How To Find Administrator Password Windows 7 Using Command Prompt – Use Simple Solutions

Most of the users don’t know how to find Administrator Password Windows 7 using Command Prompt. If you are also unaware of the procedure, then don’t worry. Take a look at this article to clarify your doubts. It is not necessary to know the Administrator Password.

But in some cases, you might need the Administrator Password. The recent version of Windows, especially, Windows 7 is synced with the administrator accounts. Thus, the Administrator Password is likely to be your account password. But not every user set up their account in this manner. But if you recently installed Windows OS, then there is a possibility that you have set the password like this. However, if you haven’t then the article will help you find the Administrator Password.

Techniques That You Can Follow To Recover The Administrator Password

There are various ways to find or recover the Administrator Password. But you need to know the proper methods to figure out the Administrator Password by Administrator Command Prompt Windows 7. Hence go through the list of hacks and know how to find Administrator Password Windows 7 using Command Prompt.

Create An Administrator Account

Before heading to the critical solution, create an Administrator account. In earlier Windows versions users no need to have the Administrator Password. But in recent editions users need to have an administrator account to access the system.

Thus it is essential to create an Administrator account. When you set up an account, it requires a password. But after setting up the password for the account users can forget the password. And most of the users set their primary account with the help of the Administrative account. This is not a sensible idea as it compromises the security of your system.

After getting various reports from the users, Microsoft stopped syncing the Administrator account by default starting with the latest version Windows Operating system. Now, in Windows 7, 8 and Vista, the Administrator Password is the gateway for the account that has been set up as an Administrator.

Things You Can Never Forget The Admin Password

If you are facing any difficulty in remembering the password, then use this hack to find the password. Most users store their passwords in the password manager. All you need to do is to save all the relevant passwords inside the vault. So whenever you require a password for accessing the Administrator account. You can head to the vault and see the necessary password to enter the Administrator account.

Create A Password Reset Disk

Users who tend to forget the password can make a Windows Password Reset Disk. So, when you cannot remember the password, you can always open the administrator account.

With the help of the disk, users can change the password numerous times, and they can still enter the account. Although the reset disk is useful, it is not secure. And users can lose their vital passwords and data. Hence to avoid this kind of problem you need to set up your system to automatically sign in to Windows.

Make Some Changes To The Primary Account Online

If you are continuously failing to log in as an Administrator on your system, then there is no account in your computer. However, users can create a separate administrator account. But for that, you need to implement some methods.

And in this part, we will retrieve the account online. In recent years Microsoft synced every account to a cloud service. And one advantage of this is that you can quickly recover the password for Windows.

Suppose you forget your Windows password, you can retrieve it online. Hence to recover the forgotten password go to the online-enabled account and select reset Windows live password. After that users get an email to open the mail to access the account online. And in this way, you can recover the account as well as the password online.

Recover The Administrator Account In Windows 7

To perform this task users need a Windows 7 System Repair Disk. You can create the disk in a separate system. But make sure that one of the systems isn’t 32-bit and the other is 64-bit. Thus after making the System repair disc, you need to change the password. So first boot from the Repair Disc.

After that, press any key. Then, you can notice the System recovery tab on your computer’s screen. Note the location of the Operating System and tap Next. On the next page select the Command Prompt. Once you are inside the Command Prompt write these codes and hit Enter after each command. Also, make sure you write the location of the operating system in place of S.
cd Windows\system32
copy cmd. exe utilman. exe
renutilman.exe utilhold.exe
copy cmd.exe utilman.exe

After executing every command, get out of the disk and reboot your PC. Now, go to the login screen and select Ease of access in the left corner to enter the Command Prompt. Next, type net user and replace the previous username with the new one according to your choice. After resetting the password terminate Command Prompt and sign in with your new password. After performing this hack now, you know how to find Administrator Password Windows 7 using the Command Prompt.

For Other Versions Of Windows OS

Windows 10 is one of the most secure accounts, and it is certainly in sync with your online Microsoft account. Hence, you can easily replace the forgotten password, and it will not affect the security of your system as well.

Thus, open the Microsoft account on a different system. Sign in to your account by entering the email address. After that, click can’t access the account option. Then go through the instruction to verify your identity. After verification, you will get a prompt asking you to create a fresh password. If this method fails, then you need to boot Windows 10 recovery drive and get access to the Command Prompt. Thus, follow the instruction given above and try to recover the Administrator Password.


So, these are the necessary steps that you need to follow if you are looking to reset the Administrator Password in Windows 7. If you are using other versions of Windows OS then there are some useful solutions mentioned above.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa