How Bulk SMS is Saving Businesses Millions

Many businesses from different spheres lose millions of dollars every year because they fail to remind their customers about their appointments. Bulk SMS messaging is a cheap but highly efficient marketing tool that allows cutting costs by reminding clients about upcoming arrangements. Statistics say that people check incoming SMS with 98% likelihood, so using it to reduce the no-shows is a great idea.

Which brands have adapted text message marketing and use it efficiently?

 It may surprise you, but most global companies and entities use text message marketing to save money and provide high-quality customer support gaining loyalty and engagement. Here are the four most prominent examples of successful SMS campaign integration, in our opinion.


The well-known furniture company managed to double the response rate and considerably improve sales. They approached messaging to get in touch with clients anytime, inform them of beneficial discounts and product updates, and offer special offers for SMS subscription.


Starbucks is a perfect example of how to use SMS marketing and combine several communication channels. They offer users rewards for joining their loyalty program and stimulate them to shop with text messages sending customers notifications and exclusive deals. That allowed improving their customer service as well: users may receive SMS confirmations, one-time passwords, and gift cards.


Costco became more than just a pharmacy company when has started bulk SMS messaging. They created outstanding SMS customer service that allows:

  • requesting for medical refills;
  • notifying members on order confirmation;
  • informing on medication supplies;

And, what is most impressive, Costco uses texting to remind people to take their meds from time to time! Taking care of clients via mobile marketing helps businesses show their value and gain loyalty.

Delta Airlines

Delta perfectly applied an automated texting system that urgently informs subscribers of changes in schedule and critical situations that may occur. Apart from that, Delta’s members receive timely warnings on cancellations and other important information concerning their trips.

7 reasons why you should try SMS marketing for your business

There are plenty of benefits of using SMS marketing for small or middle-sized businesses as well.

1. Customers can opt-in and out

Being aware of a more or less precise size of loyal customers is sometimes vital for a business. Opting-in means that a person is already engaged in receiving additional info on your products or services. The agreement to receive text messages works like a filter providing businesses with a better understanding of their audience.

Keeping customers engaged is another essential aspect of mobile marketing. At the same time, it is impossible to meet all the customer preferences and avoid opt-out. When customers cancel communicating with you via messages, think of the possible reasons. That may be spamming, unsuitable offers, etc. You should solve these issues and try to get them back via other marketing tools and means of communication, like email.

2. Improve engagement

The main idea of this article is that SMS campaigns are perfect for getting customers engaged. Typically, every message is read from one to five minutes since it has been received. So, that means they will read your text almost immediately after you send it. Use call-for-action to get your audience even more engaged and raise loyalty by providing exclusive offers or notifying them about the end of a beneficial discount or sale.

3. Short and informative

Successful bulk SMS marketing is, in many aspects, based on a standard message size of 160 characters. Customers are likely to read your message because it is always short. A brief but quite informative SMS text is much more efficient than emailing or calling.

4. No large budget is required

One of the most considerable upsides of using SMS marketing is affordability. Sending messages is much cheaper than applying online as well as offline visual ads. Additionally, you never know if your audience notices the ad. It may likely remain unseen. Considering SMS, you can be sure that consumers will read it with 98% probability.

SMS marketing provides expanded outreach and allows sending multiple messages at a time for a relatively low cost. However, if your mobile services provider differs from your customer’s, there may be charges for sending/receiving messages. To avoid it, BSG World offers using their online number lookup to check the provider by a client’s number and send low-cost SMS.

5. Call for action

Engagement is essential for business, and SMS allows to get a consumer to interact. Your task is to call a person for action via text message. For example, suggest them read more about your offer by following a link to your website. Use all the modern cell phones’ functions. Attach a poll or a visual element, like an image or a link to a video containing additional details of the deal. Such things allow getting your audience engaged and receiving more info about it.

6. It’s easy to integrate

Binding communication channels is great for retention. Ask people to send their emails in reply to your SMS if they want to learn more about your product or offer. Due to this, you lead them to one more communication channel. There you can send additional info about the deal. And now you know that people are interested in it because they literally asked you for the details by sending their emails.

Mix the marketing tools with another simple tactic. Imagine that a customer has added some products to a cart and left your website or app without purchasing. You can get them back shopping by sending a reminder. Use a bulk SMS messaging service to notify users automatically.

7. Gain the loyalty

Compared to emails, phone messages look like a private chat and allow creating a friendly vibe. Improve the promotion by studying your customers and sending personalized texts. That helps to raise engagement and deepen relationships with your audience.

How can BSG World help your business?

You can considerably improve communication with your audience due to a specialized SMS marketing platform. BSG World offers unlimited opportunities for businesses to increase sales and keep in touch with customers via quick and reliable communication channels. The platform provides such services:

  1. Bulk SMS. Create your business SMS campaign without any restrictions on traffic, flexible pricing, and immediate message delivery.
  2. SMS 2FA. Send one-time passwords to users to additionally protect their accounts for hacking and unauthorized entry.
  3. Short URL tool. Improve your mobile marketing by adding short links to SMS. Make them easy to read and boost your engagement.
  4. Viber bulk messaging. Contact customers via Viber and other messengers simply and conveniently.
  5. HLR Lookup Service. Save up to 30% via checking phone numbers. Sort them out and leave only active users in your customer list.
  6. HLR Telegram Bot. Telegram bot allows you to see a user’s activity, identify their mobile operator, and roaming fees, and find all the needed information about them just using a  number.

Why should you choose BSG World?

The platform provides many high-quality functions integrated into a suitable user account. They developed a user-friendly bulk SMS marketing interface for contacting thousands of people worldwide just in several clicks.

Convenient and capable tools

We develop efficient solutions for all the sorts of SMS campaigns applied in any business sphere: finance, e-commerce, medical and educational institutions, IT, etc.

More than 20 payment systems

Pay for the BSG services in the most suitable way. We accept all popular international payment systems and even cryptocurrency e-wallets.

Testing SMS and reliable gateways

We designed a unique testing system that allows identifying the quality of SMS. Combine it with an extensive gateway ability and enhance the target audience outreach.

Contact us anytime

Our support service is online 24/7. Your personal support agent is always there and is ready to assist and answer your questions.


Bulk SMS marketing remains one of the most efficient and promising means for promoting business and gaining customer loyalty. A high readability rate of SMS allows for keeping in touch with the target audience and improving their engagement. Meanwhile, text messaging is a relatively cheap communication channel. Approach high-quality communication platforms like BSG World to get the maximum result in your campaign.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa