Fix Issues When Epson Printer Won’t Turn On With Easy Steps

Epson printer is one of the most leading brands among users. It has earned a reputation for its ultra-edging features. Users opt for it for its varied functionalities. It has very low-cost maintenance. Like other printers, it encounters a widespread issue which is of the Epson printer won’t turn on. Often it is a standard issue with all brands. But you must know to resolve it.

If your Epson printer fails to turn on, then find out the fundamental issues for which the problem occurs. Also, we recommend you to follow the entire article properly and follow all the steps suggested below:

Obstacles You May Face When Epson Printer Won’t Turn On

There are various obstacles that you may encounter with your Epson printer. Here are some of the problems describing the issues:-

  1. Epson printer not turning on.
  2. Paper jamming inside the printer.
  3. Installation of wrong I/F card.
  4. The attachment of the maintenance tank is not put correctly.
  5. The front cover is open.
  6. Releasing of printing lever during the printing process.
  7. The loading paper is too thick to clean the head.
  8. Color drying very often.
  9. The maintenance tank is full of waste ink.
  10. Sufficient papers not present that interrupt the printing.

If you face all these issues, then try out the solutions given below. But repeating the process to resolve it several times can lead your printer to further damage. So be alert and cautious while troubleshooting the issue.

Methods To Resolve Epson Printer Won’t Turn On

These are some of the ultimate steps through which you can easily resolve the issue of Epson printer keeps turning off. So follow the steps as below:

Fix 1

Firstly, in the power outlet plugin the Epson’s power cable. Now press on the printer’s power button. Simply wait until the power light indicator flashes or starts blinking. Press the button again if the power button does not flash. Remember that some of the Epson printers take some time while turning on. So be patient and wait until the device initializes. Also, keep in mind, you must not hold the power button too long.

Fix 2

Now from the power outlet, disconnect the Epson printer’s power supply. Remember that you are removing both the power module and the power cord. Now, find out whether there is any visible damage to the printer. If the printer has any damage and is still under warranty, replace the printer. Also,  note that you must connect the power cable into the power outlet by detaching the power module from the printer.

Fix 3

Now ensure that the power cable is attached properly to the power module. If necessary, connect the power cable into another power outlet and ensure there is no problem with the power cable.

Fix 4

If there is no paper inside the printer, then load paper in the printer. If there is any printout or paper remaining then remove it. Reset the printer by pressing the Pause button for at least 3 seconds if the error occurs during an ongoing print job.

Fix 5

Ensure that the paper source settings of the printer driver are the same as the Control Panel. Also, find whether there is any jammed paper. If present then removes them.

Fix 6

Remember that you must close the front cover as it might cause various troubles. Also, ensure that the paper roll is cut manually and then remove the cut paper from the printer. See the paper handling and find whether there is any defect.

Fix 7

Ensure that you are setting the paper lever to the secured position. For obtaining the best results, start printing again from the beginning. Ensure that it is cleaned properly if there is any jam that is causing the printing issue.

After following these methods, you can surely fix the issue of Epson printer won’t turn on. Hope, this content is helpful for you to resolve all your worries. This content is completely written on behalf of the users and we wish that every part of it proves beneficial for your knowledge. If you find the methods helpful, you can share your feedback with us or feel free to provide any suggestion which you may feel important.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa