Division 2 Crashing issues on PC – 6 Ways to Fix

In case you are someone who loves action games, Division 2 will be your first choice. It is a military game and has become famous all over the world. But, in recent updates, players are reporting about Division 2 crashing issues on PC. 

Over here, we will talk about its causes, along with its fixes. Go through the instructions given below to solve Division 2 Crashing PC.

Reasons for Division 2 Crashing Issues on PC

It can be really annoying when the Division 2 crashing issue appears when you try to play the game on Windows 10. A few reasons are listed below:

  • Corrupted game files
  • Incompatibility problems
  • Inadequate page file size
  • Faulty or outdated graphics card driver

Fixes of Division 2 Crashing PC Issue

We have already discussed players facing Division 2 crashing on PC. Over here, we will discuss the fixes that will help you to solve this issue. But, before we begin you need to make sure that your PC meets all the requirements of the developers to play this game. 

Even with minimal requirements, you can play the game, but to enjoy it completely and get the best experience you need to meet the requirements. The lists are given below to help you out.

Method 1: Game Updates

There is a possibility that the division keeps crashing because of certain updates from the developers. You just have to wait until a new update is released and then install it. This might sound simple yet it is effective. Thus, don’t forget to check for updates for Division 2 and you might receive one soon. 

Method 2: Update Drivers

In this method, you need to update the drivers of the computer, particularly the graphics drivers. You can visit the official website of the graphics card, and then download the updated one. It might be a little difficult for gamers as it requires time and effort along with the exact model number. 

Another simple way to download the updated graphics drivers on your system is by using a third-party driver updater. The third-party tool will automatically detect the issues related to the driver in your system. 

Thus, you just need to replace the driver with the updated and compatible one. A few steps are given, for example, to help you out:

  • Download the third-party tool, for example, Smart driver care, and hit the Download button. 
  • After that install the app and open it. Hit the Start button for scanning.
  • You will observe that it is scanning completely. On the screen, you will notice a list of issues. 
  • After that you need to locate the graphics card driver, and then click on the Update Driver link that is situated right next to it. 
  • The tool will be downloaded, and you have installed the latest driver on your system. 
  • Finally, exit the program and reboot the system to solve Division 2 crashing PC.

Method 3: Windows Compatibility Troubleshooter

Microsoft is using a few troubleshooters in the Windows operating system that acts as both issue detector and fixer. Windows Compatibility Troubleshooter is one such troubleshooter that helps to determine if the application is compatible or not.

We have also mentioned the steps to help you:

  • First, you need to go to the directory where Division 2 is installed and is located in the main executable file.
  • After that right click on the Division.exe, and then select the Properties.
  • You will find a new window to open on the screen. Now, you need to click on the Compatibility option followed by clicking on the Run Compatibility Troubleshooter button. 
  • Then, it will present all the findings on the screen after completing the troubles. Lastly, next to the checkbox you will find the disable fullscreen optimization. You need to check the checkbox and click on the OK option.

Method 4: Verify Game Files

You must be aware of the fact that the game is first installed on your system. Thus, it means a lot of files are stored on your hard drive. In case any of the files are deleted or go missing, then you might come across Division 2 crashing in windows 10

To verify the integrity of the game files we have discussed the steps:

  • The first launch of the Stream is followed by clicking on the library tab to list all games. In Division 2, right-click and select Properties from the Context menu.
  • After that click on the local files tab, followed by verifying the integrity of the game cache.
  • Select the Close option, after the completion of the problem.
  • Now, you need to relaunch steam and check if Division 2 crashing PC or not.

Method 5: The Paging File Size needs to be modified

It might be possible that you are facing Division 2 crashing due to insufficient RAM. You can use these fixes to see whether the issue is resolved or not. Don’t forget to check if insufficient RAM is triggering the issue or not and for that view the crash logs in windows os. 

After that go for the method:

  • Press Windows+R together, and you will observe the Run dialog box appear on the screen. Then, on the given space type “control” and finally press Enter.
  • This will open the Control Panel, and then in the search box type “advanced”. Now, click on the View Advanced System Settings that you will find in the search result list.
  • After that click on Settings, down below the Performance section. Then, under the Advanced tab click on the Change option in the Virtual memory section.
  • We are almost near the end. You need to check the box situated right next to Automatically Manage Paging File Size For All Devices. Lastly, select the OK option to save the changes. 

Method 6: Lower in-game Graphics Settings

This is your last method, you can try lowing the in-game graphics settings. It will help you in resolving the issue:

  • Go and click on the cog icon, this will open the game settings. After that go to graphics shadow quality and change it to “low”. Also, set the shot shadows to “low” and turn off contact shadows.
  • Then, go and set the particle detail to high, along with setting the reflection quality to “low”.
  • Now, change the vegetation quality to “medium” and turn off the local reflection quality. Also, change the ambient occlusion to “medium” and change the value of the object detail to 50. 
  • Finally, change the terrain quality to “medium” and lastly save all the changes. 


This was all about the fixes of Division 2 crashing PC. We have also mentioned the reasons why it is caused. All the points on the fixes are properly explained. Thus, you won’t face any difficulties following them. Hope the points will help you out.