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Best Solutions For Acer Aspire USB Ports Not Working Error

Acer Aspire is one of the best manufacturing laptops available in the market. As many of the Acer users are complaining about Acer Aspire USB ports not working problem, here we have prepared some of the useful ways of resolving Acer Aspire USB ports not working. Hope by studying this article, you will learn the best and the easiest method to get out of this problem.

Ways For Solving Acer Aspire USB Ports Not Working Issue

Though this is a common issue for the Acer Aspire users but resolving it is a challenge. Here we have arranged some of the working methods, which may be useful for you for solving this problem on your own.

Way1: Hold Down The Power Button

Sometimes, if you hold down the power button you can solve this problem instantly. This result happens when you hold down the power button for at least 30 seconds once the system capacitor gets disconnected. After doing this for at least 30 seconds, restart your PC and check if the problem gets resolved. If not, then try this below ways of solving Acer Aspire USB ports not working problem.

Way 2: Verify The Laptop Power Supply Status

If the USB devices are not getting enough power, then this will be the major cause behind this problem. For resolving it, the initial step is to unplug both the charger and power supply plug from your system. After doing this, process, power off your laptop. After waiting for a minute restart your laptop. Next, try to connect a USB device on the port and check if the problem gets resolved. If not, then try to connect the power supply as well, this may work in solving this glitch.

To check the USB port condition, try to use a workable mouse or keyboard device.

Way 3: Verify The Power Management Settings Of Laptop

For performing the power saving task, laptops are generally disconnecting the USB controllers automatically. As USB device gets connected on that port, it (USB controllers) automatically gets turned on as well. Unfortunately, it does not function every time, in such cases, you need to perform the USB controllers turning on task manually. To do this, perform this below explaining process.

Open The Device Manager Window

To start this process at first open the Device Manager window. There are various processes to perform this. Here we have explained the two methods for opening the Device Manager window.

Method 1: Press the Windows button to open the search box and on this, type control and hit on the Enter button. On doing this the Control Panel window will get open. Next, change the View by into Large icons by dropping down the menu. From the available options scroll down to get the Device Manager option. As you get it, then you can hit on it to open the Device Manager window.

Method 2: You can even open the Search menu by pressing the Window button. Then type Device Manager and click on the top-most option. By doing this the Device Manager window will get open. This is the most simple and less time taking method for opening the Device Manager window.

Uncheck “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” Box

As the Device Manager gets opened, then from this window’s menu click twice on “Universal Serial Bus controllers” to expand. Next, click twice on the USB Root Hub from this expanding option. On doing this the USB Root Hub Properties window will open. Next, tap on the Power Management tab from this upper menu panel. Make sure that the “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” option is enabled and if not then make it. After doing this click on OK to complete this task. Try to apply this process with every USB Root Hub device for solving this “Acer Aspire USB ports not working” problem effectively.

Way 4: Reinstall The Device Drivers

If there is any problem with the USB device drivers then this can result in Acer Aspire USB ports not working error. There are many issues for the driver’s problem, but the cause does not matter. Only by reinstalling the USB drivers, this problem can get resolved. To do this, open the Device Manager window from the Windows search bar.

As the Device Manager window opens, then go to the Universal Serial Bus controllers option and click twice on it to expand. From this expanding option, right click on the USB drivers and click on Uninstall. As the USB drivers complete the uninstall process, then restart your system. Only by restarting your device you will see that the USB drivers get installed automatically. This process may help you in resolving Acer Aspire USB ports not working problem.

Hope by going through this article you will learn all the workable methods of solving the Acer USB ports stopped working issue.

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