The Fastest Way To Fix Epson Printer Keeps Saying Out Of Paper Issue

Nowadays, if you search for a good quality printer then you will find multiple printer brands to meet your requirement. Epson printers are the leaders in this domain. Till now they have come up with top-notch features for users in all aspects. However, with any technical device, you are bound to encounter certain technical issues with regular usage. One such issue commonly reported by users include  Epson printer keeps saying out of paper

If you have an Epson printer and you face this problem, don’t panic. Millions of users come across this annoying glitch quite often. Hence, it requires a due attention to mitigate the issue at the earliest. Below, we have described some methods using which you can resolve the issue in a jiffy!

Why Epson Won’t Feed Paper? Potential Causes

At first look at the causes behind this problem. Several causes may be responsible for this type of problem. See the points mentioned below:

  • If you use a low-quality of paper, then you might face Epson printer paper feed problems on your device.
  • In case you use poor ink cartridges on your Epson printer then also this problem may irritate you at times.
  • Sometimes due to inappropriate loading of paper, the Epson printer may stop working and you can come across this typical glitch.
  • If the physical connection of your Epson printer is incorrect then due to faulty configuration  Epson printer keeps saying out of paper and you can not do anything with your printer.

Once this problem arises with your printer, then you must resolve it in an instant to prevent it from further occurrence.

Looking for ways to deal with this issue? Can’t find a suitable solution even after a wide search?  Well, dealing with this papers jams is not a big task for you if you go through the solutions properly as described below:

Step-By-Step Guide To Eradicate Epson Printer Keeps Saying Out of Paper Issue

If you don’t want to face a situation where the Epson printer keeps saying out of paper and want to use your Epson printer like never before,  try to apply the methods accurately to get rid of the mess.

Solution 1

If there is a problem with the leading edge of the paper in your Epson printer, that means the side which goes at first, the printer may not load it and as a result, your device becomes slow and you can not print any document from your Epson printer. In that case, you have to troubleshoot this paper jam issue. To begin with the troubleshooting hacks, at first turn off your Epson printer and after that turn it on again. If you mix multiple papers on a single stack, then try to use only one type of paper and check if the problem is solved or not. If not, then try the next solution.

Solution 2

If the above solution is unable to resolve this Epson printer issue, then make sure then you should remove or delete the stack of the sheets ensuring the following things:

  • The paper of the Epson printer must not be curled.
  • Ensure that the printing paper is not too old. If you are using a new paper or too old paper go through the instructions in detail.
  • Make sure that the printer tray is not overloaded with too many papers.
  • If there is some problem associated with the cartridge of your Epson printer then solve it. Most of the time the cartridge becomes dirty, you should clean it. At first, remove the cartridge from your printer and after that clean it by using any wet cloth. Once done, let it dry for at least 5 to 10 minutes and again put the cartridge back in the printer and plug in the printer again. Now, turn on the printer and connect it with your computer. After that try to print something from your Epson printer.

If still, the Epson printer keeps saying out of paper, then proceed with the next method.

Solution 3

After applying the above two solutions if this problem persists then try this solution.

  • In case the paper or sheet is folded or curled, then fold it to the opposite side.
  • Ensure that the paper is not thin. If any replacement is required then do the needful.
  • Make sure that the left edge guide is flashing.

After ensuring the above points, turn off your Epson printer and after some time turn it on again and check if the changes are made accurately.

If the problem still prevails,  then go for the next process:

Solution 4

Now, you have already applied the solutions mentioned above and unable to come to a conclusion, go for this one. You might be aware of the fact that sometimes a little mistake can make your device prone to further damage. So, we will suggest you check the connection of your Epson printer as well as your computer. For this at first, check if the network cables are properly connected with the computers or not. If any replacement is required then do it. Also, check if the USB cable is connected to a port. If not, then connect it to a compatible port. Also, check if any cable is missed or damaged and replace them with a new one.

Hope, now you can understand each and everything about Epson printer keeps saying out of paper trouble and we also believe after applying the above four solutions you can resolve the Epson printer won’t feed paper trouble on your own.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa