Brilliant Hacks To Fix Chrome Plugin Not Supported In Minutes

Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers of recent times. Therefore, if an unexpected error occurs on Chrome, you find yourself helpless. One such issue includes Chrome plugin not supported error. You are most likely to run into this error when you stream into multiple websites. Normally, you bump into such errors when a particular website comprises various media contents that Chrome fails to load. The error, therefore, occurs as and when it fails to load any content in the video format. This is because Chrome does not support any video format. However, whatever be the cause of the error, it definitely lands the user in deep trouble. Suppose, you wish to upload media content and you run into such an error, it is definitely quite annoying.

Nonetheless, every issue has its solution and this puts the error under question as well. Therefore, if you are facing Chrome plugin error, there is no need to worry at all. In this article, we shall provide you with effective solutions to your problems. Moreover, you can confide in us entirely. With the solutions we offer, solving your problem will not be too difficult for you. Therefore, just relax and read our article thoroughly.

Chrome Plugin Not Supported Error- Causative Factors  

As stated above, we shall provide you with effective solutions for Chrome plugin not supported error. However, before we move on to the solutions, let us first discuss the potential reason or causes for this error. Early detection of the causes is important for a particular error. This is because, once you detect the causes or reasons behind an error, you can adopt proper preventive measures to overcome the error. Besides, knowing the causes of an error increases awareness and thus you can avoid such errors in advance. Or at least, undertake proper remedial measures to combat the problem if it occurs.

Therefore in this article, we wish to make you aware of the causative factors responsible for the gitch. It goes without saying that Chrome is one of the most widely used web browsers.

Therefore, it is backed by a good security system. Chrome, in fact, holds enough acclaim for being the most secure and the fastest of all the web browsers. Unfortunately, the stringent security systems of Chrome have turned into a strong deterrent at present. Chrome’s present security system does step out of its line, to a certain extent when it even blocks some of the legitimate and authentic domains. In the name of the security system, at times it goes too far in preventing millions of people from enabling the most reliable plug-ins. This is one of the major reasons for the Plugin Not Supported error.

Coming to various other reasons for the error message, you may face the error when you upgrade Chrome to the latest version. Besides, if you can enable an unrecognized plug-in. Moreover, if Chrome detects any malware or virus infection when you go on to install something. Besides, as stated above Chrome does not load if it detects your contents in the video format.

What is The Chrome Plugin Error?

So, by now, the reasons for the issue in question should be clear to all. We understand that such errors are obviously quite frustrating. What adds to your dismay is when you are not quite familiar with the remedial measures. We understand that it is not always possible to be conversant with all the technical aspects. Therefore, many of you may not be aware of the solutions. However, in case you are facing the error frequently and wondering how to fix the plugin not supported in Chrome, your search is now over. We are going to help you sort out your problem. So, mitigate your worries and relax.

In this section, therefore we offer you effective remedies to troubleshoot your glitches in no time. Moreover, the solutions we offer are in fact the easiest for you to follow. Therefore, you will not have to worry anymore. Thus we promise to offer solutions that will rather serve as a proactive guideline for your problem. So, without further ado, let us begin.

How To Fix Plugin Not Supported In Chrome- Easy Hacks At Your Fingertips

Now in this section, we offer you the easiest fixes that will help you solve your problem in no time. So stop worrying, and follow the guidelines we offer.

Fix 1: Try Updating Your Flash Player

This is one of the easiest and most fundamental solutions to your problem. Sometimes you may face an error because of your outdated plug-in. Oftentimes, Chrome fails to load Flash content due to this problem. Therefore it goes without saying that updating the outdated plug-in is the easiest and indeed the obvious solution for you, in case you face the problem due to similar reasons. You can also install and download the software on your latest PC. In case you wonder how to do that, here are the instructions for you to obey.

First and foremost, you need to access Google Chrome and then feed in the “chrome://components/” command in the address box and then hit the Enter Key. The moment you do this, various existing components in your computer will pop up. You need to browse patiently and successfully reach out to “Adobe Flash Player” option. Once you come to this entry, tap on the Check for update” option. Chrome will detect all the available updates and prompt for a reboot if needed.

However, if the manual installation process seems to difficult for you to try out, you can directly go through our official website and download it from there. Once you finish, just reboot your Chrome and check whether you are still facing the error or not. In all instances, you will not face such error any further. However, if you do, never mind, we have alternative solutions for you.

Fix 2: Clear Your Browsing Data

Chrome Plugin Not Supported error may trigger if excessive cache or old histories keep piling up on your browser for a very long time. The cache might get stuck, restricting the loading process. Sometimes Chrome might fail to load the contents simply because of some of the items or files present in the cache. Under such cases, it is important that you delete or eliminate piled-up files or items present in your cache. It is also imperative that you clear out your history properly so that Chrome can load the files without any obstruction. Below we have cited the instructions that you need to follow up in order to clear out the cache in Google Chrome.

However, note that if you go on to delete or eliminate your history or cache, all your passwords and other preferences might get deleted as well. Therefore, please note that after the completion of the process, you will have to reset all your passwords as well as adjust your preferences all anew.

Now let us discuss the procedure to delete your cache on Chrome. Follow, the instructions given below.

Right at the beginning, you need to tap on “Ctrl + Shift + Del” simultaneously from your keyboard in order to activate the “Clear browsing data” window. Once you do this, press on Advanced tab located at the top and check out all the checkboxes. Once you finish checking, press the “Clear browsing data” option. Finally, after you complete the process by means of the Task Manager, you need to reboot your web browser all over again. On completion of the entire process, just check once whether the error is fixed or not.

Fix 3: Check Another Alternative Browser

However, things might not always work in your favor. So just in case, the above solution proves ineffective, don’t be demotivated, We have still better alternative solutions for you

Despite trying out the solutions stated above, if the problem continues to occur, then the best option for you is to try loading your content on a separate browser.  This way, you can check whether the content you are attempting to load or access is at all appropriate for Google Chrome. It may be that the content you are trying to load is a Java plugin. Actually, after the 45th version, Chrome no longer supports any Java-based interface. Now if you are not already familiar with this and the plugin you are trying to load is a Java content, then Chrome will not support and therefore won’t load. In such cases, you can try to access your plugin from some other browser.  

Fix 4:  Enable IE Tab Extension

In case you find out that the problem you are facing is specific to Chrome and has nothing to do with your IE, then you need to understand that your plug-in format is not supported by Chrome. We have already shed light upon the fact that Chrome does not support video format. So in case you are trying to access media content, which is present in the video format, you are bound to run into Chrome Plugin Not Supported error.

Besides, Chrome does not support many other domains or browsers. Talking about formats, Chrome does not support content based on Java, Silverlight, and the likes. In such cases, the best solution for you is to avail IE Tab Extension. Once you use this particular extension, you can easily simulate IE on your personal browser. All you need to do is include the website you need to your extension. Once you do this, each time you go on to access your website, it will open up in the IE Tab by default. Now you may wonder, how to go about the process. Don’t worry, it is not too difficult. Follow the instructions listed for you below.

Detailed Steps For The Procedure

Firstly, you need to download the IE Tab Extension from the official website of Google. Once you download, you need to tap on the “Add to Chrome” icon. You will have no difficulty in tracing out the button in question. You will find the button we are talking of on the upper right-hand side of your computer screen. Once you click on the button, Chrome will start checking out the necessary requirements. This might take a couple of minutes. Once the checking is complete, it will direct you to add the IE Tab Extension. Most certainly, the “Add extension” option will pop up. Just tap on the option and grant Chrome the permission for installation.

Once the installation process is complete, the small logo of the IE will show up on the right-hand side of the address box. Once you detect it, simply tap on it in order to open your page in an IE tab.

Now if you wish to make your job more convenient for yourself, you can also set the IE Tab to any particular website that you need to stream most frequently. You can easily do this by right-tapping on the selected website. Then choose IE Tab Options.

Now, you are just one step away from the completion of the process in question. So, just navigate your pointer to the bottom of the Setting tab. Here you will find the option “Auto URLs” Once you reach out to the option, write the website address that you want to load automatically in Chrome. Once done, just add it and then reboot your Chrome in order to implement your changes.

Parting Comments

All the solutions stated above will sort your problem of Chrome Plugin Not Supported error effectively. With the solutions we offer, solving the problem of Chrome Plugin error will not be a big deal to you. In case you do not know how to fix plugin not supported in Chrome, these are the best solutions for you. We have outlined the guidelines shall serve your purpose in no time.

Chrome Plugin Not Supported is a common error that occurs oftentimes and if you are conversant to web browsing, especially on Chrome, then this is something that you must have faced quite a number of times. Now, you can relax. In case you are facing such errors, you can definitely try out the solutions we have offered. These will sort out your problems at once. So, end your woes and follow our guidelines in order to resolve your problem in an instant.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa