Reset” button when the PS4 controller restarts. Connect the PS4 controller’s USB cable to the charging port. Press the “PS” button and check if the light bar at the front turns blue. 

This indicates you have successfully resolved the PS4 controller not charging issue. But, repair the gaming device immediately if the charging error persists.