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How To Drive Brand Awareness About Your Company On Social Media Without Spending A Dime

For every business, whether young or established, brand awareness is crucial for growth and development. It only makes logical sense – your sales and revenue are directly proportional to the number of people who know about your business! And for this purpose, you need to meet your audience on their preferred platforms.

Given the popularity of social media, businesses are working towards establishing a brand presence and creating brand awareness through an assortment of tools. While these tools help in increasing your follower count and getting you noticed, they can be rather pricey. But how do you get seen amongst all your competitors? And how do you reach out to your target audience without making an investment? Here is a complete guide for the same:

Flesh Out Your Brand’s Page

If you have a plain, run-of-the-mill brand page with bare details, then you should not complain about your scarce list of followers. You need to make your brand approachable, and for that, all your information should be readily available.

The trick for developing and maintaining a brand presence is by adding life and personality to your brand presence. Ultimately, you are using social media to connect with individuals on a human level, so it is only natural that you keep these interactions personal.

Decide on a brand voice that goes with your business, and stick to it through every post and engagement. Turn on your charm and charisma at the highest settings, and you will gain new followers every second!

Publish Visual Content

While posting content regularly is crucial, it is equally vital that you add some weight to your visual content. Some platforms, such as Instagram, rely heavily on the visual appeal of the posts. Thus, it would be criminal to ignore all the visual content!

From posting quotes to analytical infographics, there are several ways in which you can publish images. Similarly, you can use GIFs and memes to keep things lighthearted while getting your message across. Visual content is like a blank canvas that allows you to mold it in any way that you like!

Invest Time in Videos

In continuation of the above point, videos take visual content to the next level. You can add personality to it and combine it with a background score to evoke the desired emotions. Videos have steadily gained traction and are about to revolutionize the world of brand awareness creation.

Making videos does not have to be too hard. All you need is a unique idea and the plan to materialize it. Depending on the type of video, you can choose to shoot the video or create the animation. Edit it until perfection, and you will be done!

After completion, you can encapsulate it between an intro and outro, and post it. To take it to the next level, you can drop promos and teasers. For inspiration, check out

Diversify Your Content Strategy

It is an incontestable fact that your entire brand awareness strategy heavily relies on the quality of your content. However, your viewers may also crave something unique, creative, or innovative to appreciate the efforts that you put into delivering high-quality content.

To meet these requirements, you can create a content strategy that covers a wide range of content.

Keep a mixed bag of text-based content, images, and videos and alternate between them to prevent fatigue. At the same time, you may think of something that is out-of-the-box, such as a slideshow, and use a slideshow video maker to deliver upon your plan!

Create or Become a Part of Groups

With no budget to run expensive Facebook Ads, you may feel severely restricted from advertising your brand. Fortunately, active involvement over online hubs and groups can help you gain the visibility that you desire! After you are successful in breaking into any group, get active to make your presence felt. If you are unable to find groups related to your industry, then create one and invite people to join it!

Publish or share content regularly on these groups. Offer help or advice on issues, especially if they are the pain points for which your business grants solutions. Additionally, post comments and feedback on others’ posts to keep up the engagement. In this way, you will stay at the top of your customers’ minds.

Host Events

As a brand, never underestimate the power of events. As a matter of fact, these activities may fetch you the tag of a recognized brand.

There are several ways in which you can host an event. It could be a limited-time deal or a special promo discount for the season for all your products and services. Alternatively, the event could be in the form of a contest or a giveaway that allows people the chance to try their luck. Similarly, the complexities of these events can vary depending on your preferences. Regardless of the means, the end goal would be the same – greater visibility, improved brand status.

Referral Programs

Speaking of making offers to your audience, you may consider leveraging referral programs to drive brand awareness. For every referral, you can offer additional perks or a small commission. The Amazon Affiliate program and Dropbox’s referral program are classic examples of how this strategy is highly effective in getting your followers to spread the word! Throwing in a freebie for a new, potential client is a small price to pay!

Involve Influencers

Social media influencers play a crucial role in elevating a brand’s status. You can ask them to put in a good word about your business in lieu of a sample or free product or service. They can also grant your brand some exposure to a wider audience base. As the perception towards your brand turns positive, you will have more followers swearing by your product or service. They are called “Influencers” for a reason! 


Social media is an excellent platform to build your brand presence. The above tips can help you increase brand awareness and enjoy a stellar reputation as a brand. So go ahead and try them out!

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