Why Acer Laptop Running Slow Windows 10: Solved

Slow performance in laptops is a very common issue for every laptop users. There are several reasons for a reduced performance or a slower one in laptops. If you are an Acer laptop user and you are facing the problem with Acer laptop running slow Windows 10. Then this article is for you. Here we are giving you easy peasy solutions to resolve the issue.

Before discussing the solutions of Acer laptop running slow issue we should discuss the reasons which are responsible to slow your laptop down.

The Reasons which slows down the Acer Laptops

Here are some reasons for slowing down the laptops. This will help you to escape the problem.

  • If your laptop is running with too many programs, then it might slow down your laptop.
  • Applying too many background programs might trigger this kind of issues.
  • The problem might happen due to the loading of temporary files, which might be too clumsy.
  • The corrupted or fragmented hard drive might be the reason for slowing down the laptops.
  • If you have too many files in the drives, even then your laptop might slow down.
  • If you have more than one OSs, then your laptop might slow down a bit.
  • The slowing down of the laptops might happen due to insufficient space in the RAM.

Acer laptop running slow Windows 10: Rocksolid Steps

Follow these simple steps to get rid of the Acer laptop running slow issue:

Scan the Acer Laptop for viruses and malware

The viruses and malware are big threats for laptop users. The malware can cause many of the crucial problems in the laptops. Slowing down the laptop is one of the biggest issues among them. If you are doubting that your Acer laptop is getting affected by the malware threats, then you should run the antivirus. Running the antivirus will help you to kill the viruses. After completing the scanning program you should turn off real-time monitoring function as the feature usually tends to consume a decent amount of system resources.

Close the applications and run fewer programs at once

If your Acer laptop is running too many programs, then this might be the reason for slowing down the laptop. If you find that your Acer laptop is running slow at the time of starting up, then you should check if there are any chances of having some different auto-starters to boot up the device. If this issue occurs in your system, then you should use MSConfig to control the startup objects. The software is provided by the Microsoft to operate several versions of Windows Operating Systems.

After that, you have to open the Task Manager that will help you to pinpoint the problems of the applications. You need to remove all those items which you don’t need. By applying this way you could resolve the issue.


Too many background programs might be consuming the resources

If you have opened too many background programs, then this might be consuming the resources.

To deal with this kind of issue at first, you have to open the Task Manager by using the Windows menu. Then, click on the processes option after that you need to sort it with using both memory and the CPU. It will help you to detect which programs are consuming the laptop slowing down. Here you can find out some background programs which you did not use. While checking this way it will help you to recognize the websites which are fixed. Close the application by clicking on the end task option. This will help you to improve the speed of your laptop.

Clean the Hard Drive of your Acer laptop

The hard drive which is compact with junks might slow down your computer. In that case, you cannot find any universal guideline about the available storage space percentage which you need to maintain. If you find that your Acer laptop hard drive is used up to 80% or higher than that, then you should immediately clean up the device.

If you want to clean up your device then you need to download the most efficient cleaner software. Which will help you to clean up the system junks or identifying matches, and which will also help you to uninstall the unused applications. So, be careful about your cleaner before installing it.

Upgrade the Hardware of your device

If you are finding your laptop is slow, then you always need to upgrade your hardware. You should always upgrade extra RAM or the solid-state drive which is known as SSD because of SSD is the faster and safe than the HDDs or the hard disk drives. You will find the difference between the performance level of your Acer laptop after replacing the hard drive with the new SSD.


Temporary files loading issue

While running any programs or visiting any website, the hard drive of your device is filled with the temporary files. This may affect your laptop performance and it is also one of the biggest issues of slowing down your laptop. You can also take help from the Windows Disk Cleanup system to clean up those junks from your laptop. It will help you to delete the temporary files from your laptop.


If this procedure did not help you to delete all the temporary files. Then, you can follow the other way to resolve the issue. At first, go to the Start Menu and type “%temp%” on each of the search bars. After that, there will show some of the temporary folders. You will be able to delete all those temporary files inside of this folder. This method will help to free up the space of your Acer laptop. The files which you are unable to delete you have to skip those files.

The above-mentioned methods will help you to resolve the problem with Acer laptop running slow Windows 10. If you are in this kind of a problem, then our guide will help you to resolve the issue.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa