Straightforward Methods To Perform Lenovo Factory Reset

Lenovo is a leading brand when it comes to laptops. However, if you are stuck with any difficulty in using a Lenovo laptop after installing new software, then a factory reset will be the best option for solving this issue. Here in this article, you will get all the methods of performing Lenovo factory reset effectively.

By performing the function, you may get relieved from any issue with your Lenovo laptop. Virus attacks, systems slowing down, loss of any application files are the problems that can be solved by performing the factory reset. If you want to learn this task, then keep studying this article.

How To Reset Lenovo Laptop? Easy Hacks At Your Fingertips!

Follow the below fixes to perform the Lenovo factory reset effectively.

Method 1: Lenovo Factory Reset Without Using Password

To run this step first you need to discover the Recovery key of your Lenovo laptop. It is generally present near the left side corner of the laptop and as well as to the left side of the power button. But the location totally depends upon the model of the laptop you are using. After locating the recovery button of your laptop, now you can proceed to perform this reset process.

At first, turn off your laptop. If you are not able to do so, then remove your laptop battery. As the laptop device gets turned off then you can fix the battery to its normal location. After that, connect the power source to your laptop and then tap on the NOVO key for a minimum of 5 seconds. The Recovery switch of the laptop is also termed as NOVO Key. On pressing the NOVO button a list will pop up. Now, click down the menu arrow and select the “System Recovery” option. Then get into the recovery environment by pressing on “Enter”.

Further, from this recovery mode pick up the “Restore from initial backup” option and then hit on Next. After that, click on ‘Start’ and then on ‘Yes’. By doing all this, the restoration process will start. Once the recovery process gets finished then by following the on-screen instructions, configure your laptop’s Windows settings.

If this process does not suit your requirement, then maybe it is due to the Reset button driver. Study the below instructions to reset your laptop to factory settings.

Method 2: Utilize A Repair/ Setup Disk To Perform Lenovo Factory Reset

If you forget the password of your Lenovo device, then you may be in a trouble and need to use a different technique to perform the Lenovo factory reset task which is as follows.

First of all, insert the repair disk on your laptop. With the help of this disk, you need to perform the system booting task. If it gets automatic then fine otherwise press the F1 or F2 key to jump into the BIOS settings. With the help of this, you can be able to perform the Lenovo factory reset task.

During the booting process, you will visit a Windows Setup screen, here you need to press Next. After that, from this new open window select “Repair your computer”, which is present at the left bottom of this window. Now, from the available options click on Troubleshoot and then on “Reset this PC”. By doing this, two options will appear which are a) Keep my files and b) Remove everything.

From these available options select your choice. However, it is better to select “Remove everything”. By selecting this option, everything from your system will be removed including the user account and password as well. But if you want to keep your files saved then select the “Keep my files” option.

After clicking on the Remove everything option, it will navigate you to the window with two different options which are as follows:

  • Only the drive where Windows is installed
  • All drives

Now by selecting your choice, again you will get two different options on this next window which are as follows.

  • Just remove my files
  • Fully clean the drive

After selecting your choice from this two, now click on the Reset button. Now this will start the Lenovo factory reset process.

Points To Remember

  • Before starting the resetting process, it is better to keep a backup of the important files of your system.
  • While performing the process, try not to disturb your laptop. Because this process stops in the middle, then this can create a more vulnerable issue for your device.

All these are the easiest as well as the workable methods to perform the Lenovo factory reset task. Hope by studying this article in detail you can perform these tasks on your own.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa