How To Cancel or End Your Audible Subscription?

If you are not listening to as many audiobooks as you used to, you may be considering canceling your Audible membership. And you are not able to do this using the application, however we will define how to perform it quickly on the Audible website.

What to Know Before You Cancel Audible Membership

So, before you cancel Audible Membership, you need to be aware of the fact that you won’t lose access to the audiobooks that you have bought when you stop subscribing. And you can still access all of your audiobooks utilizing the Audible app & website. And it includes the audiobooks that you have paid for & those that have purchased using Audible monthly membership credits.

Well, if you have any sorts of unused credits on Audible, then you have to be assured to redeem these before you cancel the Audible Membership. And when you have canceled, you will lose access to any unused credits. It is better to redeem these before you bid goodbye to Audible.

It’s also the time to return audiobooks, since you can still get a refund with your member privileges.

How to Cancel Audible Membership – Simple & Straightforward Instructions

Once you are ready to cancel, you need to be sure that you visit the Audible website using any browser & sign in to your account. Here you need to keep in mind that you can not cancel the membership utilizing the mobile website or the application, Therefore, it is always best to visit the website on a desktop or laptop.

And in case you do not have one, then there is a reliable as well as trustworthy workaround to cancel Audible on a mobile device. And when you have signed in to Audible on a mobile browser, you need to simply scroll to the bottom & then look for the option “Full Site.” And when you locate this option, simply tap on it. Once you perform this instruction, you will find the desktop version of Audible’s website. And this will be pretty challenging to navigate on a small screen, however it is possible.

And when you access the Audible home page, you need to hit the drop-down menu which is named as: “Hi, [NAME]!”

And in the drop-down menu on Audible desktop website, you have to choose the option named “Account Details.”

It will redirect you to Audible’s membership details page. And here, you will be able to cancel your Audible subscription by just tapping on the “Cancel Membership” button that is located in the “Your Membership” box.

You will be prompted to sign in to the Amazon account once again. Once you have done that, simply choose the orange option named “No Thanks, Continue Canceling”.

Here, you will find that Amazon will request you to give some authentic reason for cancellation. Here you can provide any reason at your convenience, & then you will be able to tap on the orange “Cancel Membership” button


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As we have mentioned before, you will be able to listen to all audiobooks in your library even after canceling the subscription membership. In fact, if you change your mind, you will always be able to sign up for an Audible membership later. Well, hopefully, you don’t have any sorts of confusion in your mind. In case if you have, then you can visit our website and clear all your doubts regarding How To Cancel or End Your Audible Subscription. On the other hand, you can also directly contact us by giving us a call. You can also send us mail in our official mail id. We are always there to serve you at your convenience.