Easy Hacks To Fix Data Error Cyclic Redundancy Check Windows 10

Cyclic Redundancy Check or CRC is the process by which your Windows 10 PC verifies the data of your drives. However, you might face several issues with this CRC of Windows 10. The “data error cyclic redundancy check Windows 10” issue comes at the top of all the errors that you may face using your PC. It might appear due to multiple reasons. With this error in your PC, you might not be able to access the hard-drive data. Whenever CRC finds a bad spot on your hard drive, you might encounter the error. Thus, in this article, we are going to discuss the different steps in order to fix the error in your system.

Possible Reasons Behind The CRC Error

Among the various errors in Windows 10 PC, this one always comes at the top. You may face the data error cyclic redundancy check Windows 10 if the system is having some difficulties in accessing the drive. Sometimes, it might appear if the system cannot initialize the hard drive to get access to all files. If you have encountered the error with your Windows 10 PC, then make sure that you have disconnected all the drives from your PC.

Easy Solutions To Fix The Data Error In CRC

As there are several reasons behind this error, there are also respective solutions for them as well. In this section, we are going to know about the numerous steps to fix the error.

Solution 1- Run CHKDSK Utility From Your PC

The first solution to fix the data error cyclic redundancy check Windows 10 is to run the Check Disk utility in your PC. If you have no idea how you can do that, then don’t worry. We are going to discuss different steps to successfully run the Check Disk tool in your system.

Step 1:

At the very beginning of the process, you need to press the Windows Home button and type ‘cmd’ in the search menu. It will then open a list of search results on the Windows search menu.

Step 2:

From the list of the search results, select Command Prompt and right-click on it to open the next menu. In the next menu, you can see the option called ‘Run As Administrator’, right-click on it to open the Command Prompt with administrative access.

Step 3:

As the Command Prompt opens, you need to type the following command in the Command Line Interface to complete the task:
chkdsk /f c:
The ‘c’ in the above-mentioned command is the directory name of your drive. It may be named as ‘d’, ‘e’, f’, etc. Whatever the name of your file directory is, you have to change it to that one.

Step 4:

After that, the Check Disk utility will start checking the drive and analyzing it. If there are any fixes possible, then it will do so.

Step 5:

Once the Check Disk operation is complete, close the Command Prompt and restart your PC in order to solve the recurring error.
Hence, by following the steps as mentioned in the section above, you should not face the error anymore. But, in case you are still facing the error, then follow the other solutions in the section below.

Solution 2- Run SFC In Your PC

If the above-mentioned steps could not solve the issue, then with this, you should be able to fix the error. In this solution, you need to run the System File Checker (SFC) tool in order to solve the error that appeared with CRC. In order to run the SFC, you can follow the steps as mentioned below.

Step 1:

The first step is quite similar to that of the above solution. At first, you should press the Windows Start button and type ‘cmd’ in the search box. It will provide you with a list of search results.

Step 2:

Now, select the Command Prompt from the list of the search results and right-click on it to open the menu. From the menu, select the option that says ‘Run As Administrator’ in order to run the Command Prompt as admin.

Step 3:

Once the Command Prompt opens, type the following command in order to get to the solution.
sfc \scannow

Step 4:

As you entered the above-mentioned command, your PC will start checking for corrupted files in your PC. If this tool finds any kind of corrupted files or registry entries, then it will repair and recover them.
Finally, after completing all the steps as mentioned in the above section, now you should check if you have successfully resolved the error or not.

Solution 3- Boot Windows 10 In Safe Mode To Fix The Data Error

The Safe Mode is nothing but the process to boot your PC in a basic mode. In this mode, the system starts only by using a few essential files and drivers. If you are searching for how to fix data error cyclic redundancy check on Windows 10, then this could be your solution. In order to boot your PC in Safe Mode, you can go through the given steps.

Step 1:

In the first step to boot your Windows 10 in Safe Mode, you have to go to the Settings menu of your PC.

Step 2:

As the Settings menu opens, navigate to the ‘Update & Security’ section that appears on the bottom-left corner of the menu.

Step 3:

Next, go to the Recovery option that you can find on the left panel of the window.

Step 4:

After that, go to the ‘Advanced Startup’ section and click on the ‘Restart Now’ button to reboot the system in this mode.

Step 5:

Once the Windows restarts, you can see several options on the blue screen. Select ‘Troubleshoot’ from the list of options on the menu.

Step 6:

Now, click on the option called ‘Advanced Options’ from the boot menu which will take you to the next page.

Step 7:

In the new page, you can find ‘Startup Settings’, click on it and then, the system will ask you to restart.

Step 8:

After restarting, you will find a list that shows different options. Now, you need to press the numeric key 4 or the function key F4 in order to boot your Windows in Safe Mode.
If you have successfully restarted your PC in Safe Mode, then you should check if the issue still exists or not.

If you have encountered the data error cyclic redundancy check Windows 10, then you can follow the solutions as mentioned in the sections above. Hope this write-up was helpful to fix the error.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa