Know The Procedures To Resolve Bluetooth Device Not Showing Up Mac

When people think about computers, Mac comes first in everyone’s mind. This device was developed and designed by Apple. Every update of the OS makes the device more exciting and user-friendly. But in recent times, users are facing an issue regarding Bluetooth device not showing up Mac. It is a very common glitch faced by multiple users. There are various types of solutions by which you will get rid of the error instantly. To do so, you should know the reasons first. Hence, know the reasons from this section.

Reasons Why Bluetooth Device Not Showing Up Mac

Most of the time, problems with Mac and Bluetooth will include third-party applications and tools with the help of Bluetooth to send data or information to the devices. These problems are usually associated with connection issues and they are also known to plug Apple’s own mouse and keyboard accessories.

It is also a nightmare for Mac users as well. In case the battery of any one device is less than 5%, then you might face this particular issue as well. Sometimes, viruses and malware are equally responsible for this error. In a few cases, some hardware-related issues also create this problem too.

If you are also encountering the same problem, solve it in an instant. Otherwise, your device might get damaged further. Read the complete article and you will find some useful tricks regarding this issue.

Smart Tricks To Solve Bluetooth Device Not Showing Up Mac

Here, in this section, you will find some incredible hacks that will help you to troubleshoot the error quickly. So, read the entire guide and solve it by own.

Solution 1: Turn Off And On The Bluetooth Once

This solution is the basic one that can resolve the glitch instantly. The first thing you need to do is go to the Mac’s Menu bar. Then, tap on it and you can see the option “Turn Bluetooth Off.” Just click on it and turn off it. After a few seconds, click on the same option and turn it on. Now, try to connect a device and check if the problem gets resolved or still showing on your Mac device.

Solution 2: Delete Potentially Corrupted Files

If your device contains corrupted or incompatible files in it, then you might get this error. This is not common for every user, but when it happens, you should delete those files otherwise it can create more trouble. Basically, two files have the tendency to get corrupted. Just follow the steps and solve it by own.

First, start Finder on your Mac and you need to tap on the “Go” option in the Menu Bar. After that, tap on “Go to Folder” icon. In this section, type in or paste /Library/Preferences and next select “Go” button by clicking on it. Now, in the newly opened Finder window, navigate the file, and you need to right-click on it, and choose the option “Move to Trash.”

Then, click on the “Go” icon one more time, and select the “Go to Folder” option again as you have done before. Now, in the present window, remove text in the text field and then you must type ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost into the text box and choose the “Go” button. After starting the Finder navigate and do right-click on it. Now chose “Move to Trash” option by tapping on it.

Finally, click on the Refresh button that is located on the left side of the present window. Wait for a while and check if the error gets solved.

Solution 3: Check The Third-Party Networking Or Security  

If the above methods do not assist you to solve the Bluetooth device not showing up on Mac, then you can follow this trick. If a firewall, security, VPN, or other third-party networking software resides in your Mac device, then you have to delete or disable the third-party networks. Sign up with the credentials, after enabling these third-party networks. After enabling these, if you still face the error, then you should disable these.

Solution 4: Check All The Cables And Power Connection

This kind of problem can also occur due to a bad connection as well. Thus, before applying techniques, at first, verify the cables and cords of your system. Also, check the connection from the main switch as issues can arise due to power fluctuations as well. Additionally, check the battery of the Mac also. Because if your device has less than 5% charge in it, then it might not work properly.

Solution 5: Install Available Updates

Sometimes, the old software prevents you from using Bluetooth easily. Therefore, due to the old software or system, errors can occur. For this reason, you need to check for updates and install. To do so, the first thing you need to do is open the Apple app store by clicking on it. Then, navigate to the option Updates, which is located at the top of the Menu bar. A new window will open on the main screen. You can see the “Software update-macOS Sierra.” Now, tap on the Update icon. You have to keep waiting for some moments while your Mac OS starts downloading and installing. After downloading your Mac it automatically restarts and you need to keep patience with that.

Hopefully, by trying the above procedures you will surely get rid of the error Bluetooth device not showing up on Mac. But while executing the steps if you find any difficulties, then don’t forget to share your queries with us. Our experts are always ready to assist you with more effective solutions.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa