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How to Fix HP Printer Touch Screen Not Working Error

HP (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) is one the leading tech giants in the world. However, unlike other brands, HP devices face tech glitches occasionally. They are especially famous for their printers, laptops, and other associated peripherals.

However, despite its vast product categories many users still recognized HP as a printer manufacturing company. The reason behind this thought hides in their long and great printer manufacturing history. Even in the current times, HP continuously tries to deliver its legendary printer quality.

However, we all know that printers are one of those few devices which work on both hardware and software parts. Both of them have their own problem and also contains different ways to solve them. Therefore in this article, we are going to talk about the HP printer touch screen not working issue and the methods to solve it by manual fixing. Stay glued with the article and resolve all your queries at one go.


Potential Causes For HP Printer Touch Screen Not Working


Usually, the touch screen issue occurs due to the wrong configuration and it can be fixed by some simple methods. But before applying those methods don’t try to do any kind of manually fixing or repair work.


Effective Solutions For HP Printer Touch Screen Not Working


Here are some simple and effective solutions for your printer problems. Have a glance:

1. Turn Off Your Printer And Then Turn ON It Again


This one of the simplest methods to solve this problem and to start this process at first, press the Printer power button and turn it off. After that wait for 60 seconds. Then you need to press the Printer power button again. Now try to use the touch screen once more.


If it is unable to solve your problem then there the different method to solve it.


2. Plug Into The Power Outlet


Sometimes due to the connectivity issue between the surge board and the printer’s power cord, the touch screen fails to respond. To solve this issue, at first, turn off the printer and then disconnect it from surge board. After that connect the printer’s power cord with the main power outlet directly. In the end, check whether HP if the printer’s touchscreen issue prevails.


3. Reset Your Printer


The next fix you can apply to the printer is the Reset. To do that, first, turn on the on the printer by pressing the power button. Then disconnect the power cord from the back side of the of the printer. After that wait for about a minute. Then reconnect the power cord at the back side and then turn on the printer. Now try to work on the printer’s touchscreen once more.

4. Update The Printers Driver


There is a strong chance that the screen touch issue happens due to outdated or corrupted drivers and to fix them you just need to update the printer drivers.


To do this first go to the printer’s control panel. After that, you need to press the Right arrow key which will lead you to the next screen. Now there you will find the Touch Setup. On that screen click on the Down arrow which will take you to the Web Services Setup. Tap on it.  Then press the Down arrow key again and it will take you to the Product Updates option. Give a tap on that option. Now inside that, you will find the Check for Product Updates and you need to tap on it. After that, a series of instructions will appear on the screen, just follow them to complete that updates. Now after all this try to verify whether the issue is resolved.


5. Update The Latest Firmware


The last fix you can apply to a printer is Firmware update. This one of the most important parts of the printer’s software and if it is not updated properly then it can cause a lot of troubles. Therefore to rectify this issue first you need to update the printer to its latest firmware which will be present on the official site of the printer manufacturer and in this case it will be present on the official website of HP. After that verify the screen touch problem.


6. Visit The Service Center


If none of the methods mentioned above works on your printer then your printer is suffering from hardware damage and you should take it to the service center as soon as possible.


Final Thoughts


We hope that you will able to solve the screen touch issue of your printer and for more updates on printer stay tuned with our posts.

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