Effective Steps To Fix Acer Wireless Mouse Not Working Issue

Most of the Acer laptops have a wireless mouse touchpad and sometimes it stops working due to a driver issue. Generally, it happens if there is any compatibility issue between the OS of your laptop and between the mouse. But sometimes, there are some other reasons too behind the occurrence of this error. In case, if you find that your Acer wireless mouse not working or you are having a problem with the right and left click button then the first thing that you need to do is to update the driver of your Acer laptop. In this article, we have discussed some other reasons which might lead to this error along with some fast resolving steps.

Since the Acer wireless mouse is not working, you can use another pointing device like the touchpad, a USB mouse, etc. for the time being.

Reasons Why Acer Wireless Mouse Is Not Working?

Sometimes when the wireless mouse is not connected with a compatible device, then you might face this type of problem. However, if the mouse is too old, then surely it will not compatible with the laptop because the mouse will have an outdated driver and is not compatible with the current OS of your laptop. If this is the reason then you need to go for a complete replacement.

Sometimes, it happens due to a battery problem, and it might irritate you. If there is a problem with your Acer laptop’s hardware sections, then also this error might arise in your laptop.

You can follow the below steps to overcome this Acer wireless mouse not working issue.

Advanced Steps To Resolve Acer Laptop Wireless Mouse Not Working Issue

You can check out the below-described solutions to operate your Acer laptop wireless mouse smoothly.

Solution 1- Enable The Wireless Mouse With The Keyboard

First of all, you should apply this solution to fix the error. Acer laptop has an inbuilt feature and one of them is that you can enable or disable the wireless mouse from the keyboard. Following this solution, you should press and hold the Fn keys on your Acer laptop. After that, you need to hit either F6 or F7 key. In case, if you are unable to find the F6 or F7 key then this keyword show image of the hand touching the touchpad. You can easily try this method to fix this issue. In case, you can’t, then proceed to the next method.

Solution 2- Reinstall the Mouse Driver

As mentioned in the first paragraph, if this type of issue is associated with your Acer laptop then firstly you need to reinstall and update the mouse driver of your laptop.

To apply this method, go through the below steps:

  • In the beginning, you need to open the Device Manager of your Acer laptop. For opening it, you should press the Windows +X button together on your keyboard. After that, find and expand Mouse and other pointing devices options.
  • Now within the available options, you should find and right-click on the Acer wireless mouse and then tap on the Uninstall options.
  • After that, a confirmation message will pop up on your screen. You have to click on the checkbox and the mouse driver software will be automatically uninstalled.

You need to restart your Acer laptop to take the effect of these changes and once the Acer laptop restarts, the mouse driver will be installed automatically. Finally, restart your computer and check whether the wireless mouse works normally or not. If you are unlucky, then this solution will not help you out. Under such a situation, you should move on to the next solution.

Solution 3- Perform A Clean Boot

Alternatively, you can opt for a clean boot operation with few drivers to quickly fix the issue. Here are some steps that you need to follow.

  • First, go to the Acer laptop’s home page and after that type ‘msconfig’ in the search field and press the Enter button. After that System Configuration dialog box will be launched.
  • Now, select the ‘Services’ tab and unmark the ‘Hide all Microsoft services’ dialog box
  • After that, tap on the ‘Disable all’ button.
  • Then, choose ‘Startup’ option from the top and click on the ‘Open Task Manager’.
  • Within the Task Manager, choose each item by tapping on it and change the status from ‘Enable’ to ‘Disable’.
  • After that, Exit from the Task Manager page. Then, go to the System Configuration and then click on the Ok.

Finally, restart your Acer laptop. After your Acer computer has been restarted, you need to check if the mouse is working properly or not, if not then go to the next solution.

Solution 4- Update Your Operating System

This is another popular way to resolve this particular error in your Acer laptop. Sometimes the Acer wireless mouse not working issue may occur if you do not update your Operating System for a long time. So if this is the reason, then simply go to your usable Operating System’s website and see which version is best suitable for your device. After that, click on the recommended version for your laptop. Then, you should read the onscreen instructions carefully and click on the Ok button for updating. While the operating system’s updating process, you must ensure not to touch anything as it may hamper the updating procedure.

Once the OS update has been successfully completed, then restart your Acer machine and check whether the mouse is now working properly or not. If not, then the next solution is available for you.

Solution 5- Change The Battery

If you use your Acer laptop battery for a very long time, then it might cause this error in your Acer laptop. In that case, you should change your Acer battery and buy a new and original one.

Well. if you are an Acer laptop owner and your Acer wireless mouse not working, then we believe the solutions mentioned here seem like a savior for you. So, what you need to do is to read this article thoroughly and try the above-mentioned solutions one-by-one on your Acer laptop and check out which solution is best for your Acer laptop.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa