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Avast RPC Server Unavailable: Know It And Solve It

The Avast RPC server unavailable is one of the big issues. If you receive this type of error message, then it is indicating that the Windows computer is suffering to connect with the other devices through the network which you are using. But, keep in mind that there happens to be a solution for all. So, you should not be worried about it. As we bring you the solution with this article. You can resolve the issue by following the given solutions. Keep your eye on the article to resolve the issue.

Be sure that your RPC Services are running properly:

The Avast RPC server unavailable Windows 10 is a big problem which can be reasoned by the incorrect programming of RPC service for the connection between the computer. At first, make sure that your RPC is running perfectly. If you want to check it, then at first, you have to press the Windows key + R from the keyboard. After that, there will appear the Run dialog box. After that, you need to type “services.msc” command and hit the Enter. Now, you have to find out the items DCOM for the server process launcher, you can find it on the service window. There you will find an option called remote procedure Call or you can say it as RPC and you will also find the RPC endpoint mapper. After finding the options you have to be sure about the status which is running in your system and you also need to know about their startup and set it in the automatic mode.

Avast RPC server unavailable: Fix It Quickly

As you have verified that the RPC services are not running as they should run, hence you need to go and check the causes to put them down one by one and get your service moving. There are some simple steps to success that you will find. Glance below:

Check the firewall on your computer:

Sometimes the firewalls of devices can block the traffic which is requested by the RPC, consequently, this might make the dilemma of the RPC server unavailable. At this point, you need to check the firewall configuration of your device and then, see if any firewall is blocking your network connections for RPC or not.

If you are a Windows firewall user, then you should follow the undergoing steps to resolve your problem.

At first, you have to press the Windows key + R from the keyboard. After that, there will appear the run dialog box. As the next step, you need to type “control” on the dialog box and hit enter. After that, find out the windows firewall from the control panel. Then you have to select the allow an app from the Windows firewall option.

Check the Network Connection of your device:

The Avast RPC error Windows 10 problem might happen due to the problem with the network connections. If you are thinking that the problem of your device is happening due to the network connection, then apply the undermentioned steps to resolve the issue. First, you need to press the Windows key + R from your keyboard. After that, there will appear the run dialog box. Type “ncpa.cpl” command on the appearing dialog box and hit the enter. Continue the tasks by right-clicking on your device screen and then click on the properties. After completing that, you need to be sure that if the file and printer are sharing the Microsoft networks and check if the internet protocol version 6 TCP/IPv6 are enabled or not. Now, reinstall the network adapter driver that will help you to be able to reset the system and also for the printer sharing option.  

Check out the Registry Settings:

If you are facing a problem with the RPC server unavailable, then as per our suggestion, you can check the registry settings of your device. That will help you to be sure about the RPC issue. If you want to check it, then at first, you need to login into the operating system as the administrator. Then press both of the Windows key + R from the keyboard. After that, there will appear the run dialog box on your screen type Regedit on the appearing box and hit the enter. Then the registry editor will be open on your screen. After that, move to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\RpcSs and find out the item which does not exist on your device. If there is anything like this then you need to reinstall your Windows.

If you find out any remote procedure or the RPC over there, then set your RPC service as the previously described procedure in our guide. You can also edit the start registry key from the  RpcSs path. If you want to edit the start registry key, then double-tap on the start button and then edit the value data to 2 and set it. Then move on to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\DcomLaunch and find out the missing item. If you find the DCOM Server Process Launcher on there then you need to double click on the start registry key and edit the value data to 2 and set it. This will help you to get rid of yourself from the Avast RPC server unavailable Windows 10 issue.

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If the above-mentioned procedure did not help you to solve the Avast RPC error Windows 10, then you should try to restore the device and then, reinstall the Windows version of your device.

Follow these easy and simple steps to resolve the RPC problem with your Windows 10 device. This article will help you to get rid of the saying “Avast RPC server is unavailable Windows 10” by your own self.  

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