Lenovo Laptop Keyboard Some Keys Not Working: Instant fix

Lenovo Laptop Keyboard Some Keys Not Working

Lenovo laptop comes with an array of advanced specifications and unique functionalities. However, most of the laptops which we use nowadays fetch some manufacturing defects. Either there is a problem with the keyboard or maybe there is an internal issue in the CPU. Most of the users face trouble when the Lenovo laptop keyboard not working on Windows 10. Therefore in this content, we will discuss different steps to combat this issue.

You might come across this error if some keys fail to function functioning properly. Therefore to solve this problem, go through the troubleshooting procedures stated below. If this issue still persists, there is a high chance for you to face adverse scenarios.

Key points to follow before troubleshooting

Before you begin to troubleshoot the issue, keep in mind the points mentioned underneath:

Test whether the on-screen keyboard is workable

  1. While logging in, press the Ease Of Access logo.
  2. Click on the checkbox named “Type without the keyboard (On-Screen Keyboard).
  3. Now examine whether the On-Screen keyboard of all the keys are working properly.
  4. Also, have a look at the keys which not functioning with the physical keyboard.

Disable the keyboard shortcuts and enhancements

If the computer does not possess a password but still performs the reboot inside Windows, go ahead by opening the settings in the same path.

  1. Use Control Panel/Ease Of Access/ Make the Keyboard user-friendly.
  2. Untick all the checkboxes.
  3. Then click on Apply Settings and then restart your PC.

Make the keyboard user-friendly

Once you select the settings, automatically each time will start when you log in.

  • Now Control the mouse with the help of the keyboard.  Also, use the mouse keypad to move around the screen.
  • In order to make it simple for typing, turn on the sticky keys. Use keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl +Alt + Del option only at a time.
  • Turn on the Toggle Keys. You need to press the NUM LOCK for 5 seconds at least to switch on the Toggle Keys. You can also hear a tone on pressing NUM LOCK, SCROLL LOCK or CAPS LOCK.
  • Now just turn on the Filter Keys.
  • Refrain the Windows from getting arranged automatically when you hover onto the edge of the screen.

Ensure that each key work under Command Prompt

  1. When you are using Windows 10/8/8.1, click on Windows + X together, select Command Prompt.
  2. When you are using Windows 7, go for the Command Prompt at the start menu, then select the option.
  3. In the Administrator: Command prompt window, just test those failed keys.
  • If they work, this issue may occur because of some software but not due to some hardware problems. Therefore, test the failed keys with the help of different software installed in the P.C. However, if you find the problem is with the software, follow the instructions and then restart the settings.
  • If the failed keys do not function, there is a high chance for it to be a PC hardware issue.

Lenovo laptop keyboard not working in Windows 10: Effective fixes

Don’t get irritated when you find your Lenovo laptop keyboard not working Windows 10. Here are some easy fixes you may follow to avoid the Lenovo keys issue.

Fix 1: Install Latest Windows 10 update

To fix Lenovo Laptop Keyboard Some Keys Not Working problem, try to install the latest Windows Update.

  1. Press the Start button and then press the Settings icon.
  2. Next press Update and Security.
  3. Then press Check for Updates. After that wait for some time. Meanwhile, Windows will search for the latest updates.

Fix 2: Turn off filter keys

The filter keys can be one of the main causes behind Lenovo Laptop Keyboard Some Keys Not Working issue. To resolve it, you need to switch off the Filter keys. Follow the steps mentioned hereunder:

  1. Right-click on the Start. Then press Control Panel.
  2. Now press Ease Of Access and then press Ease Of Access Center.
  3. Press Make the keyboard easier to use option.
  4. Untick the Turn on Filter Keys option under Make it easier to type tab.
  5. Now press Apply and then click on OK to make the unsaved changes.

Easy steps to solve when Lenovo laptop keyboard some keys not working

If you find Lenovo laptop keys are not working, don’t panic. There are many Lenovo users who have reported this problem. You can follow the steps below to fix this issue:

Solution 1: Restart your PC

Restarting your PC can solve hardware issues. After restarting, examine to see whether the keyboard is working properly or not. If the issue still continues, move on with the next fix.

Solution 2: Click on the problem keys

This procedure is really good when some particular keys not functioning properly in your Lenovo Laptop. To combat this issue, just click on the keys connected with the problem diagonally for a couple of seconds.

Solution 3: Detach the battery and power cable

This process is really helpful for many laptop users who are facing the issue of Lenovo laptop keyboard keys.

  1. Firstly, switch off the P.C.
  2. Secondly, detach the power cable and take out the battery for some time.
  3. Thirdly, press and grasp the power button for about a minute.
  4. Finally, place the battery in the laptop and plug in the cable.
  5. Then just restart your P.C to check whether the keyboard is working fine or not.

Solution 4: Perform a System Restore

However, if your keyboard suddenly stops working after updating Windows to the recent version, then a thorough system restore can fix this issue. Please take into account that you need to create restore points.

However, follow the below steps if you don’t know the process

  1. First Open the Control Panel tab.
  2. Then select the option of View by Small Icons and then press System.
  3. Now press System Protection present in the left panel.
  4. Press System Restore.
  5. Then click on Next.
  6. Now select a restore point based on Date and Time and then press Next.
  7. Then press Finish.
  8. After that click on Yes to confirm the restore.
  9. Restart your P.C to view the changes you have made.

End Notes

Go through the above fixes to solve the issue of Lenovo Laptop Keyboard Some Keys Not Working completely. However, you can get in touch with Laptop Repair Experts in case the problem not solved.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa