Google Chrome won’t open: Quick Solutions

Google Chrome is one of the popular browsers amongst internet users. This is fast, safe, and reliable. Surfing the internet is a great experience on Google Chrome. But, sometimes you face difficulty like Google Chrome won’t open or can’t open Google Chrome.

So, if you are facing trouble opening Google Chrome where it says Google Chrome doesn’t open, you need to identify the problem first. Sometimes, Google Chrome won’t start because of corrupted files that get downloaded automatically through the internet port. Sometimes, the incompatible plugins could be another reason for this problem.

So, if you are disturbed not being able to work on your favorite browser and want to open your Google Chrome again to browse on it, stay put with this article.

Google Chrome won’t open: The Solutions

We have brought out assorted solutions to sort this issue and make your Google Chrome work again. The following are the solutions that you can follow to resolve the issue.

Solution 1: Restart Your PC and then Google Chrome:

The first thing you can try is to restart your PC. Before you restart, make sure that Chrome is not running there. Once you have restarted, you need to open the Google Chrome browser again. If you want to ensure that if Chrome is already running, open the Task Manager. After that, try to find the Chrome.exe, give a right-click on that and then select the end task. Once you have done that, restart the system and the problem will be resolved.

Solution 2: Disable Firewall or Your Antivirus on a temporary basis:

You can disable the Firewall or the antivirus on a temporary basis in order to get rid of this problem. Please follow the below steps to do that

  • You need to click on the Antivirus Program Icon. You will get this option in the system tray. All you need to do just disable that option.
  • After that, you need to select the time for how long you want to disable that firewall or the antivirus. So, the antivirus will remain disabled for that time frame. It is preferable to select a short amount of time.
  • Once you are done with that you need to select the system and security. And after that hit on the firewall.
  • You will get to an option Windows Firewall on or off. Now go ahead and select Windows firewall off option and then reboot your system. Once it boots up, try to open the browser again.

Solution 3: Update Google Chrome:

You can update Google Chrome if your Google Chrome doesn’t open. At the top of the right corner of Google Chrome, you will get to see the three dots. Please give a click on that and select the Help option. And then after that select About Google Chrome. Make sure the Google Chrome is updated. But if it is not updated then you will get to see the update button. You just need to hit the update button in order to get the Google Chrome updated. This will help you to get the latest build of Google Chrome. Once it’s get updated the problem will be resolved.

Solution 4: Google Chrome Cleanup Tool:

The Google Cleanup tool is the official software of Google. This tool helps you to detect unwanted software and why you are not able to open the Chrome browser. It will help you to remove all that unwanted software and clean up your Google Chrome browser. Once your browser is cleaned up, you can use that for browsing.

Solution 5: Hard Reset Google Chrome:

The first thing you have to ensure that Google Chrome is completely off. If it is not so, you can use Task Manager to close that completely.

  • Now in order to get the run box on the screen, you need to hold the Windows logo key and the R key at the same time. Once you are done with that a small run box will appear on your screen. Then, you need to type the following and hit the enter button.

%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data

  • A small window popped up on your screen. You will get to see a file name Default, give a right-click on that and delete that. This will delete all the Chrome history, data, and cookies.
  • Now, just go ahead and open Google Chrome. At the top right corner, give click on the three dots and select the settings option.
  • A small setting window comes up on your screen. At the bottom select the Advance option.
  • Scroll further down on that window and press Reset Column. So, once you reset that the problem will be resolved and you can use the Google Chrome Browser.

Solution 6: Clear Memory:

To run a program your computer uses the memory. If you open so many windows at a time or running so many application your computer become slower. And as it is overloaded finally, it gets shut down. So, make sure you close all the application first and restart the system. And then turn your computer on and open the Chrome browser. The problem will be resolved.

Solution 7: Reinstall the Google Chrome:

If you have gone through all the solutions and still the problem persists, you have to go for the reinstallation in order to get rid of the problem. But, prior to that make sure that you have uninstalled the Google Chrome completely. Also, you need to make sure if you have deleted all the user data folder. Once you are sure about everything, go ahead and reinstall the Google Chrome and the problem will be resolved.

So, far we have tried to give you a brief understanding of why Google Chrome won’t open sometimes. At the same time, we have discussed all the possible solution which will definitely help you to get rid of the problem. If you still have any doubt or any other clarification required, simply you can comment in our comment section.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa