Avast Passwords Not Working? Here are the Quick Fixes for the Problem

Password Manager is an essential application for your device, especially if you use strong passwords. After all, you might often forget complex passwords and face various issues as a result. 

Avast Passwords is among the popular password managers that you can find for your device. It can offer you excellent performance in managing and protecting all your important passwords. 

Are Avast Passwords not working on your device suddenly? 

In that case, you must know that a lot of users have faced the same issue. You can fix it with simple troubleshooting measures in most cases. Since the reason for the problem is not always the same, you must try out various fixes for it. 

5 Possible Solutions to the Avast Passwords Not Working

Avast Passwords might have stopped working in your case due to internet problems. You might also need to check whether you have disabled this feature unknowingly. 

If required, you must also try re-enabling it as we shall see. You might sometimes face this problem due to an error in the application. 

Try out each of the following solutions if you are not sure which one of them would work:

  1. Enable the Avast Passwords Extension

You must add Avast Passwords as an extension on your browser. If it is not working, you must make sure that you have not disabled it. So, open your browser and visit the extension section to check on Avast passwords. 

Do you find it toggled off? In that case, you must toggle it on to fix the issue right away. 

Restart the Extension

Do you find the Avast Passwords extension already running on your browser? In that case, you must try re-enabling it before trying out other possible solutions. Simply turn it off and wait for a few seconds before enabling it again. Then, check whether it is working properly and move on to the next solution, if required. 

  1. Update the Avast Passwords Extension

You can get regular updates for your extensions as in the case of your browser. The Avast Passwords not working might indicate an outdated extension in your case. So, you must make sure whether that is indeed the case. The steps for updating your browser extensions might differ slightly depending on your browser. 

On Chrome, you must open the More Tools section and click on Extensions. Enable the Developer Mode on the upper-right corner and click on Update. You can update all your Chrome extensions, including Avast Passwords. Also, this is quite effective in fixing the Avast Passwords not working issue. 

  1. Leave the Incognito Mode

Does the problem occur when you use your browser in incognito mode? In that case, your browser probably disables extensions when you enable this mode on it. So, you must simply exit the incognito mode to resolve the issue in such situations. Then, check whether the Avast Passwords feature is working once you are done. 

Relaunch your browser after taking this step if the problem persists. If you come across the Avast Passwords not working issue again, you must check for any issues with your internet connection. 

  1. Fix Your Internet Connection

Is your device facing any internet connection problems? If yes, then that explains why you cannot use the Avast Passwords extension. After all, it needs a reliable internet connection to work properly on your browser. You must take the necessary steps to resolve your internet issues and fix the problem with Avast Passwords. 

Refresh the Wi-Fi Connection

Your Wi-Fi connection might face errors under various circumstances and affect your network performance. In such cases, you must try reconnecting to your Wi-Fi for a solution. Forget the network and enter its password again if a simple reconnection does not work. 

Restart the Router

Your router might have faced a temporary error, resulting in the Avast Passwords not working. In that case, restarting the router might offer you an immediate and effective solution. All you must do is let your router remain turned off for a minute. Scrutinize the problem after your router is ready to connect to the internet after the restart. 

Check for the Service Status

Do you seem to have faced an internet service outage? Contact the service provider to check whether that is the case. Also, make sure that your data plan has not expired and renew it if required. 

Relocate Your Router or Device

Are you receiving a weak Wi-Fi signal on your device? If yes, then you must consider relocating your router to a better location. Try to place it in a central position of your home or workplace. 

Alternatively, you can simply bring your device closer to the router for a solution. Now, that can strengthen the Wi-Fi signal and fix the Avast Passwords not working issue. 

  1. Re-add Avast Passwords to Your Browser

You might have failed to add the password manager properly to the browser the first time. Re-adding it to the browser might offer an effective solution in such situations. You can do that from your Avast antivirus program’s settings section in a few steps. So, launch the antivirus and open the Privacy tab on it. 

Go to the Passwords section and enter the master password if there is any. Then, click on the Settings menu in this section and open the Browser Integration option. You will find the option to re-add the Avast Passwords extension to your browser there. Use this option anytime you face an issue with the extension on your browser. 

Reinstall Avast Antivirus on Your Device

Are you using Avast Passwords on your PC? In that case, you must reinstall the Avast Antivirus software on your device if nothing else works. Mac users can reinstall only the Avast Passwords program if they are using its standalone version in such situations. This is the most effective solution to the Avast passwords not working but you might want to save it for the last.