How to Enable/Disable Auto-Capitalization iPhone?

Auto-capitalization is present in the on-screen keyboard both in Android smartphones and iPhones. By default, it helps by capitalizing the first letter of a sentence by using the built-in auto-correct tool. 

Based on the requirement, you can turn off or turn on the auto-capitalization iPhone and enable caps lock. Basically, the auto-capitalization feature makes the iPhone so appealing that you can’t compare it with other brands. 

However, you cannot ignore the fact that glitches are inevitable and can occur from any minor instances. And, if we look in-depth in the situation, it is quite common for users to face issues with iPhone’s auto-capitalization. But, there is nothing fret.

Over here, we will be discussing all the possible ways to fix the auto-capitalization iPhone issue. Even if you are not tech-savvy, you can easily implement these basic ways related to auto-capitalization. 

In many cases, auto-capitalization has proved helpful, but constantly changing everything you type can be a little annoying. Though Apple hasn’t given any official statement yet. But, we can hope that being a customer-oriented brand, they would surely come up with an alternative.

Steps to Disable the Auto-capitalization in an iPhone

As mentioned above, correcting spelling and grammar can be helpful, but other times it can be very annoying. In many cases, it has been seen while sending a formal letter via mail, a wrong message has been sent without any proper formating. This would badly affect the reader’s impression. So, do you want to fix this issue?

Over here we will be discussing the ways that can help you to solve the issue:

  • To begin with the disabling process you have to first go to the Settings app of your iPhone. 
  • After that, you need to scroll down and search for the General tab. A new page will appear on your windows.
  • As you go downwards, you will see the Keyboard option. Hit the option to proceed with the method.
  • Under the Keyboard window, an All Keyboard list will appear. At the front of the list, you will see the Auto-Capitalization option. Slide the button to make it grey. 
  • After completing the above step, check whether your iPhone automatically capitalizes any word or not.

Now, you can carry out all your requisite work. But, in the future, if you change your decision and want to enable the Auto-Capitalization iPhone option, then go through the next section.

Steps to Enable Auto-capitalization iPhone Feature

In case you want to enable the auto-capitalization iPhone feature, then you are in right place. The steps are listed below:

  • To enable Auto-capitalization on your iPhone, firstly, you need to open the Settings of your phone. The app must be on your home screen. 
  • Now, scroll down and search for the General tab. Hit the tap, and a new window will appear on your screen.
  • Now, under the General tab, scroll down to hit the Keyboard tab.
  • In the keyboard section, under the All Keyboard list, you will see the Auto-Capitalization option. 
  • You just have to slide the option and ensure it is green in color. Finally, check if the option has been enabled or not. 


As mentioned earlier, the autocorrect issue has been a problem for many users and even has helped many. We have mentioned the steps to disable and enable the Auto-Capitalization feature on iPhone. For complete removal of the issue, Apple hasn’t released anything. You can easily follow the steps as per your requirement and carry on with the work for the time being.