How To Delete Skype Account From PC or Mobile?

Skype, the most popular video calling and chatting application, also manifests several complex errors. The basic act of communication receives hindrances that annoy the users terribly. They use this application not just for maintaining regular contact with their loved ones. But, they require this as an essential medium for conducting important corporate gatherings virtually. However, this software may lead to some recurring issues which can subsequently lead the users to give up using them. And this decision triggers them to seek ways to delete Skype account that they hold.

In this article, we aim to discuss the steps to delete the account of Skype. Now, the reason for the deletion can vary. A user can opt to deactivate their account due to a constant glitch. Some decide to remove it because they find a similar communication application appealing and user-friendly. However, these are only a couple of probable causes for which one plans to deactivate or delete Skype account.

In case you desire to employ the services from a different program or just want to discontinue it for some other reason, this article provides full guidance for you to do it. Therefore, read and conduct the steps in order to remove your account on Skype.

3 Quick Procedures to Delete Skype Account

In order to put your Skype account down, there is no short way that can deactivate it with just a simple click. But, this doesn’t indicate that the process is tiring or lengthy. Prior to deleting the account for Skype, one must be sure that it is linked directly to the Microsoft account. Now, this indicates that one deletion eradicates all the Microsoft accounts. For instance, when you remove the Skype account, you will no longer possess access to the Outlook inbox.

Moreover, you lose access to the Office applications online as well as the OneDrive documents. So, you cannot access Windows or launch the Xbox Live Gamertag. In case you desire to resume using Skype, but do not want to remove the Microsoft account, you can proceed to erase the personal data from the database of Skype. Doing this makes you invisible on Skype but the account will still continue to exist. In this way, you can delete Skype account keeping all your interests safe. So, if you want to try it, glance through the below mentioned section:

  • Permanently Close Skype Account

In order to put down the account, you must conduct certain tests for security. Firstly, head to the page and therein you must enter the Microsoft phone, email, Skype username, number and then hit Next. After that, on the successive screen, proceed to enter the password and then click on Sign In. Then, you will be required to authenticate the identity opting in order to get a code at the secondary email ID presented. Now, in case you do not hold access to any of the email IDs, proceed to click on the option that says “I don’t have any of these”. Then, move ahead in order to adhere to the instructions presented on-screen.

For maintaining the security concerns, the email addresses which are related to the account are not present completely. In order to authenticate, enter the entire email address in the specific field. After that, click on Send code. Then, on the next page, type in that code that you received via email and click on the Verify button. In this way, one can Delete Skype account.

Furthermore, the next page brings up all the possible consequences of removing your Microsoft account. Do not skip this step and make sure you have gone through the conditions properly, proceed to click on the option for heading to the Next page. Then, on the successive page, you must inspect each of the account closure effects in order to be sure that you have understood them entirely. Finally, at the bottom of that page, proceed to select the reasons for taking the account down. Then, click on the Mark account for closure.

Now, all you require to do is patiently wait 60 days before your account is deleted completely. However, in case you change your mind and decide to act according to it, simply access the services using the credentials for reactivating it.

  • Things to Conduct before Deactivating Skype Account

Prior to closing the account, make sure to spend the credits which you possess for paid calls. Also, do not be oblivious about canceling the automatic recharge in case you have it activated. Finally, make sure to back up the information of the contacts through the account management interface. To do this, export the contacts directory.

  • Become Unsearchable on Skype

Now, over to the section which is kind of complex. Some users do not want to remove their Microsoft account but also don’t want to appear on the search. In fact, they simply want their personal data to be eradicated from the Skype database. And this section is just for those who seek to Delete Skype account without actually removing them.

Delete the Personal Information from Skype

In case you don’t want to be found on Skype, you must proceed to remove all the personal information which you provided while creating the account initially. To be precise, this information includes your gender, name, date of birth, phone number, location, and email address.

In order to delete all the personal information, proceed to sign in to Skype account and then proceed to click your username or the name section present in the menu bar. Then, click on the option for My Account. After that, on the successive page that loads, proceed to scroll down and hit on the option for Edit profile. Finally, you may attempt to clear the profile by removing all the personal information. In this way, not only do you delete Skype account but also retain the Microsoft profile. Thereby, you tend to be invisible.

Modify the Avatar

Now that you have already deleted all the personal data from the profile, the next step is to hide your identity. Identity as in the profile picture or the Avatar. Otherwise, simply removing the data doesn’t help if you have let your photo hang in there. People are sure to find you just by the picture itself. Therefore, it is necessary that you remove the picture. But, you cannot Skype delete account or the avatar picture. Hence, you must alter it to something a bit more general.

To do this, log in to Skype. Then, click on your name present at the top of the interface. After that, hover the cursor on the existing profile picture. Then, click it in order to edit the avatar. Now, you can proceed to select a fresh image.

Delete the Account from the Login Screen

In order to delete Skype account from the screen of login, proceed to close Skype and then click on the Start menu of the computer system. Therein, type Run in order to fetch the Run dialog box. Also, you can press and hold down the Windows key as well as the “R” key in unison. This brings up the Run dialog box wherein you must type the command “%appdata%\Skype” and then click on OK. After that, delete the folder with the name of the Skype account.

Remove Username from the Skype Directory

In order to do this, head to the official Skype website and log in to your account. Next, proceed to click on Account and password and then Delete an account. Now, this is a method that tends to take about a couple of weeks. Please note that even if you are successful in removing the directory, it tends to appear in the list of contacts still.

Wrapping Up

This article is detailed and thorough guidance regarding the ways to delete Skype account. Now, your demands can be different from one another, Some may require a permanent deactivation, while some plan to only be invisible and retain their Microsoft account. For every situation, the process of deletion is different. However, in this article, you can conduct the process of deletion conveniently.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa