5 Easy Ways to Fix “A Fatal Directx Error has Occurred FFXIV”

Final Fantasy XIV is a popular online multiplayer role-playing game. It allows gamers to change the screen orientation for better gameplay. However, many received the “Fatal DirectX” error after enabling the “fullscreen” mode. The game might crash and display a black screen when this error occurs. Close the FFXIV game window and re-access it after a few minutes. Try to play a PvP match and check if the “a fatal DirectX error has occurred FFXIV” message pops up. 

If the error persists, then the problem lies with the graphics card. An outdated graphics card can prevent you from playing FFXIV. Thus, updating the graphics card can resolve this unwanted error. 

Here are additional causes and solutions to fix the fatal DirectX error.

What are the Possible Reasons behind a Fatal Directx Error Occurred FFXIV?

Several issues could trigger the fatal DirectX error in FFXIV. You will receive this error message while trying to play the game while multitasking. The problem also occurs after enabling AMD Crossfire. Besides, incorrect graphics settings can generate this problem in Final Fantasy XIV.

Are you running this online multiplayer game with an incorrect DirectX version? The “A fatal DirectX” error message might appear while playing the game. Moreover, you can experience this issue if the game doesn’t support the SLI feature. Hence, disabling this advanced feature might resolve the FFXIV error.

Troubleshooting Tips to Fix A Fatal Directx Error has Occurred FFXIV

Restart the gaming PC when FFXIV displays the fatal DirectX error message. Open the game and it won’t further cause any screen freezing issues. 

However, you must follow these solutions if the error persists:

1. Run the Game in Borderless Window Mode

Change the FFXIV game’s screen mode to fix the fatal DirectX error. Access “File Explorer” and double-tap on “Documents”. Navigate to “FFXIV” and search for “FFXIV.cfg”. 

Right-click on the folder and choose “Open with” when the pop-up menu appears. Select “Notepad” from the drop-down menu to edit “FFXIV.cgf”. Hold the Control and F keys together and click “Find” when the pop-up menu opens. Go to the search box and write “ScreenMode” afterwards. 

Press the “Enter” button to get the ScreenMode folder and right-click on it. Set its value to “2” and press the Control and S keys together to save the changes. Open FFXIV and it won’t further display the fatal DirectX error message. 

2. Update the Graphics Card

A faulty or out-of-date graphics card driver can stop you from playing FFXIV. Thus, updating this PC driver can fix the fatal DirectX error. Hold the Windows and X keys together and choose “Device Manager” from the pop-up menu. 

Head towards “Display Adapters” when the new window opens. Choose the correct graphics card driver model and right-click on it. Opt for “Update Driver” and select “Yes” when the confirmation message appears. The PC will install the compatible graphic card driver within a few minutes. 

Additionally, you can access the graphic card driver manufacturer’s website. Go to the search box and enter the correct driver version. Press the “Enter” button and look for the latest graphics card driver for the PC. 

Tap on the download link and choose the correct OS from the list. Open the driver installation file and launch FFXIV. You can now run the game without receiving the “a Fatal Directx Error has occurred FFXIV” message. 

3. Switch from Direct11 to Direct9

Did you get the fatal DirectX error after changing the API option to “DirectX11”? Then, switch to DirectX 9 to resolve this FFXIV error. However, you must first disable “DirectX 11” before using DirectX 9. Access this multiplayer game and move toward its “Settings”.

Tap on “System Configuration” and head to “Graphics”. Disable “DirectX 11” and close the Final Fantasy XIV game afterwards. Then, open the Steam application and go to “Library”. Choose “Final Fantasy XIV” from the game list. 

Right-click on this online game and click “Properties” when the drop-down menu opens. Choose “Set launch options” and go for “DirectX 9” from the list. Tap on “OK” to save the recent changes and close the Steam app. Open Final Fantasy XIV and play the death matches without any glitches.

4. Disable the SLI Feature

SLI is an advanced feature which NVIDIA uses to improve gaming performance. However, FFXIV might cause issues when this feature is enabled. Thus, you must disable “SLI” to run the RPG game without issues. 

Press the Windows and S keys together and write “NVIDIA Control Panel” in the search box. Tap on “3D Settings” when the NVIDIA Control panel window opens. Locate “Configure SLI, Surround, PhysX” from the drop-down list. 

Double-tap on this option and choose “Disable SLI” when prompted. Click “Apply” and close the NVIDIA Control Panel window. Open FFXIV and it won’t further display the “a fatal Directx error has occurred FFXIV” message.

5. Disable AMD Crossfire

AMD’s “Crossfire” feature works like NVIDIA’s “SLI” feature, and both these features boost the FFXIV performance. However, AMD crossfire can often prevent you from running the game. Thus, it will be better to turn off this feature when playing role-playing games like FFXIV. 

Here’s how you can disable AMD Crossfire from a Windows 10/11 PC:

  • Right-click on the desktop’s empty space and opt for “AMD Radeon Settings”.
  • Head towards “Gaming” and tap on “Global Settings”.
  • Go to “Advanced” and toggle off “AMD Crossfire”. 
  • Restart the computer, open FFXIV and play the game without receiving any error message.

Lastly, Disable the Audio/Sound Enhancements Feature ….

The audio/sound enhancement feature can conflict with FFXIV, leading to a fatal error. Thus, you must disable this feature to eliminate the problem. Right-click on the taskbar and opt for “Sound” when the pop-up menu opens. 

Choose the gaming headphone you use from the new window while playing FFXIV. Select “Properties” head towards “Advanced”, and click “Enhancement”. Disable “Audio/Sound” enhancement” and tap on “Apply” afterwards. Close this window and restart the Final Fantasy XIV game. You won’t receive the fatal DirectX error after implementing this solution.