Some Useful Tips To Fix Canon Printer Offline

Canon is one of the most renowned Japanese companies. The printers branded under Canon serve as excellent imaging and optical devices. The printer is one of the most essential devices for us. If anything goes wrong with the printer our daily jobs get affected badly. Canon is the one of leading printer manufacturers across the globe. This printer comes with some good features. The performance and the quality of the product are extremely well. Despite that, there are some technical glitches that might irritate you. There are many errors if you are using a Canon printer. Among them, Canon Printer Offline is the one that can give you trouble. Even if you connect the printer properly, it gives you the same error.

So, before proceeding ahead, make sure that all the power accessories are connected properly. At the same time, you need to connect to the network.

If your Canon Printer says offline, there can be two reasons mainly:

  • Your Canon printer is not the default printer. So, in that case, the pooler has to be alerted.
  • There might be a very short snooze period and that’s why sometimes you may find your Canon printer offline. It gets activated for a very shorter period of time. But you just need to extend that time long. This way, it won’t get offline every now and then.

Effective Methods To Resolve Canon Printer Offline Issue

Now, there are some solutions that you can follow if your Canon printer says offline. You can simply follow this instruction to get your Canon printer online.

List your printer

Step – 1

You will get to see the Windows key on your screen. Give a click on this and you will get to see the Control Panel of your computer system.

Step – 2

Now, you will get to see the option device and printers, give a click on that option. This will redirect you where the printer will be listed. Please find your printer name and give right-click on that. You also get the drop-down menu where you find the default printer option. Once the verification gets over you will get to see the option Use Printer Offline. There will be a check option, you need to make that unchecked. After that restart, the computer and the problem will be resolved.

Get the printer to connect via Wi-Fi

You have to connect the Canon printer to the wireless network. You can use any model of the Canon printer, but in most of the cases, the steps are the same.

  • Press the WiFi button down and hold it down till the time the light of your Canon printer get blinked.
  • Kindly give a close check if the light is constantly blinking or not. You will get to see WPS buttons at the bottom side of the rooter and you need to press that. This light will be blinking continuously and search for the networks available around you.

There is also the alternative method which you can follow to connect the printer. And there is a LAN set up through which you can connect your Canon printer.

  • You just need to open the LAN set up from the Settings.
  • Once you are done with that the printer will start finding available networks around.
  • You have to find or locate your network. Once you have selected it, press the Ok button. Your Canon printer might ask password. After providing all the details the printer gets connected properly.

Restart the Spooler service

The Spooler service is one kind of software program. Its main function is to manage all the print jobs which all sent to the computer. The service is visible and the user can cancel that anytime as per the requirement. Follow these steps to fix the problem:

  • You need to press down Windows + R together. You will get to see a run box appear on your computer screen. After that find a dialog box where you can type in. You need to type “service.msc” and then, hit the enter button.
  • You need to find the Print Spooler in the service list option. Once you’re done you need to give a restart your system.

Apart from that, there are some alternate ways by which you can fix this issue.

Printer drivers need to be updated

The printer driver is also known as a software program. The important tasks of the printer drivers maintain the proper functionality of the printer and also it needs to maintain the connectivity. So, if your Canon printer is offline, check all your drivers and update that with the latest version. And after updating the problem will be resolved.

Snooze time should be longer

This could be one of the reason if your canon printer goes offline often. You need to increase the snooze time or the sleep time longer. Go to the Settings panel of your Canon printer and select sleep mode. You have to increase the sleep time there, and that’s how the problem will be resolved.

Wrapping Up

So far we have tried to give you a brief understanding of the Canon printer offline issue. At the same time, we explain all the possible solutions so that your problem gets resolved. Hope this information will assist you to fix up the trouble. Thus, with a view of the same, we have explained all the simple solutions in our article which will help you. And also you can fix that issue from your end. But, if you still face any sort of difficulty or any other doubt, you can simply comment in our comment section.

We valued your time and thank you for reading our article.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa