How to download private YouTube videos with ease?

There is no doubt that many people want to easily upload private videos to YouTube. Although only users who have downloaded a video can download it, there are people who would like to record their friends’ videos. This article will show you the about downloading private videos from youtube free. Additionally, read this If you want to know the methods of watching private youtube videos.

As we all know that YouTube is the largest streaming video website. You can search and watch all the videos for free on YouTube. Want to download private youtube videos? The tips below should help you find a way to do it.

Do you know that you can create a private video on YouTube? Yes, you can. I’ll share another article on how to make private YouTube videos later, but today I’m going to share information on how to download private YouTube videos.

Youtube contains millions of video data uploaded by millions of people on their youtube channel. You will find private videos that you will not be able to watch without the permission of the channel owner.

You may be intended in downloading and playing private videos, but you are not able to do so because you do not know the correct process. That’s why we have the gift of downloading a private video on Youtube.

Private videos will not be available when you search for them. This is not included in your list of suggested videos either. How would you watch at them either? Well, there is an option that you can use. Keep reading and learn more about how to download a private video to YouTube in a few simple steps.

Keep in mind:

You can download a private YouTube video only when you have access to viewing. If you cannot watch this private video, you can download the YouTube video. So, first of all, you have to organize access to this particular YouTube video.

It should be noted that, unlike ordinary YouTube videos that can be downloaded without any problem, private YouTube videos can only be viewed if the downloader has given you permission via the video settings of the video.

Whenever you find the YouTube private video you are interested in, you can contact the owner of the channel and ask permission. This is the only option you can use if you want to know how to download private youtube videos. Few uploaders will be willing to give you permission if you are an unknown person. This is only because any user who has been granted permission can download the video as a public video again. Obviously, no one would want to find his private videos uploaded as a public video.

Once you have obtained access, you must follow the following steps to download Private Video from youtube.

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Let’s get right to the point. Below you will find the step-by-step guide to how to download private YouTube videos using YouTube ByClick. Just follow these steps to achieve it.


  • Download and install YouTube Byclick.
  • When the installation is complete, launch it and paste the URL of the YouTube video you want to download.
  • If the video is private, you will be asked to sign in. Just log in with your YouTube credentials. (This account must have permission to access this private video.)
  • And finally, click the Download button. And the download will start.

Tip: Check the Save password option if you want YouTube saved by clicking to save your username and password.

But now if you have another private video accessible with a different YouTube account. So now you need to change the username and password.

How to change your username and password

  • Go to: Options➙ Accounts.
  • Now, click Edit Account to change your username or password.
  • Click Delete Account if you want to use YouTube by clicking to forget your credentials.
  • Click the Add Account to add a new account. This account will be used each time you try to download a private video on Facebook / YouTube.

Final words:

I hope you can now download private videos on YouTube. So now you do not have to worry that the video owner will remove access to the YouTube video and you will not be able to watch it. YouTube ByClick can help you easily download private videos.

If you want to download a private YouTube video, a private video download app is the best option. You have several choices in this perspective. You also have the option of uploading private YouTube videos online that would be a better source for uploading private videos to YouTube.