What is the Gateway Authentication Failure and What are its Solutions?

You might often encounter the gateway authentication error, mostly while using a U-Verse modem. And, the error message does not tell you the cause of the error. So, you have to find why it occurred on your device and then apply an appropriate solution. 

If you are wondering, there are many possible causes of gateway authentication issues. A misconfiguration in the modem is one of the most common ones. 

Regardless of the cause, you can fix this issue with some simple steps in most cases. The methods listed below should help you with that, and try them to get an effective solution to the gateway authentication failure. 

What does the Gateway Authentication Error Mean & How to Fix it?

Your modem and router might face configuration errors, including sudden shutdowns. And, that causes gateway authentication issues with U-Verse modems quite commonly. 

You must also consider loose cables as a possible cause of this problem. Depending on the reason, you can usually expect an effective solution with the following methods:

Power Cycle the Modem

You must perform a power cycle on the modem to rule out any temporary errors. Also, this step can fix the problem if it has something to do with temporary issues. Turn off your modem before unplugging it from the socket. Then, let it remain idle for a few minutes before you turn it back on. 

Connect your device to the network and open a browser after applying this solution. You can also launch any application that requires an internet connection. Then, check whether the gateway authentication failure persists. 

Fix Cable Connection Problems

You must ensure that all cable connections with your router are connected properly. If they are loose, you will keep facing issues with gateway authentication. Among other connections, you should especially check the Internet and LAN

Disconnect the cables connected to both these ports, and then set up the connection again. This should remove all temporary errors from the connection. 

Connect to your modem after applying this method and try to browse the internet. This time, you would not face the gateway authentication failure if it occurred due to loose cables. Consider replacing the cables in case the error occurs again. 

Check Whether there is an Outage

A service outage is yet another common cause of gateway authentication issues. So, you must find out the service status in your area. You can do that by logging in to your AT&T account through the manufacturer’s official website. 

Click on ‘Help with my service’ and select the ‘Fix it now’ option under Support Tools. This will automatically start a test to find any issues with your network. 

You should find instructions and recommendations on fixing the gateway issue on your screen. Follow them to fix the gateway authentication issue all by yourself. 

Enable Both Bands on Your Router

Are you using both of the bands on your router? If not, you must try enabling both of them to improve your router’s performance. 

Apart from improving your internet, this can also help you fix the gateway authentication failure. So, you might want to give it a try if the previous solutions were ineffective. 

You need to access your router’s interface to change its network. Open any browser and enter your router’s default IP address there. Then, use the admin credentials to get through the login page and access the interface. Navigate to the bandwidth settings and make sure both bands are enabled. Save the changes before you exit the router to check on the problem. 

Use the myAt&T App for Troubleshooting

Many people might want a more convenient solution to the gateway authentication failure. You can simply troubleshoot this problem with your U-Verse modem with the app if you want the same. 

Install the myAt&T application on your smartphone from the app store if you do not have it already. Launch it on your device and log in to your AT&T account. 

You do not have to talk with customer support if you use this app to fix the problem. Follow the instructions you see on the app for fixing the issue. The AT&T app can be quite helpful to you in fixing U-verse modem gateway authentication issues. 

Use the Google DNS

Does the gateway authentication failure keep repeating after applying the aforementioned methods? Then, you must try changing to the Google DNS server address if you are using a different one. 

This might help you fix the authentication problem in many cases. Open the Control Panel and open the Network and Internet section there. 

Go to the Network Sharing Center and opt for changing the adapter settings. Then, right-click your router’s network and open its Properties section. Click on IPv4 in the General tab and enter next to preferred DNS.  

Also, put in the place of the existing alternate DNS server. Save the changes and exit the Control Panel to check on the error.

Reset the Default Router Settings

If you are still facing the error, you must finally restore the default settings on your router. And, that should help you remove all the misconfigurations from it. You can do this by pressing the Reset button until the status light blinks. Apart from that, you can also reset your router through the web interface. 

After applying this method, you have to configure the device as per your requirements all over again. So, you might not want to proceed with it before trying the previous solutions. 

Find a Professional Solution

You cannot fix all router problems all by yourself as an end-user and might need help with some of them. And, the gateway authentication failure is one such problem. 

Reach out to a reliable technician to get your modem/ router inspected and fixed. You might even need to buy a new router/ modem in some cases.