What is Active Directory Windows 10? How to Install and Use it?

The active directory Windows 10 is nothing but a tool. It helps you to connect to the Microsoft Windows master server. Few experts say that sometimes people use it as a remote server. In addition to that, you can also manage certain functions of the server with the help of the tool. The active directory is not dedicated to Windows OS, and you have to install it separately. 

From the support page of Microsoft, you will get the tool in a zipped file. For installation, visit the website, select your desired OS version and download it. In other words, you can also call the tool an Active Directory Users and Computers. The manageable objects via the tool are server attributes, computer organizational units and many more. 

Installing the Active Directory Windows 10 Setup Files

An active internet connection is the first mandatory thing. Hopefully, you have already downloaded the active directory file in zipped format. You have to unzip the file from the dedicated “Download” folder on your computer. And, you will be able to see four files. So, sort and install them one by one. 

How to Enable the Active Directory?

Navigate to the “Settings” and enter into the “Programs”. You have to search the Windows features from the menu. After that, turn them off. When a dialog box appears on the screen, move downwards and find out “Remote server administrator tools”. Hit on the “+” which denotes that you are about to add a new tool to the system. Further, when the list appears, add the “AD DS Tools” and the computer will start installing some necessary files. After the installation is over, you need to restart the system. 

What is RSAT?

The software giant, Microsoft, took the responsibility for the conversion of all the active directory Windows 10 tools to administration tools based on the remote server. If you want to access a system remotely, then the client computer which you want to access must have the ADUC. On the other hand, you must get the RSAT on your computer. 

ADUC, Why does it Exist?

The active directory Windows 10’s role is not much different as compared to the system administrator. It means that you can do most of the work with the help of ADUC as the administrator. Somehow, you might not be able to manage the GPO of your system, but it’s not a big deal.

Managing the FSMO server features and functions is one of the key roles that you can perform with ADUC. What is FSMO? It’s The Flexible Single Master Operation that has been the de facto standard for the active directory authentication services. The service period started in the late ’90s. Windows Server 2000 came into the cyber world at that time. 

This server OS is responsible for the convenient usage of modern-day cyber database activities. Therefore, making them more stable, reliable and secure. Some experts say that the active directory Windows 10 might face some critical issues, for the time being. Let’s say, you are running a domain, you must have more than one domain controller. The priorities of the active directory clash with each other, thus breaking all the permission granted by the system. 

The Active Directory FSMO: The Role Play

The active directory Windows 10 FSMO roles are mainly divided into two major sections – they are “Forest Wide” and “Domain Wide”. Let’s get on to the roles, in detail. 

The Schema Master 

It’s the one per forest role that manages all the read and write operations for the active directory schema. This active directory schema (table) acts as a storage facility to store all the attributes like name, Identity, cell/telephone number, e-mail address and others. This is how you can track and maintain a database management system. 

The Domain Name Master 

This schema will look after the matter when you want to create another domain in spite of having an existing one. The existing domain will be the master domain and there is no need of creating any other domains. 

The Relative ID Master 

The RID or relative ID master looks after the security matters of different active directory controllers. In addition to that, it also provides various security blocks to the newly created/assigned object directories. If you are eager to keep the same security ID for more than one object, then the relative master ID’s activity of granting the security privileges to every security IDs will come in handy. 

The PDC Emulator

It’s the primary domain controller that acts as an emulative role in the selected domain. This emulator works and responds to certain important activities like changing passwords, authentication requests, and other policies related to group objects. There is one interesting thing about the PDC emulator. With the help of AI voice, it also tells you the time. 

The Setup Translator

The active directory Windows 10 setup/infrastructure generally works as a translator. And, it translates the Global Uniques Identifiers, different names of the domain, SIDs and others. The translation only takes place when you hold more than one domain. Somehow, if the infrastructure doesn’t perform accurately, you will be able to see the SIDs in the list of Access Control. 

How many types of Active Directory Windows 10 are there?

In Windows 10 OS, you will witness various types of active directories. Aren’t you eager to know the details? Let’s begin. 

The Administrative Center 

The admin center for the active directory acts as a recycle bin. If you have accidentally deleted any directory, you can revert it back. The other items of accidental deletion are password policies, history of PowerShell and others. 

Trusts and Domains 

You have the permission to organize and manipulate multiple domains, trusted certificates and licences. Other than that, you can also manage the functional, forest, principal, and other levels as well. 

Other Modules, Sites, PowerShell and Services

The active directory helps you to turn on the PowerShell Command Prompt files. You can also view any websites and manage the system services. Lastly, in your system, there are some low-end tools that can be edited. But, as per the expert’s recommendation, you must not use them and opt for the edits. 

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa