Steps To Troubleshoot HP Printer Ink System Failure Error

If you are getting the error notification of HP printer ink system failure, it means there is a critical issue with your toner cartridge. However, there is no need to panic as this problem has been faced by almost every HP printer user on their device’s control panel. You may also receive this error message in terms of alphanumeric codes (for example, 0xC or 0xB) based on the model of your HP printing machine. The reason behind this printer error can be many, but it is necessary to be aware of a few major causes that can indicate a severe issue in your device. So, in this article, you can learn about the error symptoms that can occur due to malfunction in the HP printer’s ink system. Also, it will cover a few troubleshooting methods that can resolve this toner cartridge problem in your HP printer.

Identify HP Printer Ink System Failure Symptoms With Best Tips

If you are wondering about what are major reasons behind experiencing the HP printer ink system failure, go through the following points. Let’s have a look at a few symptoms of this error and the reason behind its occurrence so that you can apply some preliminary fixes to resolve this cartridge error, before trying the advanced technical steps.

HP Ink Cartridge Issues Indicating Toner System Failure And Steps To Fix Them

These fixes will help you to understand the underlying causes of failure of toner settings in your HP printing machine. So, let’s check out a few problems and its solutions.

Printer Model And Ink Cartridge Not Compatible

In case your ink cartridge is incompatible with the HP printer model, the ink system can start malfunctioning after a while.
Make sure to install the correct HP cartridge that is available exclusively for your printing machine. If you don’t know where to find the exact product, visit ink cartridges manufacturer’s website for more information.

Printer Unable To Detect New Cartridge

Some HP printers may not detect the newly installed cartridge even if the toner is correct. Further, it can lead to this error if the cartridges setup is not proper. Hence, remove the ink cartridge from your HP printer and reinstall it by following accurate technical instructions.
For installing the cartridge properly, switch off the device and remove all the cables and peripherals connected to your HP printer. Wait for around 50 to 60 seconds and reconnect all the power cords and devices including PC or laptop. Switch on your printing machine and wait until it settles down for a test printing.

Low Ink Level Or Empty Toner In Your Cartridges

Another best way to identify the symptom of this error is by checking the ink cartridges in your HP printer. So, the toner system can fail due to an empty or extremely low level of ink in the cartridges.
So, if you have replaced with a new cartridge and still getting this error, you may have to reset the counter to resolve it. Hence, you must switch off your printer and remove all the plugs and devices connected to it.
On some HP printer models, the users may have to hit both the ‘#’ and ‘9’ buttons and hold them for around 30 to 40 seconds. After this, put the plugs back into the printer and turn on the power supply without releasing the buttons. Then wait for 30-40 seconds more and release the buttons of ‘#’ and ‘9’. Finally, hit the power button on your HP printer and check if the toner system is still prevailing.

Clogged Vents And Printhead In Your Ink Cartridge

Sometimes, the ink system can fail in your HP printer due to deposition of ink around its printhead or nozzle area. Further, it leads to clogging the ink cartridge vents and blocks your printer to detect the status of the cartridges.
To resolve this problem, you can utilize a clean moist cloth and clean the ink deposited around the nozzles, printhead and near the cartridges. You must also maintain the proper cleanliness of your HP printer so that the ink doesn’t get mixed with the dust and blocks the flow of ink completely. Also, you can remove the toner cartridge, clean it up thoroughly and install it back by following a proper method.

Technical Steps To Fix Ink System Failure On HP Printer

If none of the above preliminary fixes help to troubleshoot HP printer ink system failure error, follow these steps below.
1. The issue of ink system malfunction can occur due to low-quality cartridges in your printer. Hence, make sure to purchase only genuine HP ink cartridges.
2. You can use the built-in automated tool from HP printer’s control panel and keep your printhead clean. So, go to ‘Control Panel’ and use the right arrow button to expand the options.
3. Then choose ‘Setup’ and find the option of ‘Tools’. Finally, touch the button of ‘Clean Printhead and wait until HP printer finishes the cleaning task and generates printouts.
Also, you can apply the latest HP printer drivers update to resolve the problem with the ink system. For this, connect your printing machine to the HP ePrint server. Then click on ‘Settings’ and select ‘Printer Update’. Hopefully, now you won’t face any error due to failure in the toner cartridge system in your HP printer.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa