How To Determine Your Human Design Type?

Sometimes you have questions about a particular personality trait you are stuck with. You can never answer why you get emotionally vulnerable or always feel that your energy is draining out despite being physically healthy. Well, a Human Design test can assist you in explaining your personality and emotional vulnerability.

A Human Design is a map to understand your genetic nature, looking at its origin and source while describing why you behave a certain way. A Human Design system is an exciting way to break down how you are controlled to make decisions and what choices and energy influence your personality. It mixes ancient spiritual and scientific methods like astrology, genetics, biochemistry, the chakra system, etc.

To understand the Human Design type of your personality, you often need to look at a chart. If you are new to this terminology, you might need help to determine your type using human tests. However, this guide can help you solve that problem.

How Many Types Of Human Designs Are There?

With a Human Design test, you can determine which category of personality you belong to. Each human has different DNA in a giant ball of energy in the atmosphere. DNA contributes to how your personality is and what influences your emotional choices, thus, categorizing it into five basic types, each having different characteristics.

  • Manifestors
  • Generators
  • Manifesting Generators
  • Projectors
  • Reflectors

How Do You Determine Your Human Design Type?

The trick to finding your design type is a simple test, mostly available with many online apps and websites dealing with the Human Design topic. However, the test is broadly based on three categories:

  • The strategy of making decisions and how your decisions are influenced
  • How does your aura function, and how does it affect others around you?
  • Your signature personality trait

You will find complicated Human Design charts explaining your profile regardless of your purpose of discovering your genetic personality. Human Design tests incorporate many elements and will demonstrate various personality traits related to your genetic origin.

Energy Type

This is a significant element that any Human Design test measures. The five types of BodyGraph define the five types of energies, i.e., manifestors, generators, manifesting generators, projectors, and reflectors. Each energy type has different qualities, like being innovative, having an uplifting spirit, boundless energy, etc., which help you determine why you belong to a specific personality type.


The BodyGraph tests available online on many websites take into consideration the second primary source, i.e., strategy. Each genetic personality type is linked to a specific system defining uniqueness and extravagance. It tells you your energy efficiency and helps you build your aura. The different approaches are: to inform, respond, visualize and inform, to wait for recognition and invitation, and openness, respectively.

Not-Self Theme

The third and essential aspect is the not-self theme, describing the negative factors that affect your energy. Every personality trait has something negative about it, which makes it different from emotions. These negative personality traits are particular for each type in that order: frustration, anger, impatience, bitterness, and disappointment. Every test has questions about your negative side, which helps you measure your not-self theme correctly.

To realize the total efficiency of your energy and build a positive aura, you have to work on your strategy to overcome these negatives that stand in the way. Your chart will reflect your negatives, making you aware of them.


These three basics influence your genetic personality and describe your indulgence in a specific personality trait. However, other things, such as planetary motions, energy centers, and inner authorities, determine your BodyGraph. It is necessary to take a design test if you want to know your Human Design type.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa