How to Adjust Your iPhone Alarm Volume & Fix any Problems with it?

The Alarm feature in your iPhone is quite important and helpful in your daily life, after all. You can also set how loud you want the alarm to be, apart from setting any alarm time. This is one of the most important components of the Alarm that make it suit all requirements. You can adjust your iPhone alarm volume using the volume button or settings. Here, we will look at how to do that in a few simple steps. 

Are you facing a problem with the alarm volume? Then, read about certain effective fixes for that on your iPhone. 

2 Methods for Adjusting the iPhone Alarm Volume

The volume of your alarm plays a key role in its effectiveness. And, you might have to adjust it to make the best use of the Alarm feature. As mentioned earlier, there are two ways to proceed with that. So, follow one of the following methods depending on your preference: 

Using the Volume Buttons

You might find it more convenient to change your iPhone alarm volume using the volume button. To do that, you need to enable the option to use this method for adjusting the alarm volume first.

Enable Change With Buttons

Is the Change With Buttons option disabled on your iPhone? Then, you need to enable it first. If it is enabled, you can simply move on to the next step to adjust the volume. Open the Settings on your device and go to the Sounds section. Find the Ringer and Alerts option and enable Change With Buttons under it. 

Set an Alarm

Have you not set the alarm on your iPhone? Then, it is time to set one and try out the volume button method for adjusting its volume. Open the Clock application and click on the “+” symbol. Then, set the alarm and proceed with selecting a tone. 

Play the Tone and Adjust its Volume

Click on the tone you want to play on an alarm and use the volume up or down button. You would find the volume of the tone increasing or decreasing. Keep adjusting until you find a suitable volume, and then exit the app once you are done. 

Through the Settings

Do you prefer using Settings for changing your iPhone alarm volume? Then, open the Settings menu and navigate to Sounds. You will find a volume bar under the Ringers and Alerts. Move the slider to the right to increase the volume and to the left to decrease it. 

Your iPhone will play the alarm tone while you are adjusting the volume. This will help you make the perfect adjustment according to your requirements. Leave the Settings once you have set a suitable alarm volume. 

What to do If iPhone Alarm Volume is Too High or Low?

Do you find the alarm too loud or soft for your requirements? Then, you must use the aforementioned methods to raise or lower its volume. But, that would not work if there is an issue with your device. 

The problem you are facing might have something to do with a bug or glitch. Regardless, the following methods can fix it effectively in most cases: 

Restart your Phone

Does the alarm sound louder or softer than the volume you had set? Then, this might indicate a temporary issue with your device. Restarting your device is one of the most effective ways to fix such problems. Simply perform a restart or leave your phone turned off for a few minutes. 

Do you find your iPhone overheated? If yes, then you must let it cool down before turning it back on. This should resolve all errors on it caused by the overheating. Then, check whether your iPhone alarm volume issue persists. 

Adjust the Volume

The alarm might sound too loud or soft simply because you have set the volume that way. In that case, as we have seen, there are two ways to adjust the volume. Go to Settings or press the volume button to make the alarm louder or softer. The device will play a sample tone to help you know the volume you have set. 

The iPhone alarm volume should sound right to you after you take this step. But, if it does not, that might have something to do with the tone you have chosen. 

Use Another Alarm Tone

You might have to use a different alarm tone to fix the volume issues. And, you have many suitable options to choose from. You would surely like one or more tones apart from the current one in use. Open the Alarm section in the Clock app, and then opt for editing an existing alarm. 

Go to the tone selection option and choose a suitable one. Make sure to adjust the volume by playing the sample tone. Save changes and check whether doing this has resolved the iPhone alarm volume issues. 

Delete Your Alarm

Are you unable to fix the alarm volume problem with the previous steps? If yes, then you can simply delete the existing alarm and set it again. And, that should effectively remove any issues that caused the alarm to sound too loud or soft. Also, make sure to configure the new alarm perfectly as per your requirements. 

Open the Alarm section on your iPhone and swipe left over the alarm you want to remove. And, this will delete it, and then you can proceed with setting a new one. If the volume issues persist even after that, you must make sure your iPhone is up-to-date. Apart from that, you can also reset your device after backing it up. 

Update Your iPhone Regularly

You would want to get the optimal experience from all the features on your iPhone. And, regular updates are the best way to make sure you get that. Apart from adding new features, updates also fix various system issues on your iPhone. And, they can also help you fix alarm volume problems.