How To Add Links To Your Instagram Stories: A Quick Guide

Instagram is a relatively new app whose user rates skyrocketed in the last decade. Almost 1.5 billion people use this app nowadays, and the number is constantly growing. During the pandemic, Instagram gained special popularity. People still share their workouts and daily routine to support others who also got stuck in four walls. To do so, posting Instagram stories with links is a must. Don’t know how to do it? Check the guideline below.

Why Use Instagram?

Created in 2010, Instagram quickly won the hearts of many users due to its simplicity and creativity. One can use Instagram for both personal and business needs. Even teachers use Instagram as a tool for creative activities. However, you should use Instagram for a different purpose rather than wondering, ‘Who will write my paper for me on PaperWriter or do the math report?’

Why Use Instagram

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How can one use Instagram as a student?

  • A common social media. To some extent, Instagram works the same way as Twitter or Facebook. The only difference is Instagram’s focus on posting videos and pictures. Like in any other social media space, Instagram users can comment, like, tag, or message each other directly. Hence, a student may use the app to stay in touch with their group mates, friends, and family;
  • A business tool. If you specialize in art and design, you may share videos and pictures of your projects. This will help you gain more clients as a freelancing artist. For instance, you’re a fashion student. Make an Instagram story of you creating a layout of apparel. Later, record the quick process of sewing and decorating the cloth;
  • An educational tool. Use Instagram reels to create a one-minute video that summarizes a book chapter or introduces your new project.

What is Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories work like Snapchat. When using this feature, you post grouped visual elements under a specific topic. The story exists during the next 24 hours and later disappears from the news feed. With the Swipe Up feature, one can add the link to their stories to make sure the user can go directly to their page. In other words, you navigate the viewer to the post they need to see or the info to check.

Who Can Benefit From Instagram Stories?

Anyone. Earlier, Instagram Stories were an available feature for top influencers and brands only. Oh, don’t forget celebrities. To be able to post Instagram Stories, the user had to build an audience of over 10 thousand followers. The second option was creating a verified business account. Or verifying that you’re Ariana Grande or Beyonce.

Things changed last year when Instagram removed the Stories policy and added a Link Sticker. From now on, anyone can become a part of the Stories news feed. This is great news since building an audience for influencers-beginners became more affordable.

Meanwhile, the audience benefitting from Instagram Stories the most is business people. The latter use Instagram Stories as a marketing tool to introduce new services and products to a larger audience. In the end, Instagram helps users make money.

Sure, ordinary users can use the feature too. A student can create funny Instagram Stories and share them with a few friends or the whole college community.

How to Add a Link to Your Instagram Story

So, you’ve registered an Instagram account, added the bio, and even won a few subscribers. Congrats! Now you can upgrade your Instagram skills to a new level – learn how to add links to your Instagram Stories. There are a few steps to master the art of Instagram links. Check them below.

  1. Take your phone and swipe left in the Instagram app to start a new story;
  2. Prepare the content for your story by adding videos, pictures, text, and other elements;
  3. The ‘Insert Link’ feature is usually at the top of the page. The symbol looks like a chain. After you find it, tap it;
  4. Enter the URL you want your users to see in the story;
  5. After adding the URL, click the ‘Done’ button and post your story.

How to Add a Link to Your Instagram Story

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The Notorious Link Sticker

Another way to add a visible link to the Instagram Story is by using a sticker. This option is fairly new. However, it presents even more opportunities to Instagram users. Why choose a Link Sticker over traditional Instagram links?

  • A Link Sticker is a great option for all influencers regardless of their audience size;
  • It increases the account’s visibility;
  • The whole process of adding a link is a cakewalk.

How to add the Link Sticker to One’s Story?

  1. Open the sticker’s collection and choose the Link Sticker;
  2. After the Link field opens, copy paste the URL you want to post;
  3. Tap on the sticker to choose the color and font you like.

Congrats! You’ve done everything to enhance your visibility in a few simple steps.

Alternative Ways to Posting a Link

  • You can add a link to your bio section. The disadvantage of this method is that the Bio section has a restricted number of links to be posted;
  • Direct message. This method won’t allow you to reach a bigger audience;
  • Comments. Sure, you can add the link to one of your comments, but it will get lost in the entire comments thread.

How to Get More Traffic from Instagram Stories?

  • Add a call-to-action. A simple call-to-action is the core thing any influencer will mention in their answer to this question. A call-to-action can be created in the form of text, GIF, picture, etc. Simply anything that inspires your creativity and encourages the viewer to act. For instance, most businesses ask viewers to check the site and leave their opinion on a new product.
  • Schedule your Instagram stories. This amazing feature allows the user to create a few Instagram stories and schedule their publication. More Instagram Stories – more chances the viewers will like your story and follow you.

Final Thoughts

One doesn’t need to have over 10 thousand followers to use the Instagram Stories feature. You can add links to your Instagram Stories in a traditional way or with a Link Sticker. In the end, Instagram Stories enhance your account traffic and increase the chances of getting more followers. The latter is vital for businesses and influencers.

We hope the article was helpful to you. Good luck!

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa