Comprehensive Hacks On How To Disable McAfee Firewall

The McAfee security suite comes along with a firewall option to block intruders. McAfee firewall protection enables you to manage as well as create access permissions, be it for a recent or an existing program. It grants permission to your computer to access inbound or outbound internet services. In general, it tries to protect your computer against unauthorized programs and thereby securing the data transmission gateway whenever you allow any program to access the computer data. However, despite its beneficial action, there is also another side of the coin. Certain programs may fail to function appropriately whenever firewall protection is enabled. The only solution to sort out the problem is to disable the McAfee firewall protection. This is where this article proves to be beneficial to help you get a vivid insight into the pros and cons of disabling McAfee. Along with that, you will show you the effective steps to know how to disable McAfee firewall.

Underlying Reasons Behind Turning Off McAfee Firewall

Before we proceed to how to disable McAfee firewall, let us get to know why we need to do it in the first place. Here are some highlighting points, have a look:

  • Due to the integrated security features of McAfee, it may interfere with the installation of a certain application.
  • It may permanently block any kind of software package.
  • You may get prompt instruction on your screen to disable the firewall while trying to run a certain program.
  • If you see that certain options available are grayed out and you are unable to select them, then disabling the firewall is the only probable solution.

Easy Methods: How To Disable McAfee Firewall?

Here in this section, you will get to know about the essential hacks on how to disable McAfee firewall.

Method 1: Disable Firewall Through McAfee Icon

Step 1:

If you have installed the antivirus program on your Windows device, then to disable it navigate to the Windows taskbar. Right next to the clock icon you will get the McAfee icon, double-click on it.

Step 2:

However, if you are not using an updated Windows version, then click on the arrow right next to the clock icon, in order to reveal the hidden icons.

Step 3:

You will note that the McAfee Security Center window appears on the screen, displaying multiple configuration options. Click on the ‘Web and Email Protection’ box and check if the ‘ON’ box right next to the Firewall label is checked or not. If it is checked then disable it.

Step 4:

Simply check the ‘Turn Off’ box next to the Firewall label. Now, you will get a Turn Off Firewall confirmation dialog box, select a time period just below the label ‘When do you want to resume Firewall’.

Step 5:

From the drop-down menu, select the appropriate option. Finally, click on the Turn Off button and to apply the changes click on ‘Done’.

Step 6:

Additionally, if you are unable to see the ‘Web and Email Protection’ configuration box, then click on the ‘Advanced Menu’ at the bottom-left of the screen. This will bring up the advanced options and you will get a list of choices, click on the ‘Internet & Network’ tab.

Step 7:

Locate the ‘Disable Firewall’ button and click on it. Now, all you need to do is save the changes in order to turn off McAfee firewall.

Finally, restart your system to help it implement the recent changes. Now, try to install any program and note if the issue gets resolved or not.

Method 2: Disable Firewall Through Regedit Application

You can also try to disbale the firewall by utilizing another router. At first, attach the backup media to your computer, to save the registry on a separate media. The files are transferred from the computer hard drive to help you during an unrecoverable error.

Step 1:

Click on the Start button on your Windows device and open the Run box. When a dialog box appears, in the blank field type in ‘regedit’ and hit Enter key. This will launch the regedit application.

Step 2:

Now, navigate to the File menu of regedit, locate the “Export” option and click on it. A dialog box will appear, requesting the location for saving the registry files. Select the backup media that you have previously connected to your computer.

Step 3:

By using the menu branch on the left side of the window, in the registry, navigate to the “Firewall” option. Now, you have to locate the firewall of the Mc Afee antivirus program.

Step 4:

Click the disable option right next to the Firewall label and answer the confirmation.

Finally, restart your computer and in the McAfee Security Center, window check if the firewall is turned off or not.

Disadvantages of Disabling The Firewall

If you disable the firewall it may help you for the time being. However, if you turn off McAfee firewall for long enough then it may result in a security risk. Disabling a firewall can make a business vulnerable to abuse. It may further grant access to viruses to infect interconnected devices. Additionally, it gives cybercriminals the possibility to administer malicious code remotely. Often the root cause of any abrupt issue can be conflicting software. To obsolete all the possible causes try to reboot the system before disabling the firewall.  Now, that you are familiarized will the different possibilities, turn to the best-suited solution to mitigate the problem.


The above method must be enough to help you with how to disable McAfee firewall. Having a good anti-virus program can may a distinct difference in the case of your computer, as its top priority is your computer’s security. The firewall ensures the well-rounded security and safety of your valuable data. Further, it also helps to block any unauthorized incoming connections to your network. Decide wisely, if you really need to disable the firewall or not. If you are not acquainted in the technical domain, then gain reliable suggestions.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa