How To Fix Brother HL-2280DW No Paper Error Issue

Brother is a multi-genre tech company which is based in Japan. It is primarily product lineup contains multifunction printers, desktop computers, industrial sewing machines, etc. Most of its products are well built. That is the reason why many customers select Brother products for their company.
But like other products, Brother printers need a little bit of maintenance as well. It’s totally in proportion with the usability of the Brother printers. If you use your printer heavily, then you need to give it more maintenance but if you use it occasionally then its maintenance will be needed it.
If you don’t provide it with the maintenance it needs, then Brother printers will start facing problems and start shooting error messages. Most of its error and problems happen due to users carelessness, therefore, don’t ignore it.
On today’s topic, we are going to discuss the Brother HL-2280DW no paper error which is pretty much common. So, go through this article to know how to fix this issue.

Way To Fix Brother HL-2280DW No Paper Error Issue

The Brother HL-2280DW is a very powerful printer. Still, at times, errors occur. But you don’t need to get tense about it because most of them are minor ones and can get easily get solve with some manual tweaking.

Here’s how you can resolve Brother HL-2280DW no paper error.

1. Clean The Roller

The most common reason that triggers this error is dirty rollers. Most of the users have reported that due to dirty rollers their printer is showing the No Paper Error. So, cleaning it can resolve this issue.
To do that, first, you need to turn off the Brother printer and also remove it’s from the wall outlet. After that, you need to remove the printer tray. Now, you need to check the rollers and verify that how much dirt is there. Then, you need to clean those roller and ensure that there is no moisture on them. Now, close the printer and try to verify the error.

2.  Sensor Got Dirty

The next reason why this problem arises is a problem with the sensor. The sensor might get covered with the dirt and prevent it from working properly. Due to this reason, the printer’s sensor fails to detect the papers and shows the “No Paper Error”.
To make it working again, you have to clean the sensor with a   cloth and to avoid any future conflicts you should keep the maintenance in check. It will minimize this kind of error.

3. Driver Update

Another reason that can work as a catalyst for the issue is the outdated driver. Outdated or corrupt drivers can also hurt the performance. That is why it is always better to check for the latest driver updates once a week.

To update it you need to visit the manufacturer site and download the latest driver and if you are using the Brother HL-2280DW printer. You can try updating the system drivers also. In some cases, port drivers and WiFi driver can also become the reason for this error. Therefore, be safe from every side.

4. Check for The Proper Paper Size

In some case, the Brother HL-2280DW start showing this error due to the incompatibility of the papers you are using. Many users mistakenly put the wrong paper into the printer and on that point, the printer refuses to print.

At that moment, you can use papers that are compatible with your printer (size, GSM,etc.). Therefore, before buying any kind of paper or ink, read the user manual once. This will help you to make the right decision and save some money also.


We hope that this article is able to help you regarding the Brother HL-2280DW no paper error and we also hope that with our methods you are able to eliminate this issue.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa