Follow Some Simple and Easy Steps to Get Rid of Dropbox Error 413

Dropbox is a file hosting service that makes a special folder on the user’s computer. Dropbox Basic users can get only 2 GB of storage space. This is cloud storage which enables you to save all your contents like videos, photos, and other big files. You can use that in any system using your Dropbox account. But you might face some errors while using it. Dropbox Error 413 is one of the errors which you can experience while uploading any video to Dropbox.

This is a universal HTTP error that states that the requested file for uploading is too large. This error generates from the user end. Dropbox has a limit for uploading a file. There is a limit for uploading a media file which is 50 GB. So, in that case, you need to upload a file that is smaller than this limit.

Suppose you are left with 2 GB of space in your account, the file which you will upload cannot be more than 2 GB. It should be equal to 2 GB or less than that.

What are the Reasons behind DropBox Error 413?

The following are some of the reasons and due to that, the Dropbox Error 413 generates.

  • The most common reason is if you try to upload a file that is more than the available limit on your Dropbox account, you will encounter the Dropbox Error 413.
  • If your file size is more than 50 GB, you will get this error while uploading the same. Dropbox has a restriction; you can not upload a file that exceeds more than 50 GB.
  • Sometimes, due to bugs in the application, you might face this issue.
  • Registry-related issues can also be a cause of this error. Dropbox can take some time while installing or uninstalling the program.

How to Fix Dropbox Error 413?

Before getting in touch with any technical expertise, you can try the following steps in order to get a brilliant Dropbox Error 413 fix.

Bypass the Third-Party redirect to Dropbox

Most of the users apply third-party redirects to upload a media file. As an example, people often try to save a file directly from the internet to Dropbox. Sometimes, even you try to use the option in the gallery to upload a file to Dropbox without opening that application.

Most of the time, these options function perfectly but sometimes, you might face difficulties due to a buggy application. But you can open the application and manually upload the files. And to do that, you need to follow the given steps;

  • First, you need to open the Dropbox application. At the bottom right corner, you will get to see a plus symbol. You just need to tap on that plus sign in order to upload the file.
  • Once you click on the plus symbol, you get to see an option that says ‘upload files.’ You should click on that and then browse to the file that you want to upload. Once you get the file, execute the process and the file will be uploaded.

Check the Account Space:

If you face any difficulty uploading the file, you should check the free space available. Every Dropbox account has a limitation. So, if you encounter this error, you should check the space available in your Dropbox account. And to do that, you need to follow these steps:

  • You need to open the Dropbox account, after that, select the Setting option.
  • Once you open the Setting option, tap on Plan. You will get the information regarding the amount of space you are left with.

Update the Application

In case you are using the mobile application of Dropbox, you should update it. You should always use the latest version of the Dropbox application as it comes with essential bug fixes.

Wrapping it Up:

Here, we have explained some easy and simple solutions to fix this error. Hope this article will help you to get rid of the issue which you are facing. If you face any difficulty or you have any doubt in your mind, you can let us know by your comments. You can write your comments in our comment section available below.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa