Ways To Access PS3 Controller Windows 10 – Expert Guide

The PS3 is a home video gaming console by Sony. The cell processor of PS3 has approximately seven microprocessors at the unity chip which makes it one of the best gaming console. It works at least seven times faster than other Play Stations. It also has acute graphics. At times, users face certain troubles with PS3 controller Windows 10. So, if you wish to know how to use a PS3 controller on PC, you are at the right place. Therefore, go through this article for an expert guidance.

PS3 Controller Windows 10 – Troubleshooting Guide

Despite its durability and advanced features, you might face problems with PS3 controllers at times. Now, there are a few tricks you can try to fix technical glitches. Have a look at the fixes given below and try out the one most appropriate for you.

Process 1: Check PS3 Controller Without Bluetooth

Using the PS3 controller with MotioninJoy is no doubt one popular method. But it is not necessary to use MotioninJoy software for connecting PS3 controllers. There are other methods to operate the PS3 Controller as well.

To start with this process, first of all, you must have the System drivers installed in your device. After installing the appropriate Drivers, connect the PS3 controller with your PC by using the USB. You can even connect the Bluetooth dongle. To use the dongle, your system, as well as the PS3, have to be in the same configuration.

Now, download and install any Wrapper operator in the system and then Unpack the folder using compression software. After this procedure, operate the ScpDriver.exe file from the ScpServerbin folder. End the installation process and make sure the installation completes properly. Reboot the device as soon as the process ends. After this installation, the PS3 controller might work.

Process 2:  Review PS3 Controller With Bluetooth

Further, even after installing the application discussed above, the joystick might not work. This situation is quite common as the device configuration sometimes does not permits the PS3 to work in it by default. However, you can resolve this issue simply by clicking on Disabling Driver Signature Enforcement option. Sometimes, the PS3 controller driver Windows 10 is at fault when such issues occur.

To begin, unlock the device and navigate to the Start option. Then in the search bar, type ‘Settings’ and then click on it. Scroll down to the Update and Recovery option and select Recovery from the left side of the screen. Tick on the Advanced option located under the Recovery menu and Restart the device. As soon as the computer relaunches, the Advanced setup will begin. Choose the boot option and then find the System troubleshooter option. Select the Startup Settings from the Advanced menu and again restart the system. Press F7 and disable the Driver signature enforcement. Refresh the systems again and check if this helps.

Process 3: Use PS3 Controller On Windows 10 Operating System

At first, connect the PS3 controller with the USB cords to the system. This will open a new window. From there, download the Microsoft.Net 4.0 and also download Visual C++ Runtime at the same time. Make sure to install the accurate versions of the devices as per the configuration of both the computer and the PS3. Also, install the latest edition of the Xbox 360 controller.

After installing all required software, check for the use of the PS3 controller in the device. To begin with, click on the Circle icon and later, complete the process manually.

Installation Method

Unlock the device and then check if the required software are successfully downloaded in the system. Moreover, the Windows 10 Operating System has some pre-installed tools in it which match the configurations of the device. So, you have the make sure to connect the systems with the applications you installed as well. Also, you can use a mini-USB cord. Run the installed programmes and then follow the instructions provided on the screen. Click Install to complete the procedure. Provide the system about 30 to 40 seconds time to check for the installed files.

Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. If you have any other queries, then drop a comment.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa