How To Fix Dell Laptop Touchpad Not Working Issue In A Jiffy

In the tech industry, Dell is one of the renowned brands. It manufactures different types of laptops, keyboards, mouse, printers, and pre-built systems in its product line-up. Most of its devices are preferred by students and businessmen. The reason behind this type of user base hides in Dell’s product quality and design. Dell gives great attention to its design and product quality, which makes them unbeatable in that section. Apart from that, all Dell devices contain very decent specifications according to their price bracket. All of these qualities make them appealing and preferable to users all across the globe. But even with the top-notch built quality and specification, no device is safe from errors and problems. In the case of Dell devices, this thing is also applicable to them. But all of those problems are simple and easy to resolve until any major hardware problem arises. In this article, we are going to discuss Dell laptop touchpad not working issue and try to troubleshoot it.

Common Reasons For The Dell Laptop Touchpad Not Working Issue

This issue arises due to many reasons but the prominent one is the corrupted or outdated drivers. Sometimes this issue is also caused by third-party software and apps. But all of these reasons are simple malfunctions and can be solved by some manual tweaking. Therefore for this issue, you don’t need to worry much.

Simple Ways To Fix The Dell Laptop Touchpad Not Working Issue

All the causes related to this issue are quite simple and easy to fix. Therefore here is some simple but useful solution for the Dell Laptop Touchpad Not Working Issue. But before trying any manual tweaking first, Reboot your system. It is recommended because a Reboot can fix many errors and problems of a system. Therefore many pro-users try this method before any other fix.

1. Enable The Dell Touchpad

In your system, there is a possibility that the Dell Touchpad is disabled. Therefore you should check it first. If this issue appears suddenly on your system then there is a chance that this error is happing due to any third-party app.

To enable it, first open the Setting by pressing “Windows Key + I”. Then find the Devices option and Click on it. On the Devices page, you will find the Mouse & touchpad option on the left side of that page. Click on that. Now inside the Mouse & touchpad page, click on the Additional mouse options at the bottom of the page.

It will launch the Mouse Properties where you need to click on the Dell Touchpad tab option. Inside that, you will find the Enable option. Click on it.

If your system doesn’t have the Dell Touchpad tab then try to find the ELAN or Device Settings. In that option, you will find the touchpad option listed under Devices.

2. Update the Drivers

The next reason that can call this problem in your system is known as outdated or corrupted drivers. The outdated driver situation only arises if you don’t pay attention to new updates and software releases. But the corrupted driver’s situation usually happens due to the bugs and error which comes with third-party software and Windows update.

However, this problem falls into the common problem category and to fix this first visit the Dell official website. After that, type your product’s code or name on the website’s search bar. On the search result, you will find different links of drivers according to the Windows OS version. Click on that touchpad driver link that matches your OS version.

After the download, click on the file to install the driver. When the installation gets finished then reboot your system and try to check the issue.

3. Check The BIOS

Sometimes, after a BIOS update or Windows system update the Touchpad gets disabled from the BIOS. It usually happens in a very rare manner but it can be fixed very easily.

To do this first reboot your system and then at the time of re-entry click on the F2 or Delete Key. Now In the BIOS, you need to click on the Advance Tab. Inside that Tab, you will find the Internal Pointing Device option. Now enable it and then press F10 key to Save the changes and then Exit.

Now your system will reboot itself once more and after that, you will enter the Desktop.

4. Re-Enable It With The Help Of Function Key

The Dell Laptop Touchpad Not Working Issue can happen due to a manual error also. This mainly is caused by the misuse of function keys. In many situations, users mistakenly tab the Function key which disables the Touch bar and causes this issue.

To solve it first you need to find which function key contains the Touchbar shortcut. After that hold the “Fn” key and then tap the Touchbar function key. It will instantly activate the Touch bar and you can start your work again.

5. Remove The Mouse Drivers

If you are constantly changing the mouse for your system then there is a possibility that one of those mouse drivers has got corrupted and caused this error. In that situation, the best way to solve this error lies in the Device Manager.

To do that first open the Device Manager with the help of WinX menu. To launch it press “Windows key +X”. Then click on the Device Manager option. Now on the Device Manager page, you will find the Mouse and other pointing devices, option. Expand it. Now, right-click and uninstall that mouse driver which shows a yellow option on it.

After that, you need to restart your system and Check the Touchbar.

6. Roll Back To Old Version

If you have updated your system driver which includes drivers for your touchpad also. Then your touchpad is facing compatibility issues with your system due to the new drivers. To solve it just roll back to the old ones until any patch driver is released.

To do that go Open the Device Manager and make right-click on the Touchpad. This will launch the Properties window. Now on the Properties window, click on the Driver Tab. Inside that tab, you will find the Roll Back Driver option. Click on that and wait until the process gets completed. After that, reboot your system and verify the problem.


We hope that the method provided is able to help you with the Dell Laptop Touchpad Not Working Issue. If you need any further information on this topic then stay in touch with us.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa