How To Fix Mac Freezing On Startup In Minutes

Mac is an Operating System which is much in use. Therefore, any problem pertaining to the MacOperating system is definitely frustrating. On this note, Mac is definitely one of the most advanced OS. However, it is not that the OS is entirely free from glitches and follies. In this article, we shall, therefore, discuss one such issue with Mac Operating System. Often Mac users run into a common issue. That is to say, often the Mac OS refuses to startup and the loading process gets stuck. What happens is initially the system begins to load. However, midway through the process, the Apple logo pops up on the screen and the process stops all of a sudden.

Therefore, in this article, we shall discuss the Mac Freezing on Startup issue in detail and offer you relevant solutions to the problem. Therefore, if you are among the users struggling with this problem frequently, then this article is just for you. Here, we shall shed light upon the problem in general and also offer you top-notch strategies to fix your problem. Therefore, shed away all your doubts and fears and read our article thoroughly.

Potential Causes For Mac Freezing on Startup Issue

As stated above, we are going to provide you the feasible solutions to your problems. However, before proceeding on with the solutions, let us figure out the potential causes for the problem. Essentially speaking, Mac hardware is extremely useful hardware. It is indeed user-friendly, easy-going, safe, organized and what not. However, that does not take away from it, its share of demerits. And, when talking about the problems and glitches of Mac, one that tops the list surpassing all other is Mac Freezing on Startup issue. Causes of the problem are many. However, the most prominent among them are hardware related issues. That is to say, any problem related to the hard drive or the processor. Besides, the issue can also trigger up if there is a  problem with the Operating System X. For instance, if you face a problem upgrading your system to EI Capitan. Or in case, you have installed your hardware in the recent few days.

On this note, it is important for you to know that many Mac user has faced this issue quite a number of times. And, we fear, if your fortune turns against you, you might as well share a common fate. However, we shall not allow that to happen. And therefore, we intend to impart to you fire-sure strategies and effective workarounds for such issues in case you need them. Therefore, shed away your doubts and read this article thoroughly.

Fire-Sure Fixes At Your Fingertips

Problems occur expectedly. Therefore, you should be well prepared. And in case you are not, nevermind. It’s not too late yet. Here we shall provide you with easy solutions to your glitch so that you can troubleshoot your problem anytime you face it. Have a look at our solutions:

Solution 1: Test Your Apple Hardware

In case, your Mac OS hangs on boot, the best way to resolve the problem is to conduct a hardware test. If you are wondering what this means, don’t panic. AHT, that is Apple Hardware Test simply refers to a few diagnostics that examines your system. Therefore, the test helps you detect any issues or glitches that may be present in your system. However, there is a certain technique of conducting the test and if you are not familiar to them. Therefore, you should acquaint yourself to the procedure of the test in the first place. However, there is no need for you to fear much. The procedure is pretty simple. Take a look at our guidelines.

Detailed Guidelines

First and foremost, unplug the devices of your system except for the mouse, ethernet connections and the keyboard. Barring these three, unplug all other external devices from your computer. You need to do this positively or else you will not be able to conduct the text under any circumstances. If by chance you fail to keep up to the instructions, you may face an error message while conducting AHT. Now, once you unplug the devices from your system, you have to place your Mac OS on a well-ventilated and hard surface. After turning off the power button o your PC.

After some time, switch on your system again and press and hold the D- key. The moment you do this, the AHT icon will pop up. Once the icon appears, select the language and tap on the right-arrow thereafter. Then, press on Test and click on T or else Return in order to begin testing. You can also select the ‘Perform extended testing’ option. In case, you select this option, the test will take some time, because it is a slightly longer process. However, the result you derive will be more accurate.

Once the AHT test is complete, check for the results in the lower right-tab. After checking the result, tap on Shut Down option and then reboot your computer all over again to end the test.

Solution 2: Restart Your Computer In The Safe Mode

The first solution we offered should fix your glitch permanently. However, in case the solution proves ineffective, fear not. We have still better solutions for you. Our next solution will surely serve your purpose. In case your Mac hangs on boot, restart it in the Safe Mode. This is oftentimes the easiest and definite solution for most of your system related problems. Now, this may astonish some of our Mac users.

This is because Mac users are not aware that you can restart your Mac Operating System in Safe Mode. Yes, you got that right. Mac OS enables you to reboot your system in Safe Mode so that you can detect the glitches and errors in your OS easily. Therefore, most certainly rebooting your Mac device in the Safe Mode makes things way easier and safer for you. This is more because when you boot your system to the Safe Mode, only the kernel of your device is loaded with the essential functions. Therefore, you can easily check and detect the errors and fix them conveniently. However, while you reload your iMac device you should follow it up with an effective software reset mechanism. This might sort your Mac Freezing on Startup issue in no time. In order to do this, follow up the detailed guidelines.

Detailed Guidelines

Right at the beginning turn off your PC and then again reboot your system holding the Shift Key. Once you do this, wait for the Apple logo to pop up. The procedure might take some time. However, keep patience. The moment you see the logo popping up, leave the key and launch in. Please note that if the FileVault is turned on, then your system might prompt you to log in for one more time. Once you do as directed, if your Mac OS starts up normally, then, congratulations, your problem is sorted. However, in case things do not turn out as expected, worry not. Try out the next alternative solution to the problem.

Solution 3:  Turn Off Your Mac

Many problems get automatically sorted if you shut down your Mac for. However, before you shut down your computer, you must essentially unplug all the external peripherals first. Once you restart your Mac, your problem might get solved.

Solution 4: Repair Your Disk

In case, the above solutions do not work you can try to amend your disk. This might work if there is any serious issue with your hardware, especially your hard drive. However, there is no need for you to panic about such issues. Such problems are in fact very common and easily fixable. In order to resolve your hard drive-related issues, restart your device in Recovery Mode. The procedure to do that is also quite simple. And the cherry on the top is that you do not even need to turn off your PC to go about the process. In many advanced versions of Mac PC, you can do that by simply holding the Command button and R simultaneously from your keyboard. That’s all, you are done.

Solution 5: Try to Reinstall OS X

Now, at times things turn adversely against us. In such cases, you can’t afford to lose hope. If you fail to resolve the issue of Mac Freezing on Startup, do not be dejected. All is not over yet. If none of the solutions work, try out the final solution we provide you. Installing OS X might be just the solution you are looking for. At times, installing the system may fix your issue entirely. However, in case you do not know how to do it follow our guide.

Switch the power button of your computer on and reboot your device in the Recovery Mode by means of clicking on the Command button and R simultaneously. Following this wait patiently for your OS X Untitled to restart. Then choose Reinstall OS X from the listed options. After that, follow up the screen instructions carefully and when it pops up reinstall your OS  successfully.

An Important Note Of Advice

Avail Proper Backup Mechanisms

Before you move on with the solutions we just offered, you should avail proper backup mechanisms first. This is just for safety purpose. Actually, whatever solutions you avail, backing up your system is, in fact, a must do for you if you want to avail proper safety. There are several procedures to backup your Mac. However, in order to back up your Mac device, you must certainly have a hard drive.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, from our discussion, it must be clear to you that troubleshooting the issue of Mac Freezing on Startup issue is no big deal, provided you are conversant with the effective solutions of the problem. And now that we have outlined so many easy fixes for you, you can easily solve the problem in the drop of a hat. And for those of you who are still doubtful, we strongly recommend you to try out our solutions at the earliest. These solutions work like no other and are indeed the best for you.


Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa