How To Check Graphics Card On Windows 10 OS Properly?

Windows 10 is the latest version of OS from the house of Microsoft. It is jam-packed with lots of features which benefits the users and stands on their needs. But the major section of its features is covered with Gaming utilities and apps. Some prime examples are the Xbox app, Night mode, Game Mode etc. Moreover, as the hunger for better graphics is increasing rapidly than ever before “how to check graphics card on Windows 10?” becomes an obvious query for the users.

Apart from these properties, there are many things which directly or indirectly support and boost the game running abilities of Windows 10. But, only a few gamers know about these things because they remain hidden under the normal system Properties and thus, most people miss to check them out.

In the Gaming world, a system’s hardware components play a major role and therefore, every gamer needs proper and real-time information of these components. And Microsoft knows this very well, therefore, they have included a lot of features for this purpose.

That’s why in this topic we will be describing the ways by which you can get information about your components. And today’s component is Graphics Card (GPU)

What is a Graphics Card (GPU)?

The Graphics Card is a processing unit which is mainly used for the processing of display and graphics of the system. It is mainly used for handling the tasks assigned to your system which demands huge graphics. For example, photo and video editing, playing games, testing games, and their playability are some of the major uses of the graphics card.

In a custom built gaming system, the GPU is installed as an add-on card. But some system have got integrated GPU in them. The integrated GPU isn’t very powerful, but there are very power efficient, that’s why they are mainly used in ultrabooks and laptops.

In recent times, GPU companies like Nvidia and AMD has made a great shift. With the help of advanced technologies, they are able to create such desktop Graphics Card which can be used in a portable system like laptop and ultrabooks. And this feature starts attracting a lot of new users towards these type of portable powerhouse.

But, they are very power hungry devices and not very good device option for always people who are moving constantly.

How To Check Graphics Card On Windows 10 OS?

It is important for every user that they know about their system completely because this will help them if any type of hardware problem occurs. To know about your graphics card follow the instructions mentioned below:

1.With the help of Device Manager

You can find out about your GPU with the help of Device Manager and to do that, first you need to open the WinX menu by pressing “ Windows key + X”. Now, on that menu, you will encounter an option labeled as Device Manager. Click on that option. On the Device Manager page, you will find the Display adapters option. Double click on it. Under the Display adapters option, you will find the name of your GPU.  Right-click on it and it will launch a pop-menu. On that menu, you have click on the Properties option. That click will open up the Properties Window on which you will everything about your GPU.

2. Use the Display Settings

Another way of GPU checking lies inside the Display Settings and it is very easy to do. To start it first, click on any empty space on your Desktop. Now, a pop menu will appear on the desktop. On that pop-up menu, you will get the Display settings option. Click on that option.

Now on the Display setting page, you need to scroll down and then click on the Display adapter properties. A GPU properties window will appear on your screen. On that window, you have to click on the Adapter Tab. Inside that tab, you will find out about your GPU.

3. DxDiag method

The DirectX Diagnostic ( DxDiag) one of the best way of checking about your GPU. The DirectX is one of the gaming properties of the Windows 10. It is especially used for multimedia purposes which include the audio and video. If a game supports the DirectX than it will improve the hardware and software acceleration of the system for that game. The new version of Direct X is  Direct X 12 which comes with Windows 10 pre-installed.

To launch the DxDiag first you need to launch the Run Dialogue Box. To do that press the “ Windows X + R”. Now on the Run Dialogue Box, you need to type “dxdiag” and then, hit the Ok option. The dxdiag tool will take some time to load all the information, therefore, wait for it. After that, you need to click on the on the Display Tab and. Inside that tab, you will get every information about the GPU you are using.

4.  Use the GPU software

Even GPU has its own setting software. Insides those software you will get detail information about your GPU. If you are using the Nvidia GPU, then you have to search for the Nvidia 3d versions. And if you are using the AMD Gup then search for Radeon software.

Final thoughts

GPUs are the life force of any game. Therefore, they need proper care and maintains. And all of those things start with knowing about them.

We hope that our article is able to help you in your search of “how to check graphics card on Windows 10?” For more information keep following our articles

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa