MSI BIOS Update: Know The Exact Procedures Here!

Basically, MSI is known for its long-range of desktop motherboards and the marketing of ‘military class’ motherboards as well. It is your duty to do MSI BIOS update on a regular basis. MSI is a Microsoft Installer tool which helps you to update the BIOS without any difficulties. The procedures of updating the MSI and BIOS is a really simple venture as well. If you do not update it, it runs into complications. Also, you might face several problems. Whenever you face any major issues such as incompatibility driver or any other software related issues, you can fix them just by updating the BIOS.

Hence, to keep the MSI BIOS updated, you need to walk through the steps that are mentioned in the section below. To proceed further, you just need a formatted USB disk.

Step-by-Step Process for MSI BIOS Update

When you turned on the system, it will automatically check the BIOS for further instructions and searches the OS as well. Basically, it facilitates stable communication between the Operating System and the system hardware. Hence, go through the following steps in order to do the MSI BIOS update:

  • At first, visit the official website of MSI and locate the motherboard model in the Find Product box present on that webpage.

  • When the product is displayed on the system screen, press the Download option. After that, go to the menu option which is available updates for the BIOS, drivers and utilities and other components also.

  • Click on the BIOS tab and download the updated version of BIOS. After finishing the updated version, you will be received to an archive .zip file which contains the fresh BIOS update.

  • Now, extract the archive and copy the files which are already present in the extracted folder. Do not copy the extracted folder itself.

If you Copied the Files to USB Disk,

By any chance, if you copied the files to a USB disk, then firstly, restart your system and tap on the MSI logo. To enter the BIOS, you need to press the DEL key from the keyboard. After that, navigate the M-FLASH menu. It will ask you to select the USB disk. Just select the USB storage device which contains the updated files. However, sometimes it shows an error message. When it shows an error message which says that the USB drive does not contain files, that means you did not copy them properly to the USB. Hence, you need to ensure that the files which are inside the root directory are present in the USB storage, not in any folder.

Once you are done with this process, restart your device. Now, the MSI motherboard BIOS update will be done successfully.

If you are Running the updater .exe file in your Windows Device

This process is a terrible one and MSI is against it. But this step works most of the times. Sometimes, due to the motherboard bricks, this process does not work. To perform the action, you need to follow the steps that are stated underneath:

  • At first, you need to double-click on the .exe file which you have copied to the USB disk. Then, a pop-up message will display on the system screen. It asks you to confirm the action.

  • Click a tick on the ‘I agree’ box and OK to confirm the action. Once you have completed the steps, reboot your Windows device.

Hence, this is the process on how to update BIOS MSI.

To End up

Now, you have a clear idea on how to do MSI BIOS update on your device. Use any methods, suited best for you, in order to update BIOS. however, read these guidelines carefully and perform the steps accordingly to avoid any further risk. Hence, we hope this article is helpful enough for you. Finally, do not forget to share your valuable feedback and if any suggestion with us in the comment section below.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa