4 Amazing Ways to Fix Kaspersky Error 27300

Kaspersky error 27300 might exist due to many reasons. Basically, a corrupted downloading of Kaspersky is the main cause of this error to occur. Moreover, some malicious folders or files are the primary reasons for the infected Kaspersky software. When error 27300 Kaspersky appears then immediately your PC gets locked as well as the system becomes slow extremely and takes maximum time to load. So, in this article, we are going to discuss various ways that will help you resolve this error on the go

Get Rid of Kaspersky error 27300 with Handy Tricks

As any antivirus software itself adds security to your system, hence an issue with this software is just unacceptable. In case you are encountering error 27300 quite often, don’t stress up. Follow the most effective methods and get rid of this error without any hassle:

Method 1:  With the Use of Windows Registry Files

You can easily solve the error code 27300 by using Windows registry files. So, in the steps, you have to go to the start button and click on it first. Now, in the search box, you have to type a command and then you can find the command prompt option that appears at the top of the list. Now you have to select it and press the enter button to continue the process. A new window will open to you and where you need to type Regedit and again hit the enter button. Now, go to the registry editor section and then select the main cause that can be linked with the Kaspersky error 27300.

After that, the file menu will open to you so click on the export option from the list. Then you have to click on the save button where you would like to save the repaired registry files. Now, you should type the name of your backup files and then the  Export Range menu can appear. After doing all these things, you have to give click on the Selected Branch option from the Export Range menu. The process is almost done, you just give click on the save option to finish the process. Still, if you are getting the error code 27300

Method 2 – By Running Windows System File Checker

This method is very much applicable for all kinds of Windows operating systems such as XP, 7, 8, and 10. In this step, you have to give click on the start menu button and write the command in the search box like the previous. After that, you have to select the command prompt option and open it. Now, similarly, a black window with a blinking cursor will appear on the screen. Here, you have to type a particular command sfc/scannow and then you need to hit the enter button again. After doing all these things, the system file checker starts scanning your system and trying to find the problem. When the scanning is done then it can detect the error code 27300 and the problem must be solved.

Method 3 – By Utilizing Windows System Restore

This is another major method and this method is applicable to all kinds of operating systems. At the very first, you have to give click on the start button. Then in the search the box you need to type the system restore option and press the enter button. After doing all these things, you have to enter any administrator passwords if prompted. Now, you have to follow the steps in the wizards to select a restore point. Once done, you have to restore your computer to end the program. Still, if you don’t find any solution then you need to follow the next method.

Method 4 – By Installing All Available Drivers

Sometimes, if you can install any kind of available drivers then you can easily solve the error code 27300. In this step, at first, you have to click on the start button and in the search box. After that, you can see the Windows update dialog box at top of the list. Now, you have to check whether any updates are available or not. Afterward, if you find any available updates and then click on the install updates button to finish the program.

Method 5 – By Reinstalling the Kaspersky Antivirus

This is the last method that we are going to explain to you. Moreover, we will discuss this method for several Windows operating systems. Have look at the following methods in detail.

For Windows Vista and Windows 7

For the Windows 7 and Vista user, you have to click the start button and go to the control panel. In the control panel, you have to select the programs and features options. Now, under the name column, you need to find the Kaspersky Error code 27300-associated program and then you have to give click on the Kaspersky Anti-Virus-associated entry. After doing all these things, you need to give a click on the uninstall button at the top of the list and end the process.

For Windows XP

For the XP users, open the control panel like previous and hit the Add or Remove Programs options. Now find the Kaspersky Error 27300-associated program from the list. Then you need to click on the Kaspersky Anti-Virus-associated entry and then click the remove button on the right panel. Now, follow the directions that are shown on the screen and you will surely solve the problem.

For Windows 8

If you are using Windows 8 then follow the instruction carefully. At first, you have to right-click for bringing up the start context menu. After that, select the program and features options. In the programs and features list, you find the Kaspersky Error 27300-associated program from the name column. After doing all these things, you have to give click on the Kaspersky Anti-Virus-associated entry and you should click the uninstall on the top menu. In this way, your problem must be solved.

So, these are the top five ways to solve Kaspersky error 27300. You will surely follow these steps and fix the error easily. For more details and better technical support, you can surely take expert assistance. In case of any second thought, please mention below in the comment section below.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa