How are sports supplements made?

Sports nutrition manufacturer services

The production of sports nutrition is a rather complex and time-consuming process. It requires a long development, special training of employees, compliance with norms and technologies, and the use of equipment of certain standards. In order for the final product to turn out the way it was originally planned, the sport supplement manufacturer pays close attention to each process, strictly observing all production rules.

It all starts with research. In order for the sport supplement to be as effective as possible, surveys, questionnaires and many discussions are conducted, and after that – an analysis of consumer preferences. The manufacturer decides in which direction to start production and only after that proceeds to the development and creation of the formula. Since sport supplements solve not only sports problems, but also provide internal organs with additional energy “food”, the development of the formula takes place strictly with the participation of representatives of medicine.

The next step is the production of sport supplements. At this stage, it is important to strictly observe the cleanliness of the production area, and workers must use special clothing that will prevent unneeded bodies from entering the product. In addition to strict adherence to purity, technologists must monitor the compliance of mixtures with recipes. An equally important step is the development of product packaging. This is the face of the brand by which customers meet it. Proper packaging tells everything about the product, but at the same time remains short and concise. It kind of gives the customer the opportunity to see all the benefits of the product. It is imperative that each package contains a label that corresponds to the characteristics of the product and the requirements of the market.

Sports nutrition formats

Sports nutrition can be made in various consistencies: powder, liquid, capsules, gels, bars. This is due to the different nature of the action and convenience. And in some cases, the format is a direct necessity:

● supplements such as protein, creatine, gainer are presented in powders, which makes it possible to ensure the stability of the protein in solution for a long time without adding preservatives;

● energy drinks, amino acids and carnitine are produced in the form of liquids, because it is more convenient to use them this way – anywhere and at any time;

● supplements are usually produced as pills where the necessary amount for a single dose can be placed in 1 pill. These are BCAA, vitamins, pre-workout products, and supplements for joints.

Sports nutrition by category

Not only professional athletes need sports nutrition. Initially, this type of nutritional supplements was invented for those whose profession involves working with heavy loads. Typically, a sport supplement manufacturer makes several categories of supplements so that they are suitable for athletes, the elderly, travelers, and overweight people. There are different categories of such supplements:

Sports nutrition for weight gain is the basic supplement for those who want to gain muscle mass. It carries the building material – protein. Depending on the origin, it can be whey, egg, soy, milk and casein.

Sports nutrition for burning fat provides the breakdown of body fat during physical activity. Usually, during training, carbohydrates are consumed first, but when taking fat burners, the emphasis shifts to the breakdown of fat reserves.

Sports nutrition for joints helps protect the ligamentous apparatus and cartilage of the articular tissue, since during workouts they experience a lot of stress. It includes glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate and collagen.

Sports energy products can increase efficiency, provide a surge of strength and vigor. The main ingredient in sports energy drinks is carbohydrates, which, when digested, provide the necessary boost of energy and prevent protein breakdown.

Amino acids are not produced by our body. Therefore, they must be constantly replenished, especially with an active lifestyle. Amino acids perform several functions in the body. One of the main ones is construction, which allows you to create membranes for cells and organelles.

Why choose us for the production of sport nutritional supplements?

The market is full of various sports supplements that are produced by many companies. Because of this, even those who are professionally involved in sports go crazy when they see such an assortment on the shelves. But a really good sport supplement manufacturer is not easy to find.

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