How To Choose The Right PCB Assembly Process

Selecting the right PCB Assembly Process is quite a sensible decision because if you pick up the wrong one, you have to face lots of trouble to fix the entire project.

But don’t worry; in this article, we will lead the way to a step guide to choose the right printed circuit board (PCB) assembly process.

There are bunches of companies present in the market which offer you PCB assembly service, but if you want to find the best PCB assembly, keep in mind these few criteria written below.

What do you have to research in the PCB Assembly?

Different kinds of PCB assemblies are suitable for different types of projects. To hire an accurate manufacturer, you have to know your project very well first and then choose which is applicable for your specific project.

If you are searching for the perfect company, let’s first understand ‘what is PCB Assembly?’ So, it is one of the manufacturing process phases where you have to transform a simple, vacant board into a functioning printed circuit board with some electronic elements. And the main job of the assembly company is to make this functional circuit. PCB assembly is done by mainly two process –

  • Through-hole PCB Assembly
  • Surface-mount PCB Assembly

Through-hole PCB Assembly:

Through-hole, which is also known as true hole manufacturing, is an older method of PCB assembly. In this assembly manufacture, a hole has to be drilled in the processing board, and the leads are soldered with heatproof pads on the opposite side.

There are both advantage and disadvantages in through-hole PCB assembly, such as:

 Advantages of through-hole PCB Assembly:

  • It is more durable as there is a strong bond between the component applicant and the circuit board.
  • The output it produces is much more rough and tough, easily withstand mechanical and electrical stresses, environmental friction, and high voltage.
  • This process is ideal for running heavy electronic components like transform, capacitors, semiconductors.

Disadvantages of Through-hole PCB Assembly:

  • The borders have to be drilled multiple times, which shortened the available space and routing area for tracking the signal.
  • This process is more time-consuming.
  • Production-cost is high.

Although through-hole PCB assembly is best for prototype or testing projects, in most cases, this process is not reliable because of its backdated technology.

Surface-mount PCB Assembly:

It is one of the newest versions of PCB assembly, used in most signal manufacturing.

Advantages of Surface-mount PCB Assembly

  • Space required is very little, and it is ten times lesser weight than the through-hole assembly.
  • Cheaper in value.
  • Connect density is higher.
  • Run faster than through-hole.
  • No need to drill a hole; it works on the surface of the board.

Disadvantages of Surface-mount PCB Assembly

  • Reliability is less.
  • Durability is questionable, so it is easily broken down.
  • The technology required to produce is high, so the skilled personnel required to make it.
  • Power production is less.

Compare your project with these two processes and select which is best to go for your project criteria. You can use a mixture of two processes to get the results according to the desired project.

How To Choose The Best PCB Manufacturer:

When you decide to hire a manufacturer, you need to investigate keenly about some characteristic of the manufacturer, like –

1)   Timeline :

Always give extra favor to those companies who are punctual. Sometimes it happens that good quality producing companies fail because of their poor time management. So ensure that your chosen company can take the load of meeting the deadline.

Schedule a timescale to get your product delivered on time. Engage with those supply boards who value your time and give fast delivery. And can provide an advanced delivery if required in emergency cases.

2)   Experience:

Nowadays, there are so many inexpensive, attractive but bad quality, poorly skilled companies in the marketplace that it is hard to find an eligible company, so be conscious when contracting with a company.

Look at their work experience and previous works. Know in detail about the quality they served, and the review of work from the previous clients.

3)   Cost:

Of course, you have to look at whether their service is affordable or not. Know about their rates, pricing samples, etc. If possible, look for some discount. Only work with companies that fit your budget because it is unnecessary to a partnership with those you can’t afford. It might not be worth your project.

There are some different price rates for the different circuits; investigate it properly which suits you best.

4)   Service:

No one will hire such companies which give poor quality service. A good company always involves your decision in their work. They update their work from time to time, clear all your service-related doubts, and take your suggestions for better quality service.

A good organization always shows professionalism in their work, fast response to your queries, has great customer support management, and never lets you down with their services.

5)   Quality:

The quality service a company provides is the key factor of hiring. Ensure that your PCB assembly partner gives you high-quality aid. Evaluate it by examining – the equipment they use to manufacture it like the machinery, electronic tool, hardware, etc.; their any quality proof – like certificate, valid credentials, etc.; previous client feedback, comment response, etc.

6)   Try testing option before hiring:

There are testing options in many companies, which you can explore to know about the company in detail. Do try it if you have no time and money for any error work. It will also help to prevent your reputation from being damaged by eliminating misstep tasks. Also, if a company has a testing option, it reflects their work authenticity and confidence. So if a corporation has the testing option, you can rely on their quality more.

7)   Be careful from brokers:

Some companies spread so much toxicity in this field that they take orders by their name but pass them to another manufacturing company. Can you imagine that? But it’s true. So beware of them. In this instance, there will be no guarantee of the standard.

The best way to guard yourself against brokers is to check their quality and service by the certificate or feedback method, as discussed earlier.


If you search for the right PCB assembly process, that means you already spent a huge time on your PCB project. Please don’t choose the wrong manufacturer. Here I narrow down your options to make it easy to select the right partner. Hope this will be helpful for you to choose the best suit according to your project.

Author Bio:

Ken works as Sales Engineer at Technotronix. He brings 15 years of experience in Print Circuit board Sales and Technical client Service. Feel free to get in touch with him on Twitter

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