iOS Safari Crashing: Easy Hacks To Fix It In Minutes

In this ever-growing world of digitalization, technological innovation simply knows no bounds. It is needless to say that technological advancement is indeed the call of the hour. And when it comes to innovation one name that stands out is Apple. It is indeed a brand that redefines innovation with each of its releases. And, therefore it is quite natural for every tech addict to wait with bated breath for its new product offerings. And of course, Apple too never lets you down. It has something new to offer you with each and invention adding new feathers on its cap. One such invention is iOS Safari. This has been among the most successful inventions of Apple. Combined with superior design and ultra-modern features, this web browser is definitely one of its kind, redefining innovative excellence in the truest sense of the term.

However, as it holds, no technology is entirely free from follies or glitches, no matter what. In this article, therefore, we shall discuss a major problem with iOS Safari. So, let us not keep you guessing further. We are talking about the problem that Safari is most infamous for; the problem of iOS Safari Crashing.

Overview Of The Problem Of iOs Safari Crashing

It is needless to say that iOS Safari is among the most widely used web browsers at present. However, despite its enormous popularity, most users frequently complain of the recurring issue of iOS safari crashing. Many Apple users, in fact, complain that their iOS Safari often turns dysfunctional freezing and crashing down every now and then. And if you are n Apple Safari user, then you must be already aware of the problem we are talking about. However, you need not to be puzzled at the problem. You are not alone to face such problems. In fact, there are thousands in the line. Besides, you may be all the more carefree about such issues because in this article we shall not only discuss the problems in general but also give you the effective solutions to those problems.

Potential Causes Of The Issue Of iOS Safari Crashing

Before moving on to the solutions, however, you should know the causative factors behind the issue. This is because if you know about the causes of a problem, then you can undertake proper measures to solve the problem. So in this section, we shall shed light upon the most prominent causes of the problem.

Common Causes For iOs Safari Crashing  

Safari often cracks or freezes in case you go on clicking on a single button a couple of times. Besides, if you have left many tabs open, then also thee issue may trigger up. Another major cause of the problem of iOS Safari Crashing is lack of space. Actually,y if your cache jams up due to too many search histories, then the issue might trigger up. What happens is, all your search histories  piles up in your cache. Therefore, if you do not clear your cache regularly , then your Safari might crash down. This is indeed a major problem with most of the users because many users often forget to clear the search history.
In addition to the above  causes, overloading of the iOS device is also a major cause of the issue. The websites often get overloaded leading to the problem of iOS Safari Crashing. In most cases, Safari blocks the unwanted ads, pop-ups and even the viruses and other system malware. Despite that, some websites can be overloaded by the excess of processing demands or other plugins. These may cause the problem of crashing. Besides, iOS Safari keeps crashing in case you are using an outdated version of Safari iOS or Mac. This is in fact one of the most prominent causes of the issue. Older versions of the iOS often develop some internal issues, resulting in the problem of iOS Safari Crashing.
Apart from these causes , the issue might trigger  outcome undetected errors as well. Such bugs can not be fixes, thereby making way for the issue to creep up.

What To Do If iOS Safari Keeps Crashing?

Therefore, it must be clear to you by now that there are multiple causes of the error. However, now that you know the causes, your only  concern must be how to fix the issue? Well, we completely understand your concern. Safari is indeed one of the most widely used web browser. So it is quite natural for you to find yourself at sea, if your Safari starts giving you such issues. However , here’s the good news for you. If you are facing the issue of iOS Safari Crashing down fo a prolonged period of time and looking for permanent solutions to the problem, your worries are finally over. The solutions we offer you will serve your problem once and for all. And what’s more is that the solutions we provide you will work for your iPhones, iPods a well as iPad. Therefor, shed away all your doubts and fears and read through the solutions we offer through and through.

Fix 1: Try Rebooting Your iOS Device

This is indeed the first and fundamental solution for yo . If in case you are recurrently facing the issue, you can definitely try rebooting your device before anything else. Just rebooting your device often solves any problem in one shot. Incase you’re just a beginner in the world of technologies and not much familiar with them, no worries at all. We are here o show you the way.
Well, the process of rebooting is indeed most easy and therefore you will have no problems following them up. In order to do o, follow our guide.
First and foremost, click on the Side button and then long-press the Wake/ Sleep button to turn off the screen of your device. Once done, navigate to the shutdown menu and click on the Side button in order to turn on your iOS device after a couple of seconds. That’s  it, now the device should function perfectly .
However,  if you’re not that lucky , then things might not turn out as  per expectations . In case, this is the case, don’t lose hope. We have still better workarounds for you. Try out the next solution we offer you.

Fix 2: Clean Up Your Cache

As discussed above, te problem may trigger duetowant of space  in the cache . This happens if you don’t clean your cache regularly. What happens is all your search history pile up in the cache section. This often leads your iOS device to crash. Therefore, it goes without saying that you can easily fix the glitch by means of cleaning your cache. In case you are wondering how to go about the procedure, here are the  instructions you must follow.
In case your Safari keeps crashing , navigate  over to Settings and then feed in the command “Safari”. Once you do this, click on Clear History Icon as well as Website Data in order to clean up the Safari Cache. Then after you receive the notification message, click on the Clear History as well ad Data option.In completion of the entire process, tap on your iOS device again to check whether the issue is sorted.
This should fix your  issue once and for all. However, in case the issue is not solved , dio not be dejected. All is not over yet. You can check out the third solution that we offer you.

Fix 3: Check The Settings Of Your iOS Safari Device

At times, the Custom Settings like Autofill can cause the problem of iOS Safari Crashing . Therefore  if you are facing the problem for quite some time now, then you must check your iOS Settings. In order to check the Settings, follow the instructions given below .
First and foremost you need to deactivate the Autofill Settings . In order to do that, first, reach out to the Settings Tab . From then navigate over to the Autofill option and deactivate the settings. To do this, your device will ask for  your contact details such as your username as well as your password . Put in those details appropriately.

Fix 4 : Deactivate JavaScript Option

Disabling  your JavaScript option  is often one of the most effective workarounds for you. Especially when your JavaScript give you issues. Usually, JavaScript stant giving you trouble when the web page you are visiting is not correctly. Therefore, in case your JavaScript gives you too  man issues, Here’s how you can combat the problem. All you need to do is switch off your Javascript. In order to do this, you need to press on the Advanced option which appears on the Settings page of your iOS device. Then, you need to navigate over to the JavaScript icon and turn it off. Once you do this try  to reach out to your web page again to check if your problem is sorted.
Please note you will require JavaScript anyways for the latest sites Therefore in order t turn on the JavaScript again, do not revert back to the webpage that you have crashed already.  

Fix 5: Turn Off The iCloud Sync Option

One of the easiest way to solve your issue  is to deactivate iCloud option. We understand that iCloud is an immensely important  drive and you can use it for various purposes. You can ofcourse use it in order to sync all other devices as well as the various Safari bookmarks. However, at times, this too causes problems, leading to the issue of iOS Safari Crashing. Therefore, in order to avoid the problems , you need to deactivate the iCloud. However, the process is not at a too difficult for you. You just have to power off the iCloud Safari Sync option. To do so, reach out to the Settings page and from there to iCloud option and just deactivate the Safari option. In case you are finding it too difficult, Here are the detailed guidelines. just follow up.
First and foremost , reach out to the Settings application of your iOS device and feed in the name of your device right on the top of your device screen. And in case you are using an outdated version all you need to do is press on iCloud option. Now, after you press on the iCloud option, power off the Safari slider. That’s it you are more or less done. All you need to do now is select the option which is the best for you. And that will of course depend on what  you intend to do with the daa you already synced earlier. You can choose the option most befitting to you from the display which will pop up on your screen.

Other Quick Methods To Solve Your Issue

In case your Safari keeps crashing, despite trying all the above solutions, worry not. There are still other quick fixes that may prove effective for your problem.

Method 1: Try to Disable All The Suggestions

In case none of the suggestions we recommended so far works, don’t lose patience. All is not over yet. We have not run out of remedies yet. In such cases, you can try disabling all your suggestions. Well, in case you Safari keeps crashing frequently, this can indeed solve your problem  permanently. Besides, the procedure is also too easy. You just have to reach out to the Settings Application of your iOS device. Once you reach there, simply click on Safari. After that, just power it off. That’s all, you are done.

Method 2: Update A Latest Version Of Your iOS Device

Now certainly you cannot ask for an easier solution for your problem. This is indeed the easiest fix to all your glitches. So In case you are facing the problem of iOS Safari Crashing, feel free to try out this method. Endure that you are using the latest and updated version of your iOS device. If not, update your device at the earliest to get rid of your problem in an instant. Are you wondering how to go about the process? We have all the instructions for you.
All you need to do is reach out to the Settings application of your iOS device. From there navigate over to the General Settings. Once you reach out, click on Software Update. This will enable you to update your iOS device to the newest version.

Method 3: Try Restoring Your Device

This  is the last solution that we can offer you. If no other solutions work, then you can try your last by means of restoring your device. In order to restore your iOS device, you can make use of iCloud. However, you must not forget to avail proper back up mechanisms  in advance to back your device.

Final Reflections

Finally, it’s time for us bid you off. However, before we sign off here is a note of advice for all our readers. Keeping  in mind the importance of iOS Safari we strongly recommend you not to leave the problem of iOS Safari Crashing unattended for long. Therefore if your Safari keep crashing at random, in our opinion , you should rather treat the problem with due seriousness. This might be an indication for a bigger damage. Therefore, we advise taking serious counter-actions to prevent your device from further damage. And just in case, you are looking for permanent and easy-going fixes for your glitch, then try our solutions right away. You surely can’t ask for better.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa