Easy And Quick Hacks To Resolve McAfee Security Center Won’t Open Error

McAfee, a computer security software, comes packed with comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. It guarantees complete protection of your computers, endpoints, system, and cloud from malicious programs and other security threats. Along with this, it is the complete mobile security service that protects your mobile data privacy. It is a free diagnostic tool that secures your total web experience and actively monitors your computer to keep you safe. However, each and every application is prone to technical glitches and is reported to succumb to such breaches, now and then. The most common issue reported by McAfee users is that they abruptly note that the McAfee Security Center Won’t Open Error. Along with this problem, often a JScript error also pops up. This type of error if overlooked for a prolonged time can eventually corrupt your system permanently. Read this article to know the probable causes and how you can easily mitigate the McAfee not an opening problem.

Underlying Causes Behind McAfee Security Center Won’t Open Error

Before you get to know about the essential hacks to resolve the issue, you must understand why it occurs. This will help you to prevent the error in the future and save your valuable time.

  • The root cause might be conflicts between the Windows Operating System files and McAfee Programming files.
  • If your system files or components become unregistered unknowingly or due to certain reasons then this type of error pops up.
  • It might be caused by an incorrect registry key that refers to JScript.
  • You might have a problem with the Security Center’s battery check feature.
  • Your system might be affected by a malicious program previously before you had downloaded the McAfee antivirus security suite.

If any of the highlighting points mentioned above is bothering you, then it’s time to resolve them at the earliest.

Essential Hacks To Fix McAfee Security Center Won’t Open Error

At first, make sure that there is no other Antivirus software installed on your computer. If so then remove the software package and all other temporary files associated with it from your computer.
Further, administer and check by navigating to the program directory (usually on the C drive). You need to check the location wherever you have installed the system and application software. Delete all these files and restart the computer. This will ensure that the troubleshooting steps will be able to mitigate the problem.

Here are some basic methods that can help you rectify the error, within a flicker of time.

Method 1: When Blank Security Center Screen Appears

To fix the problem, download and run the script that has the potential to mitigate the McAfee Security Center Won’t Open Error.
To initiate the process, save any open work when the script prompts you to restart your computer. Download the required zip file and save it to your Desktop. Click on the download file and click on it in order to unzip it. Finally, save the file to your desktop with a .bat extension.

Right-click on the recently saved file and double-click on the ‘Administrator’ option. When prompted, navigate to the User Account Control box and click on the Yes button. If you see a black DOS Prompt window, then it means that the script is running securely. Again you will get a prompt ‘Whether you want to continue or not’, just hit any key so that the process does not get disrupted.

Finally, restart your computer and allow your system to apply the recent changes. When your computer starts, navigate to your McAfee product and verify whether it is functioning as expected. If not then move on to the next solution provided in this section.

Method 2: Run The McAfee Pre-Install Tool

McAfee comes along with certain applications that can help fix any abrupt issue associated with its Security Center.
To begin you need to download the files associated with McAfee Pre-Install Tool and save it on your desktop. Now, navigate to your desktop and double-click on the Pre-Install_Tool.exe file.

You will get on-screen instructions on your screen, just follow in the appropriate order. Along with this, you will also get a certain warning message, to continue with the changes, click on the OK button.

As soon as the Preinstall Tool completes its verification and troubleshooting hit the ok button. Lastly, exist the  McAfee window and restart your system. Check if the problem still reappears, if it does then go to the next solution, that you can apply.

Method 3: Uninstall And Reinstall McAfee

If the McAfee Security Center Won’t Open Error still lingers behind then the only solution is to uninstall and reinstall your McAfee Security product.
At first, open the McAfee Security Center file in the program files folder and go to the location ‘C:\\program files\\mcafee.com\\agent\\app’. Open the folder that appears on the screen and delete all the files associated with the program. Exit all the windows, shut down the program and reboot your system. Now, note if the uninstallation was properly accomplished.

To reinstall the software, insert the McAfee Security Center CD. you will note that the program automatically starts the installation process. Follow the on-screen prompts and hit the ‘Install’ button at the end of the command. Now, wait patiently till the program gets installed on your computer.
As soon as the reinstallation process completes, verify it is functioning as required.

If none of the above solutions are able to help you then our Windows Operating System itself might be corrupted. To help you on the go try out this Workaround method.

Method 4: Use The Command Prompts

If you are still unable to view the Security Center screens, then there is a definite corruption in the Operating System.
At first, you have to navigate to the Start menu and click on the search box. In the blank field type ‘cmd’ and hit the Enter button. You will get a list of search results, right-click on the Command option. Then further select ‘Open as Administrator’.

Finally, you have to type in each of the commands and hit the Enter button. You may get either a success message or a failure message after executing each of the commands. However, if you get no such error message during this process, then it will ensure that your McAfee product error has been resolved.


The above solutions must be enough to help you with McAfee security center won’t open issue, on the go. However, if you are not enough acquainted with the technical field, then it is highly recommendable to get the requisite help.  Furthermore, you need to scan your system files to prevent any kind of malicious programs, along with that try to keep your application up to date.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa