How Can New Technologies Help with Gambling Issues?

Gambling opens up a lucrative world to embrace fortune and excitement. Players turn into frenzy with each move, and this brings in the darker compulsive notion of addiction. Gambling issues hinder both mental and physical health. Common noticeable symptoms include anxiety, depression, migraine, intestinal disorders, etc.

With the internet and globalization setting up a communication web around the world, technology has paved the way for more simplistic ways of gambling. The statistical data for 2020 registers the gambling industry as the largest sector, which has taken over almost 40% of the market shares. Online gambling addiction is one of the raging issues several nations are dealing with.

New technologies are being introduced to tackle gambling issues, which restrict or prevent the usage of gambling mediums. The usage varies with individuals as they can identify their problematic traits and take prevention to them.

Technologies Indulging In Transactional Control Services

Several banks in the UK have introduced the feature of Transactional Control Service to help their customers suffering from addiction. Banks restrict and block all debit cards/credit cards/net banking/bank accounts that are supposed to be used in the transactions of gambling.

In general, the account-holders are asked to opt for the specific transactional control programs for a specific duration. Some banks have come up with newer incentives such as the card-locking feature, imposing stricter protocols of restriction till the period is over, etc.

The most well-known banks that provide this feature includes:

  • Bank of Scotland
  • Barclays
  • Halifax
  • HSBC
  • Lloyds Bank
  • MBNA
  • Monzo
  • Natwest
  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Santander
  • Starling

Technologies Indulging In Self-Exclusion Services

Self-exclusion involves requesting a gambling or betting operator for complete denial of service for a specific period. The service also involves blocking several gambling websites. In addition, mental support and reconciliation are also given by many welfare organizations and NGOs dealing with the same.

In most cases, self-exclusion comes as a free program, but some operators might charge a premium for providing access to the best results. The user has the free will to choose the websites, and online casinos to be banned. This is followed by signing a deed that bans, suspends, and blocks all activities for a specific span.

GAMSTOP is a very preferred operator in Britain, which is available for free for all consumers who are residents of the UK. It takes into account the user’s personal details and offers a restriction period of 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years. Within these months, you won’t be able to gamble when on GamStop at UKGC licensed casinos.

Gamban is also a very popular self-exclusion software and has proved effective in banning thousands of gambling and betting sites. However, it usually gives a free trial for a month, after which users are requested to purchase premium plans for the best results.

BetBlocker is designated as charity software to prevent gambling addiction in the UK. It covers more than 14429 gambling websites. The installation is free on all phones and laptops, after which the user chooses a specific term for exclusion. It provides an additional feature of Parental Control, which allows the parents to regulate the restrictive password to prevent their children from gambling.

Technologies Dealing with Gambling Blocking Software

The awareness of such addiction introduced several gambling-specific software. They are downloadable on the users’ PC, android, and iPhones. In most cases, they come free of cost, but few operators can exert premium charges. Recently most of them have included the mode of parental control.

Gamblock is designated as the most used software in government sectors, and educational institutions, providing assurance to prevent all activities of online gambling from their faculties. It makes use of analytical technology to block all emerging gambling websites too. This software is auto-updating, which makes it more efficient than the other apps which require manual updating.

Netnanny is awarded as the most efficient content filter. Besides blocking all gambling websites, it sets a wide range of control features like Parental Control, app blocker, internet filter, etc.

Concluding Thoughts

The problem lies with self-acceptance around gambling addiction. This is proved by the data of a small fraction of 21% of addicted American gamblers who realize that their act is problematic by nature, and are willing to act. This excludes the greater proportion of addicted gamblers who are yet to accept their problematic behavioral traits. New technologies, along with government help are working their best to deal with this addiction.

The introduction of reconciliation therapy, provided by some gambling software, is another efficient preventive measure to assure the users. Eventually, it is the individuals, who have to work on themselves, and their goals to get rid of gambling addiction.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa