How Content Marketing Helps Your SEO

Pushing past pay per click, or most common advertising, content marketing is there to have your potential customers seek you out instead.  Instead of direct advertising, you can create media that will inform and educate while still guiding leads and customers now to your products.  The best part is, that this plan will even boost your results on search engines like Google and Bing without much extra effort!  Here’s how.

Keyword Searches Boost Visibility

When potential customers seek out information or products, they rarely directly search for a brand name.  Instead, they’ll search like ‘is peanut butter vegan,’ which will lead them to a long line of articles about why peanut butter is vegan and vegan recipes you can use peanut butter in.  A smart organic peanut butter brand could use this to its advantage and use content marketing services to have its brand pop up on a recipe for vegan peanut butter cookies.  

More Clicks, Better Ranking

The more traffic your site gets on search engines; the more seriously the search engine will take you.  By having your brand tucked into content marketing, you’ll ensure you glean more clicks and attention and gain traction on search engines.  Make sure that your landing page gets across all of the information you want customers to know!

Brand Recognition In Searches

If someone sees a brand often enough, even if they don’t notice that they know a lot of it, they’ll subconsciously reach out for it more often.  This plan could mean that if they see your brand mentioned in an interesting video and then again see it in a search later, they’re more likely to click your brand because they’ll feel like it’s one they know.  Because of this, it’s essential to ensure the reason your brand is recognized still ties into your business.  Don’t try to slip into a video about tractors if your company makes office desks or vice versa.

Purchase Drive More Reviews

It’s an unspoken rule that the more purchases and customers you have, the more reviews you have.  Although we all know from searching for things on Amazon how vital a useful review can be, most don’t think too hard about it.  If you can gain more good thoughts and suitable reactions to your company- you’ll get pushed up further in the search results.  Google and Bing don’t want to show off websites with tons of bad reviews unless the searcher is looking directly for them.  Give the searches a great page to land on by asking your current customers for a review, possibly dangling a coupon as thanks for the study.

Builds Trust For Picky Search Engines

Google famously said in 2019 that it was going to aim toward placing more trustworthy companies higher on search engine results.  This plan means that they’re working to create a space where businesses can prove their value before customers even find them.  Building trust by having your brand show up on other trustworthy sites will make companies like Google more likely to push your company to the top.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa