Advanced Solutions To Fix Netflix Error Code: m7361-1253: Without Any Hassle

Netflix is one of the most entertaining applications where you can easily watch videos, TV shows, movies, etc. For amazing features, it has always been the preferred choice for users across the globe. Despite its amazing features and functionalities, some errors are bound to occur. One of the most common error is the Netflix error code: m7361-1253. The error generally occurs while watching videos on your PC. There are various reasons that can be responsible for this error. One of the major reason is due to the network connectivity issue that restricts the computer to connect with Netflix. The error requires appropriate attention, else it can cause various other errors as well. In case, you are of how to fix the error on your own, you can take help from this article.


Smart Hacks To Resolve Error Code: m7361-1253 That You Encounter On Netflix

Any error on your system is dangerous. Whenever you encounter the error, find the cause and rectify it with the best possible solutions as soon as possible. Same is the case with Error Code: m7361-1253. This error cause problem while watching videos thereby hampering user-experience.

However, this error can be easily rectified with a couple of manual tweaks. Go through the instructions that are given below:

Method 1: Restart Operating System Or Program

At times when the user unplugs earphones and then plug them back in too quickly, this error occurs. It displays the error M7361-1253 thereby restricting Netflix from streaming videos. Therefore, the best solution is to reload program and then continue viewing Netflix video. Another alternative solution is to reset the Operating System.


Method 2: Disable/ Enable Hardware Acceleration

To get a better visual output while streaming videos, hardware acceleration is the best option. But, there are situations where hardware acceleration creates a problem with videos you want to stream, such as lagging your mouse and other problems. Therefore, the best solution is to disable or enable hardware acceleration.

  1. Open Google Chrome and open Settings.
  2. Click on the Advanced Settings.
  3. Then, navigate to Use hardware acceleration when available, under the System tab.
  4. Now, disable it and then turn on hardware acceleration again.
  5. Restart Google Chrome and stream something on Netflix to check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Method 3: Use An Alternate Web Browser

At times, to stream videos on Netflix, you have to use an alternate browser. In the case, you can use Edge or the latest version of Mozilla Firefox.


Method 4: Change Audio Sample Rate

By changing the audio sample rate helps to resolve the problem effectively. The Sample rate is denoted by the number of samples of audio carrier per second and is basically measured in Hertz or kiloHertz (KHz). This the reason you have to change the sample rate on playback devices.

  1. In the lower right corner on the taskbar, right click on the speaker.
  2. Select the Playback devices.
  3. Click on your playback device which has a green checkmark.
  4. Right click on your playback device, speaker or headphone, and select the properties option.
  5. Now, open the Advanced tab.
  6. Change the audio sample rate to lower or higher frequency.
  7. Click Apply and then OK.
  8. Lastly, play videos on Netflix to check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Method 5: Reinstall Operating System

When nothing works, the last option is to reinstall your Operating System. It is suggested to do a clean installation at first of your Operating System, drivers and the latest version of an application you are using, including Internet browsers. Doing so will eventually help you to remove the error and make the videos to run smoothly on Netflix.

All the above solutions are effective and proven. Hence, you can apply them and eliminate the error without any hassle. But if you are still encountering issues with the steps and methods, please do post comments below.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa